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jNews introduces you to the next generation of email marketing. A powerful newsletter component for Joomla, jNews gives you quality outputs with the newest professional and cool features making sure that your communications yields the best results that you really wanted. From the makers of your best-loved email marketing app, Acajoom, jNews is still designed with ease of use and robustness in mind but with more powerful features to make your experience worthwhile.

jNews comes with the newest powerful features:

• Send mailings to one or several lists
• Enhanced jNews Module with Ajax effects and with cool display effects (Mootools Slide, Mootools Modal)
• Includes 5 default newsletter templates to make your newsletter look sharp and professional
• Newsletter templates management
• Emails queue management and resend to overcome hosting limitation
• Automatic subscription of users to one or more list upon registration
• Enhanced Statistics to see how many who receives and reads your mails
• Track subscriber's IP
• Easily import your users from other Joomla newsletter system through CSV
• Automatically synchronize with your Joomla users
• Insert and Sort contents (articles from Joomla) according to date, section, or category
• Unlimited lists
• Unlimited subscribers
• Unlimited newsletters
• Social Tags (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)

jNews also integrate with many popular Joomla extensions:

• JomSocial to automatically add newly registered JomSocial users to jNews subscribers
• FlexiContent to add articles in your newsletter
• Community Builder, list of newsletter on registration form
• VirtueMart automatic subscription to list at registration
• Includes K2 content into your newsletter
• jMarket to insert Joobi Tags (Latest Products, Top Vendors and many more... )
• jCalPro enable to insert events
• And many more tags, like including product of VirtueMart in your newsletter.

It also includes classical newsletter functionality:

• Handle registered or unregistered subscribers
• Attachment capability
• Email address validation and confirmation when registering (Double Opt-in)
• Sending test email to admin before whole list
• Embedded images option
• Ability to Ban emails
• Automated unsubscribing link
• Preview newsletter before sending either on the screen or send a test email
• HTML or TEXT-only mailings
• Statistics management (Number of Sent / Opened newsletters, HTML or text only)
FREE SUPPORT through livechat, ticket system and forum during weekdays.

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Reviews: 1
Just installed this component to help my company send weekly specials to our 4 locations. We used to have to use our e-mail client to e-mail the specials to the 4 locations manually, to 4 different mailing lists. Now, since our specials are already on our website, I have just created a newsletter pointing to the article with the specials, and weekly e-mail them to the appropriate customers at the appropriate locations with just a few clicks with this component.

Support is also great. When I imported my preexisting mailing lists from my e-mail client, I would have had to manually confirm them for over 600 subscribers. However, I contacted support and within minutes of contacting the live support I was given a solution that saved me hours! Support was very friendly and got right to answering my questions!

All in all a very helpful component with great support!
Reviews: 2
JNews works well had a couple issues during my first test email but worked it out with hosting company.

Would be nice to set up templates to use. Figured out a work around though.
Reviews: 1
I believe this software is the best of its kind, really recommend it since it was one of my best purchases untill now and the support is very nice and fast.
5 stars product
Reviews: 1
Using this component on the administration side is very intuitive and fun.
However it is slightly difficult to override the front end layout, and there are some little bugs with the module integration.
Reviews: 1
Great piece of software, works exactly as i want after speaking to support for a few moments. Would definitely recommend!
Reviews: 1
I've tried many modules for my site joomla but finally i've chosen JNEWS.
A complete product, free (important for a humanitarian site) with a support very competent and rapid!!
I've found a little bug and on 10 minutes all is repaired...
Never seen a support so rapid and interested to help you.
Strong points:
- complete module
- rapid support
Reviews: 7
This is one of the best after using acajom from same developer, its best because support is amazing, can you believe getting email support on holidays and sunday. Apart from the regular live chat support, the guys even give support over email and telephone. Special thanks to Cherry and Diego.

Hey trust me normally i dont take the time to write reviews, but this guys deserve it, just buy it no need to think twice. Amazing tool, im using for my most of the clients now. Wish there were more features like additional fields while importing like company anme and other things and more depth in jlinks.

Thanks to joomla community and developers like jnews, our life is become easy.
Reviews: 1
this is the best componen for send of newsletter, I recomend buy of compoment is really necesary for enjoy alls this thinks,
Reviews: 1
An excellent extension specially for non-specialists in web. There are some minor conflicts specially in the configuration areas (some 'quotes' missing for some variables in php files) but even myself I've managed them. I highly recommend.
Reviews: 7
I upgraded to JNews from AcaJoom News. I left the AcaJoom News on the site, installed the JNews, and then exported from the old and into the new the subscribers and previous newsletters. The program upgraded well, I only had a few issues with the upgrade. I received immediate and excellent support on the problems and ultimately the issues and a configuration that I had ovelooked. Evelyn was always available throughout my numerous chat's online and always was genuinely supportive.
Reviews: 1
This is a great extension which I am currently using now. I had a few problems at the start but after working with the support team they were quickly solved. I hope I will still be using this extension in the months to come
Reviews: 1
The program is excelent!!!

I´m new on joomla then i have some difficults to configure, the support team is wonderful, a lot(tons) of patience (rsrsrs), great courtesy (they really enter on my site to help the configuration, that´s save my life).

Altough i think the support is a robot(not a person), they are ontime 7/24/365, incredible (rsrsrsr).

I´m really happy with program and support, it´s a dream to me with everyone act like them.

Now we can send messages from my site automaticaly, thats perfect. If you want to increase your relationship with your subscriber´s, that´s the better choice, you can trust.

Congratulations Joobi Team and thanks for all the help.

Marcelo Pereira
Reviews: 1
I already knew the Acajoom Joob and was quite impressed with the functionality of jNews. One small problem with the module Subscribe at Website Front-End Support Online was solved by readily.
Reviews: 1
This is a Great Extension!
Thanx for developer!
Reviews: 2
JNews is a very powerfull Newsletter-Tool. Many funktions and many features.
I had a Problem wit import Subscribers at HTML-Recievers. In the Support-Chat they helped me friendly. At the end they send me a little Script per Mail, and it works. A great customer-Support! Thumbs up!
Reviews: 1
I have upgraded today from Acajoom to jNews Pro and the update has worked. After updating i had several questions and checked out the live support on After a few seconds i get professional help and all my questions are answered correctly i no time...

Thank you guys for that great component and your support.

Reviews: 3
I used to install Acajoom for some "small" customers and I can tell that jNews can do the same things but better.
Thanks a lot for this extension.
Reviews: 1
It's a good E-newsletter module. Full function for send and management e-newsletter.I purpose the statics and auto-response function.
Reviews: 1
I am a digital amateur and I tried to install jnews on my website. The functionality seemed to be OK, so I try to upgrade. The beginners fault were easily corrected by the team. A bug was fixed very fast and I was surprised of the answer time during the WE.
Reviews: 1
I was a satisfied user of Acajoom News for years. When I upgrade to jNews I received a full and freindly support from Joobi team in the middle of the night or early in the morning.
Because I am not quite good at this stuff, they were willing to manage the problems I encounter from backend.
I really appreciate that. Friend in need is friend endeed.
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