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jNews introduces you to the next generation of email marketing. A powerful newsletter component for Joomla, jNews gives you quality outputs with the newest professional and cool features making sure that your communications yields the best results that you really wanted. From the makers of your best-loved email marketing app, Acajoom, jNews is still designed with ease of use and robustness in mind but with more powerful features to make your experience worthwhile.

jNews comes with the newest powerful features:

• Send mailings to one or several lists
• Enhanced jNews Module with Ajax effects and with cool display effects (Mootools Slide, Mootools Modal)
• Includes 5 default newsletter templates to make your newsletter look sharp and professional
• Newsletter templates management
• Emails queue management and resend to overcome hosting limitation
• Automatic subscription of users to one or more list upon registration
• Enhanced Statistics to see how many who receives and reads your mails
• Track subscriber's IP
• Easily import your users from other Joomla newsletter system through CSV
• Automatically synchronize with your Joomla users
• Insert and Sort contents (articles from Joomla) according to date, section, or category
• Unlimited lists
• Unlimited subscribers
• Unlimited newsletters
• Social Tags (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)

jNews also integrate with many popular Joomla extensions:

• JomSocial to automatically add newly registered JomSocial users to jNews subscribers
• FlexiContent to add articles in your newsletter
• Community Builder, list of newsletter on registration form
• VirtueMart automatic subscription to list at registration
• Includes K2 content into your newsletter
• jMarket to insert Joobi Tags (Latest Products, Top Vendors and many more... )
• jCalPro enable to insert events
• And many more tags, like including product of VirtueMart in your newsletter.

It also includes classical newsletter functionality:

• Handle registered or unregistered subscribers
• Attachment capability
• Email address validation and confirmation when registering (Double Opt-in)
• Sending test email to admin before whole list
• Embedded images option
• Ability to Ban emails
• Automated unsubscribing link
• Preview newsletter before sending either on the screen or send a test email
• HTML or TEXT-only mailings
• Statistics management (Number of Sent / Opened newsletters, HTML or text only)
FREE SUPPORT through livechat, ticket system and forum during weekdays.

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Reviews: 1
After testing many different newsletter components, I've found this one to be the best for our organization's needs. Also, the assistance I've gotten from their support staff has been extraordinary.
Reviews: 5
Like the previous comment, have been using Acajoom since day 1 when I installed Joomla and moved now to JNews...A definite must have in the Joomla admin toolkit...Thanks for the tremendous work. Just one comment: your website really has a lot of 404's preventin to navigate nicely and I had a hard time getting to the download page :)


Reviews: 1
I have been using Acajoom Plus for several years and recently upgraded to JNews Plus.

It is the best Joomla component for integrated newsletter publishing and management that I have found.

In terms of the transition to JNews I like the ability to edit and control the templates used for my various newsletters. This was the missing factor with Acajoom.

I did and do find the joobi website and did find my earlier attempt at transitioning to JNews (v3.2.1) frustrating, but the live support at Joobi has been very good.
Reviews: 1
I was VERY impressed with the level of support I received while installing this extension. iJoobi went above and beyond the call of duty and assisting me throughout the process.

I am also impressed at the quality and features of this component, and am looking forward to putting it to good use!

Thank you!
Reviews: 1
I work for a charity that decided to use the free jNews component, but I had trouble importing a subscriber list. Francis (online chat support) provided excellent online support, offering a code fix. It did not work for me, but after giving access to the team there, Francis emailed me that a working version was installed and tested. All this for a free version? Looks like it's time to go Pro and support this team!

FYI: the product is excellent as well!
Reviews: 1
I think having online chat is the best way to instantly get questions answered. They have excelled in answering every question quickly and perfectly. Thank You!
Reviews: 2
Great extension and support is very good! Thanks for the tips Ijoobi!
Reviews: 1
Not being a developer has been quite an uphill battle for me. Having the support and encouragement from the jNews support team has meant the difference in successful mailers and unsuccessful ones. I just installed jNews Pro and love the fact that I can send a mailer to more than one list all with one mailer. I see so many things I'd like to learn more about with this program. I know I have a team right there to help me get through it.

Cherryl has been the BEST help, for sure!
Reviews: 3
Amazing product! Upgraded it from acajoom which was already fab. I am webmaster for a UK charity and we have lots of email addresses to send out to with various lists. Jnews support is amazing and helped me to set up the cron task and scheduler - to get it to send out, while overriding my server's limitations. I am now able to create beautiful newsletters and keep track of them! Well done Jnews Team! Keep up the good work.
Reviews: 1
I would just like to thank Joobi for making great components that simplify the web development process in such an amazing way. Further to this, the online live support is just amazing - questions (even very stupid newbie ones) are dealt with in a very simple and clear manner; even for the free extensions.
I very much look forward to supporting this company in future.

Keep up the great work.
Seth Mbhele
Reviews: 3
I was using Acajoom Pro and I was really satisfied with this powerfull product. When Joobi offered a free upgrade to JNews, I took the opportunity. I experienced some difficulties with the installation but this was solved thanks to the Joomi support and to Cherryl !
Great product, comprehensive documentation and the fastest support ever seen. I recommend !
Reviews: 3
I have been using Acajoom Plus for 2 years now without issue. Today was the first time I had to contact customer support and received top notch assistance to upgrade my package to JNews.
Reviews: 1
I asked for online support after trying to upgrade to jNews on my own. I made a mess of things, but Apple helped and everything worked out great!

Highly recommended.
Reviews: 2
I installed this application with ease. I was also able to import users from an csv file. I exported the csv file of users that already had, then edited the file and imported the csv files into the user list. However, I wasnt too sure how to use the module for front end submissions. I clicked on their live supports, spoke to a wonderful lady called Jane. She was so helpful, spent up to 45 mins talking me through how to adjust the settings correclty. Wonderful piece of software and great team too! Well done.
Reviews: 7
I want to send a shout-out to Francis of JNews support. I was having a number of issues, and he patiently helped me figure them out. Good work, and I like JNews.
Bob Sprague
Reviews: 1
I initially installed Acajoom before I found out that jNews is it's successor, I had a problem with Acajoom so figured I had nothing to lose by trying out jNews, when I installed jNews I had a little issue with the packaged module which I was unable to resolve on my own.

I contacted iJoobi live support and was greeted by an efficient, friendly member of staff who was only too happy to stick with me for a couple of house until the issue was resolved, a truly exceptional level of customer support.

Aside from that one issue the component works as it should and offers all the functionality I need from a newsletter component.

Reviews: 2
I was running their older version Acajoom which I have to say was an excellent Newsletter component. When I saw the opportunity to upgrade I took it but experienced some problems. I connected with their Live Support and was immediately helped by someone. They didn't just give me advice but actually fixed the problem for me and didn't leave me in the lurch. I would recommend this component and this company to anyone looking using Joomla for their Website.
Reviews: 1
Just started using Jnews ... full-featured component with enough options to overwhelm you! The online support has been first-rate - helping me to get everything set-up.
Reviews: 7
I have been using Acajoom for quite a while, and now using jNews. The software keeps getting better. Their support is top notch too. They have personally helped me a couple times.

I highly recommend jNews.
Reviews: 2
At first I was a little disappointed with my purchase of acajoom pro because it seemed to have some glitches and I wasn't sure that it actually sent my newsletter to my list. Maybe it did, I'm not sure. Anyway, I was ready to upgrade to the latest version and try it again when I noticed they have moved on to a new release titled "jNews."

I was sad about having to purchase another product when I didn't get much use from the first one. However, when I contacted the support department they said the upgrade was free! That makes me very happy and I'm anxious to try the new version.

This appears to be the best newsletter component available (when paired with jbounceback) and I'm happy to do business with such a generous company. Thanks!
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