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jNews introduces you to the next generation of email marketing. A powerful newsletter component for Joomla, jNews gives you quality outputs with the newest professional and cool features making sure that your communications yields the best results that you really wanted. From the makers of your best-loved email marketing app, Acajoom, jNews is still designed with ease of use and robustness in mind but with more powerful features to make your experience worthwhile.

jNews comes with the newest powerful features:

• Send mailings to one or several lists
• Enhanced jNews Module with Ajax effects and with cool display effects (Mootools Slide, Mootools Modal)
• Includes 5 default newsletter templates to make your newsletter look sharp and professional
• Newsletter templates management
• Emails queue management and resend to overcome hosting limitation
• Automatic subscription of users to one or more list upon registration
• Enhanced Statistics to see how many who receives and reads your mails
• Track subscriber's IP
• Easily import your users from other Joomla newsletter system through CSV
• Automatically synchronize with your Joomla users
• Insert and Sort contents (articles from Joomla) according to date, section, or category
• Unlimited lists
• Unlimited subscribers
• Unlimited newsletters
• Social Tags (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)

jNews also integrate with many popular Joomla extensions:

• JomSocial to automatically add newly registered JomSocial users to jNews subscribers
• FlexiContent to add articles in your newsletter
• Community Builder, list of newsletter on registration form
• VirtueMart automatic subscription to list at registration
• Includes K2 content into your newsletter
• jMarket to insert Joobi Tags (Latest Products, Top Vendors and many more... )
• jCalPro enable to insert events
• And many more tags, like including product of VirtueMart in your newsletter.

It also includes classical newsletter functionality:

• Handle registered or unregistered subscribers
• Attachment capability
• Email address validation and confirmation when registering (Double Opt-in)
• Sending test email to admin before whole list
• Embedded images option
• Ability to Ban emails
• Automated unsubscribing link
• Preview newsletter before sending either on the screen or send a test email
• HTML or TEXT-only mailings
• Statistics management (Number of Sent / Opened newsletters, HTML or text only)
FREE SUPPORT through livechat, ticket system and forum during weekdays.

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Reviews: 4
You gotta love the folks over at Joobi! They work hard to develop quality extensions, and back it up with great customer service.

I bought jNews Pro for my site that I'm upgrading to Joomla! 2.5

I got it installed and noticed the subscription module wasn't working working quite right.

I chatted with their Live Chat Support, and then submitted a Support Ticket.

The next day they emailed me an updated package that fixed the bug, less than 24 hours.

I've been very impressed with the jNews component all along, without ever needing to contact the Support Desk.

I'm happy to say they are there, and they get things done! Great work, Joobi!!

Keep it up!!!
Reviews: 1
This is the best Joomla extension for News-letter out on the market. It has all he features you will need to run professional news letter. You can modify the already provided great templates as per your need. The dev support is also very much helpful. Thanks.
Reviews: 2
Very professionally developed newsletter solution. I live every part of the module.
Flawless...Good job Chris!!!
Reviews: 4
This extension works like a charm. But what is more important for me was the nice people in support. Always concerned that it works fine because I have had some trouble and they always where giving a hand on it. Sure I'll buy the Pro version because not just of the excellent it works but you have someone who can always help in the other side.

Reviews: 6
I've used several tools, and this one definitely tools my list of newsletter apps. Their support forum is super responsive. It's fast, simple and complete. It's totally customizable down to the send rates and times. Pre-loaded templates make it easy to keep the look fresh and your subscribers interested.
Reviews: 1
and Cherryl is answering faster than her shadow !
Reviews: 2
Hello... I have been using the extension (since version 5) on my client's website for over a year now and has been running smoothly so far. Very recently we discovered some minor issues related to report logs. We immediately obtained a full upgrade to version 7, only after an online chat with the developer.

As instructed, we backed up our database, uninstalled the old JNews and re-installed the new version sent to us. During the installation process, we indeed got the 'import' saved data pop-up window.... and all done ! What to say more?

Thanks to the developer for this extension and great support :-)

Recommended of course....
Reviews: 1
jNews is very powerfull, feature rich extension, even in free version. Easy to install and use.
Excellent live support for free application, helped me solve some problems after updating my system to joomla 2.5
I have tested it on different platforms (from j1.5, j1.7 to j2.5.1). If you always use up-to-date version, works perfectly.
Higly recommended. Thank you Joobi.
Reviews: 2
Grate extension, do exact what we need for our projects.

Fast support, but unfortunately was not able to solve some small problems.

Any way, it is a perfect free of charge solution.!!!
Reviews: 1
really it is great
i think this is the best component for email sending
the statistics and also template are very good
joobi help group are professional and they help uASP
Reviews: 1
Just got offline with support... THEY ARE AMAZING. I have purchased many products for our site- and not only has jNews worked flawlessly for us, but their support has been outstanding- which in my opinion makes a good product great and a great product golden! So, two thumbs up for the crew at Joobi!
Reviews: 5
A great mass mail manager. Covered all my needs. I'm even using it for sending mass mail for my customers from a non-joomla site but with it installed on a joomla site. It stands on its own. The only problem is importing CSV files where it cuts the names of people that use diacritics so you have to build the CSV without these and edit the subscribers afterwards. I would put a funny example here but my review might be removed.
Reviews: 1
I've been using Acajoom since a couple of years now and switched to Jnews a while ago. Through all the years the support of the Joobi team is what me kept stick to it. It is a nice component, getting better by the years, it does what it promises, but I'm not a complete nerd, so I need some expertise every once in a while.
The Joobi team is very patient and knows how to ask the right questions in order to get to the point where they can actually help you.
And it is nice to have them more or less at hand, iinstead of having to wait a couple of days to get an answer and then reply.
I really recommend both the product and teh service.
Reviews: 6
I've been using Acajoom for over 2 years, and was always pleased with it. I finally decided to go for jNews Pro & the Superpack (with link following & bounceback, powerful tools).

Doing the transition from Acajoom to jNews was something I never did, so I gave a swing at Joobi online support.

There's only one word that comes to mind : "AMAZING!"

I had loads of questions & got Immediate replies, pertinent information & most of all a very kind, patient and understanding person to chat with.

The Component itself is very straightforward & well layed out and although I haven't sent a newsletter out yet, I'm sure that it will work even better than acajoom (which worked perfectly) and if I have any kind of problem, I now KNOW that I'll get immediate support & fix.

This Live support is unbeatable.

I highly recommend choosing the Joobi team. It's worth lot's more than what they're asking.

Vincent Simpson -
Reviews: 1
I have been a user of Acajoom Plus and Pro for years on different websites, have changed to JNews on some of them and will eventually end up with only JNews. I am touched by the thorough and caring support from joobi and not one problem during these years has remained unsolved. The response time has been satisfactory and the Plus and Pro newsletters are excellent products. Thumbs up from a very satisfied customer.
Reviews: 2
This review covers JNEWS PRO.

I am a JNews customer after being an Acajoom free and JNews free customer, I decided to purchase the PRO version last year. I run a small non profit organisation and we have used this component for a couple of years already. We have over 2000 people on our mailing list, and JNews offers a wide variety of configuration options depending on how simple or complex you want to organise your work.

Here is what I like:
- it is easy to set up and is very intuitive. I dont need to read a manual.
- the support is second to none. Chat with them or email them, they are always there to help.
- you pay once -no memberships, no yearly renewals. As software should be.
- it has several options for pre/designed templates
- it can create newsletters automatically out of the texts you have on your website.

The JNews team is receptive to comments and suggestions, and they relesae new versions regularly, so the product is in permanent evolution.

I can only recommend it.
Owner's reply

Hi Berolina,

Thank you for your very detailed review.
We are doing our very best to keep providing good customer service to all users free of charge and an easy to use component with more advance features.

We are happy that you choose jNews as your mailing system and you are very welcome to our team if you need customer assistance.

Until next time....

Reviews: 6
Ive just updated a clients website from J1.0 to J1.7. It was using a really old version of Acajoom and i asked on their Live Support for help. The support staff sent me links to the latest versions and also links to videos and help. I had what I needed in about 6 mins flat... there is literally nothing more I could have asked for.

Oh and the product is perfect as well :)
Reviews: 1
Thanks for the amazing support, you helped me a lot... I would buy the pro version for the sake of the amazing support that I got with the free version...

Keep the good work!
Reviews: 1
a real great component and the support with live chat is really wounderfull.

i got a solution for my problem in a few minutes!!!!!
Reviews: 26
The average rating for this should,surely, be 5 of 5? Not only is the product first class but support is both fast, helpful and very friendly.

I have many extensions on my not-for-profit site mostly at minimum cost for obvious reasons but sometimes it pays to find the extra cash to get the best results.

I tried to find 6 stars and had to settle for the 5. Don't compromise when you can afford it; buy this and enjoy a great product.
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