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NS Pro.

Managing your Mailing Lists, Subscribers & Newsletters has NEVER been EASIER.
With just 15 euros, NS Pro gives you a lightweight, very easy to use, very easy to install and fast to configure, way to manage your newsletter system. No hidden back-links or confusing restrictions! NS Pro is bright and clear!

NS Pro Provides:
* Joomla 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5 Compatibility
* Full Subscriber, Multiple Mailing List, Newsletter Manager
* Subscribe, Unsubscribe, Edit Mailing Lists page
* Optional Double Opt-In, Opt-Out
* Subscriber Statistics
* Newsletter Opening Statistics
* Subscriber Flexible Import, Export (Text, CSV, Joomla Users)
* Flexible Newsletter Sending (Throttling, Selective Sending)
* Newsletter Attachments
* Send Newsletters to Unregistered Emails Tool
* Smart Anti-Spam Protection
* Forward To Friend Feature
* Article Imports in Newsletters
* Newsletter Front-End View (available to choose what data to show)
* New Version Check
* Custom HTML above Subscribe/Unsubscribe Forms
* Unique Emails (does not allow duplicates)
* Bounced Email Check (with automatic scheduling option)
* HTML Templates
* Horizontal Layout & Flexible Label Position in Subscribe Form
* Extra Fields !
* Scheduling Newsletters !
* Include Modules in Newsletters !
* Randomly Display Newsletter Content (eg: 10% chance to show a coupon image or any content part!)
* Improved Statistics
* Front-End Subscriber List
* Front-End Full Newsletter Manager

New as of version 1.8
* Newsletters as Auto-Responders
* Newsletter Campaigns
* Sending Filters (based on Extra Fields)
* New module! Latest NS Pro Newsletters

Super Fast Sending!
While sending an average newsletter using a local mail server, NS Pro has an average rate of 100 emails per minute!

English, Spanish (Español), French (Français),
German (Deutsch), Greek (Ελληνικά), Hungarian (Magyar),
Russian (Русский), Dutch (Dutch), Thai (ภาษาไทย),
Swedish (Svenska), Polish (Polski), Brazilian Portuguese and more...

Pay only ONCE, and you get:
* Unlimited Domains / Sites / Usage
* Unlimited Support
* Unlimited Updates
* Unlimited DB Records
* Unlimited Emails
We don't make limits, just to charge for raising them.

Thanks for visiting.

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Reviews: 2
It works out of the box.Great option selections.The unlimited domains license is a major pros, but the whole "package" is worth to buy... I have use many free and paid components the last 4-5 years, but it's the first i feel the need to write a review and help others to make the right choice..
Owner's reply

Thanks a lot for the review!

If you need any help, please do not hesitate to contact me !

Reviews: 7
This extension does exactly what it says it does and it is easy to install and use. Not only that the level of support is unsurpassed amongst Joomla extension developers. I've seen equal but none better. I had a minor problem with one of the features, submitted a support request and was replied-to within an hour. The problem was fixed within 2 days. I highly recommend this extension and this developer!
Reviews: 8
Not only am I pleased with this product in general, especially considering the small price, but the fact that you receive unlimited updates and can use it on unlimited domains is a definite plus! A lot of commercial mods are very restrictive and cost far too much, so other developers can take a leaf out of NS Pro's book!
Reviews: 1
I love this mod. I had one small issue with the Windows server and php5.3 but I contacted support(Chris) and he fixed it real fast for me. I would recommend this mod and any other mod that they make! Thanks again Chris! :)
Reviews: 6
Does what it says.
Only problem I have is it doesn't have captcha. Still deserves 5 out of 5. Great support!
Reviews: 9
This Newsletter extension is fully featured and quick to set up. Lots of things to customise if you wish to but works well as is. The most valuable thing is the support: it is amongst the best and friendliest I have ever had! Thanks Chris!
Reviews: 2
Excellent tool, when I install it I found all what I need to do , the most important tool is custom fields and custom forms for many newsletters without limitations.
Excellent support not limitations for code editing.
Is one of the best tool for the newsletter and the price is very cheap with :
* Unlimited Domains / Sites / Usage
* Unlimited Support
* Unlimited Updates
* Unlimited DB Records
* Unlimited Emails
I suggest it to any one , extension working very good without bugs.
Reviews: 2
Christopher Mavro does his job with the heart.
Very good service.
The newsletter is very easy to use, and I am happy to choose this newsletter extension.
Reviews: 1
Nice addon. Does exactly what is says.

Had some troubles with some settings but the support is absolutely quick and it was realy quick fixed!!!
Reviews: 7
This is one of the easiest extensions to use. I am a new joomla user, and thoroughly appreciate easy to use extensions. This is certainly one of such. Even better, the help from the developer is outstanding. My silly questions where answered in minutes.
Reviews: 8
I've been using Joomla! for just 3 days now and wanted to incorporate a subscribed Newsletter feature. This evening I spent some time looking at newsletter solutions available here, and having viewed several of the available demo's, NS Pro was the obvious choice. It's very easy to use, feature rich and produces extremely professional results. It's also a fraction of the cost of some of the alternatives which provide less functionality. In the space of 20 minutes I have downloaded NS Pro, installed it on my Joomla! 1.6 environment, configured it and sent my very first newsletter (albeit a test to myself). I would certainly encourage you to view the demo of NS Pro, you'll love it!
Reviews: 1
Been using NSPro for many clients now, and everyone is extremely happy with it. Best of all is the support -- Christopher got back to me immediately, and handled some minor issues I had right away. I highly recommend it!
Reviews: 1
I've been using the NS PRO for some time now and I want to express my happiness about this good and simple to use component.

It installs flawless and is intuitive to use. I did face some minor problems and the developer gave me an excellent support in resolving the issues. I really can recomend NS PRO!

Well worth the small investment.
Reviews: 3
If you are looking for a super reliable newsletter program and customer support then look no further. It may not have all the features of the others at this time but I assure you that it has enough at the moment to get you rolling and easily affordable at that! Thank you Chris! Keep up the great work! -- Gary
Reviews: 2
This is such a fantastic extension that I almost want to keep it a secret. The highlights for me:
- easy to set up
- highly customizable
- add your own custom fields (super easy to do)
- excellent support
- cheap!

Unlike other extensions that charge when you buy and then charge for subscriptions, upgrades and additional domains, this extension only costs you (a little bit of) money once. Then you get unlimited upgrades and unlimited domains for free. Beat that!

Thank you Christopher.
Reviews: 2
I can't say enough about how good the developer is with this product. I was going to get the free version, but the pro version has so much more - and it is worth every cent.

Had an issue where the PayPal link failed after purchase (due to my system connection, NOT the developer). I emailed the developer and he got back to me right away with the software attached to an email.

Great job! Keep up the good work.
Reviews: 1
Mr Mavros, keep up the good work : flawless app, and updating is a breeze.
Well worth the price of admission. if you need a newsletter system, this is the one.
Reviews: 3
Christopher Mavros has out done his self. I purchased this product when it was first introduced. From the beginning the product has worked great and I have noticed that NS Pro has also been developed on a consistent basis with real features that your clients want. When compared to the other products NS Pro is the hands down winner.

Now that said, Christopher has provided nothing but 5 Star support. If your looking for professional, polite, courteous, help full and supportive support to the point of I felt guilty for not leaving a great review for this product every time I come to JED.

Christopher, Thanks for such a great product!

Should be Editors choice!
Reviews: 1
I just got done working with the developer over the last day or so fixing very minor questions of mine. One being my own fault which I suspected! I highly encourage anyone having a problem to contact the developer FIRST before you decide to pass up on this or write any review. It really is fantastic.

The support has been phenomenal and this is the best newsletter extension out there. Bar none! I've tried several but this does exactly what I need and is very easy to implement. I look forward to future updates that may include front end access to newsletter creation.

Bravo on an extension very well created and thought out!
Owner's reply

Thank you for this review!

Please feel free to contact me if you need anything at all!
I'm open to everyone.

Reviews: 3
straight out of the box this was a superb product and just what i wanted. i reviewed the options for the free version and the paid version and at such a reasonable price it was obvious to go with the pro version. The support i have received has been fantastic and quick. The developer is open to suggestions and clearly cares about his product and it's quality. Good job and highly recommended.
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