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NS Pro.

Managing your Mailing Lists, Subscribers & Newsletters has NEVER been EASIER.
With just 15 euros, NS Pro gives you a lightweight, very easy to use, very easy to install and fast to configure, way to manage your newsletter system. No hidden back-links or confusing restrictions! NS Pro is bright and clear!

NS Pro Provides:
* Joomla 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5 Compatibility
* Full Subscriber, Multiple Mailing List, Newsletter Manager
* Subscribe, Unsubscribe, Edit Mailing Lists page
* Optional Double Opt-In, Opt-Out
* Subscriber Statistics
* Newsletter Opening Statistics
* Subscriber Flexible Import, Export (Text, CSV, Joomla Users)
* Flexible Newsletter Sending (Throttling, Selective Sending)
* Newsletter Attachments
* Send Newsletters to Unregistered Emails Tool
* Smart Anti-Spam Protection
* Forward To Friend Feature
* Article Imports in Newsletters
* Newsletter Front-End View (available to choose what data to show)
* New Version Check
* Custom HTML above Subscribe/Unsubscribe Forms
* Unique Emails (does not allow duplicates)
* Bounced Email Check (with automatic scheduling option)
* HTML Templates
* Horizontal Layout & Flexible Label Position in Subscribe Form
* Extra Fields !
* Scheduling Newsletters !
* Include Modules in Newsletters !
* Randomly Display Newsletter Content (eg: 10% chance to show a coupon image or any content part!)
* Improved Statistics
* Front-End Subscriber List
* Front-End Full Newsletter Manager

New as of version 1.8
* Newsletters as Auto-Responders
* Newsletter Campaigns
* Sending Filters (based on Extra Fields)
* New module! Latest NS Pro Newsletters

Super Fast Sending!
While sending an average newsletter using a local mail server, NS Pro has an average rate of 100 emails per minute!

English, Spanish (Español), French (Français),
German (Deutsch), Greek (Ελληνικά), Hungarian (Magyar),
Russian (Русский), Dutch (Dutch), Thai (ภาษาไทย),
Swedish (Svenska), Polish (Polski), Brazilian Portuguese and more...

Pay only ONCE, and you get:
* Unlimited Domains / Sites / Usage
* Unlimited Support
* Unlimited Updates
* Unlimited DB Records
* Unlimited Emails
We don't make limits, just to charge for raising them.

Thanks for visiting.

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Reviews: 3
This is the first paid Joomla component I use. And I must say I'm impressed by the lightning speed by which the technical service works.

This is a component that does what it says it would do. It's user friendly, installs without any problems and support questions are answered swiftly. For anyone who wants to use a newsletter application on a Joomla! site: this is the one to choose. I can see this growing and becoming even easier to use with more functionality to play with.
Reviews: 2
I have found this easy to setup. More important is the response to issues which in my case were related to my template. The response was rapid and provided solution my problem. Keep up the good work.
Reviews: 1
Wonderful Extension - full functionallity, empowers you to send your newsletters with simple text (or: personalized, with colored templates, Data- Attachments) to a small group of subscribers (or: thousands).
How to get: Download 1,2 Mbyte/ install 3 files / enjoy all the functions you need to send newsletters: subscription manager - edit the subscribers. Very useful: selective newsletter - click the subscribers you want to be mailed. Conclusion: No problems using this joomla extension - but a maximum of fun spreading my content.
Owner's reply

Your review is great. Thank you so much!
Please feel free to contact me if you need anything at all!

Reviews: 12
This is a great component and an absolutely great support from its developer, Chris Mavros! If you are looking for a fully functional newsletter subscription (or any other subscription tool) look no further.

The newest features are incredibly helpful. I am sold on this one!
Reviews: 2
Excellent job and support, Christopher

I have been searching on the internet for Newsletter programs and codes..
NS Pro, was just the perfect solution and covering my website's needs. on managing and sending Newsletters.

I am using this great Extension since long time and it is just running the way it should, PERFECT:-)
it is my recomMendation to everyone who wants to send newsletter to hundreds of clients without any crashes.

Thanks Christopher
Reviews: 4
I usually spend hours and hours to configure a non-commercial module or component. At this price NS Pro provide you a very intuitive module and support is included ! I was able to translate it easily. So it is a no-brainer for me. To send newsletters I prefer NS Pro.

Thank you very much
Reviews: 1
This is an amazing easy tool for a website, I have limited skills with Joomla and coding, not only is it easy to use and set up, but the support is even better. I submitted my issue I had created and Mavros worked through the issue and fixed the error I created in the php file, great service and support for a great product.
Reviews: 1
Excellent product!
Excellent price!
Absolutely awesome support!
Don't hesitate to buy and use this newsletter module. I love it!
Reviews: 4
This is the best newsletter not only because it's a supherb product but also for Christopher's professionalism and willingness to help!!

The price is more than reasonable and Christopher works with you to get it up and running if you have trouble. He is patient and willing to listen to any suggestions you have and if you need a feature implemented prior to the next version he works with you to get it done.

Great job! Keep up the good work!!
Reviews: 1
Thanks Chris!

As a background, we have spent a lot of time in testing and development with our site prior to going into production. We installed and de-installed several plugins, components and modules that are associated with Joomla! in an attempt to evaluate features, ease of installation, overall use AND support.

Having an IT Security background we carefully evaluate any and all input that may go into our backend database. I also have a professional advantage over most developers through determining vulnerabilities with the support of my team (friends in the security industry) and from this make changes directly or recommend changes to the vendors.

NS Pro was the easiest to install and we got the absolute best support directly from Chris himself. He is very dedicated to making sure things run very well and in a relatively secure fashion. He received and implemented our recommendations, provided us feedback and we were able to swiftly update all packages.

We only wish all other Joomla! vendors would provide this level of support, ethical conduct and professional feedback.

Good Job Chris, you set the bar others are now measured against!
Reviews: 2
Powerful in its simplicity. Readers can subscribe to the newsletter, you can have them confirm or not, select manually to whom you want to send a newsletter, or create lists and send the newsletter in one go. I first tried Acajoom, but it is so complicated that most of my clients got a headache and asked to install something easy to use. NS Pro is understandable to everybody and it doesn't fail.
Reviews: 2
Great product, great support. Excellent job, Christopher. Well worth the 12 dollars US.
Reviews: 1
Installation had minor bugs (tried to copy nonexistent files). Help is very very short (the like of: Configure appropriate global mail settings. - But what the hell is appropriate for NS Pro?). The help is not helpful if you don't already know what the predefined entries and settings mean. The installation info takes some 50 words and thats it. - It turns out NS Pro does not work if the global mail settings are already in use for other purposes such as contact forms or administrator mass mail. (I don't know if this is true for other newsletters as well. But in principle: Why doesn't it support the use of other additional Email addresses or mailboxes?)
All text fields in the administration panel except for the main message are 1 line and some 20 characters long, even if the pre-defined text entry has some 150 characters. I need an external editor and copy and paste to see it all.
I cannot see any functionality so I can set up a page in my website for subscription and unsubscription on my website. (May possibly be due to the poor help.). Nor can potential subscribers send or be sent an E-mail to subscribe initially. So can I get someone to subscribe to the list? Thats not explained.

In short: I couldn't make it work at all within some 2 hours. An exhaustive How-To is missing. The existing documentation is poor. The extension completely occupies the global mail.

Maybe support is good (see other reviews), but what are you goint to do if you live on the other side of the world? Wait 12 hours?
Owner's reply


I would be glad to help you, if you had contacted me, first.
Anyway, if you feel like setting it up, my email is

Now, let's solve this case:
You wrote: "Installation had minor bugs (tried to copy nonexistent files)".

Answer: That is usually permission error, since the nspro.xml is the same for everyone.

You wrote: "But what the hell is appropriate for NS Pro? ... It turns out NS Pro does not work if the global mail settings are already in use for other purposes such as contact forms or administrator mass mail."

Answer: You should have read "Question #5" and "#6" in the Help file.
This is already answered.
In case you didn't find the Help file, it is accessible after installing, and by the About NS Pro page.

You wrote: "All text fields in the administation panel ... are some 20 characters long"

Answer: The "Newsletter Edit" page, has inputboxes of size="180" and the "Subscriber Edit" page has inputboxes of size="60", talking about emails, names and datetimes. In my own experience using it, I have rarely found anything not to fit in all these.

You wrote: "I cannot see any functionality so I can set up a page in my website for subscription and unsubscription on my website."

Answer: Joomla has this concept: Want a page? Create a menu item. So, when creating a menu item, you can choose all the views of NS Pro. This is also already answered in the "poor help's" Question #3.

You wrote: "Nor can potential subscribers send or be sent an E-mail to subscribe initially."

Answer: Potential subscribers? Like the Joomla Users? You could import, and then (re-)send confirmation mails, using the button named "Re-send Confirmation".
If you had a potential subscriber file, you could import, and also (re-)send confirmations.

You wrote: "I couldn't make it work at all within some 2 hours."

Answer: I would have probably helped you in minutes.

Finally, you wrote: "Maybe support is good (see other reviews)"

Answer: I really wish you contacted me to get support first, and you would be another happy user.

P.S.: Trying to configure anything in a rush can be tricky, but a calm help from my part would get you out of a 2-hour trouble. BTW, I'm in timezone GMT+3. Maybe you're close, too.

Thanks again

Reviews: 4
Great product and Great support...
Reviews: 2
This particular extension out performs all the others.
I have tried many, but the "customer service" that Christopher offers exemplifies the term. Well done Christopher, I personally want to thank you for helping me. I don't know if it is possible to have it any better than this. You owe it to your self to try out this extension.
Reviews: 9
This product does far more than it says! It is VERY feature rich and very stable. The author has done an excellent job and is to be commended.
I downloaded the product, created a template and populated my newsletter with words and images and went 'live', all within 1 day. Having tried this with other products I can assure you it is a compliment to the product (not me!).

I have not had cause to use any support as yet but comments on the forum suggest that the author is very responsive.

I do most of my work for 'not for profits' so the pricing scheme (no domain limitations) works well for my environment.

Thank you Christopher and well done.
Reviews: 4
NSPro is excellent and it works fine. I want to say that Christopher Mavros supported me very fast when i needed, although he has his job he was here for me immediately and efficiently. I want to thank him for this. I'm new in Joomla and every day i read and test many extensions etc. I suggest this extension for sure.
Reviews: 1
Does what it says it does and great support.
Reviews: 1
Christopher has written a straight forward and well supported plug in.
Reviews: 1
I asked for some help with basic configuration and the possibility of getting rapid contact configured to add to the NS pro database entries and a new module was written and sent in no time at all. This was not to be expected but Mavros came through.

The only addition that I would make for the future is the ability to configure NS pro to add additional fields from Rapid Contact to the database.

Great Job!!!
Owner's reply

Thank you for the review!

Customizable fields are now available through combining NS Pro with Rapid Contact Ex. It is still kind of under construction, but has worked well to anyone who tried it.

If you need anything at all, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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