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SP Newsletters Component

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Did you ever ask yourself why you cannot use your articles as newsletters? Now you can create your categories/articles and choose which article to send to what users!!!

We did not try to build a newsletters manager from scratch. Instead we combined the Joomla powerful content engine and the new user groups system, giving you a complete newsletters system.

If you are already familiar creating Joomla articles, then this is it!!!

How to Use

1. Create a new article to use as your newsletter, or choose an existing one.
2. Choose the user group
3. Preview in backend
4. Send a test email to you
5. Send the newsletter


* Real time preview
* independent monitoring log to avoid php timeouts.
* Define how many emails to send per second
* Test email

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Reviews: 7
This extension is almost perfect for my needs - only one problem: You cannot pull in text from modules.

I send out regular emails to a variety of groups, with the information changing based on time. By setting up a cron job to automate the group the user is assigned to, and saving the email text as an article, I use SP Newsletters to semi-automate my mailouts. It saves a huge amount of time, and personalises the email...

...and the support is quick and friendly, and helpful.
Reviews: 1
An excellent and simple to use component that does exactly whats required. Send an article as a newsletter. It lightweight and easy to use. Works perfect on my 3.0.1 install. Thanks guys
Reviews: 1
The component works exactly as advertised. Sending an Article as newsletter is a good idea. As I have livecycle designer through which i can make newsletters in my desktop and created a joomla article with the livecycle image and send. THe component is lightweight .. Has minimum configurations needed to send simple newsletters. Thanks