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NS Pro.

Managing your Mailing Lists, Subscribers & Newsletters has NEVER been EASIER.
With just 15 euros, NS Pro gives you a lightweight, very easy to use, very easy to install and fast to configure, way to manage your newsletter system. No hidden back-links or confusing restrictions! NS Pro is bright and clear!

NS Pro Provides:
* Joomla 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5 Compatibility
* Full Subscriber, Multiple Mailing List, Newsletter Manager
* Subscribe, Unsubscribe, Edit Mailing Lists page
* Optional Double Opt-In, Opt-Out
* Subscriber Statistics
* Newsletter Opening Statistics
* Subscriber Flexible Import, Export (Text, CSV, Joomla Users)
* Flexible Newsletter Sending (Throttling, Selective Sending)
* Newsletter Attachments
* Send Newsletters to Unregistered Emails Tool
* Smart Anti-Spam Protection
* Forward To Friend Feature
* Article Imports in Newsletters
* Newsletter Front-End View (available to choose what data to show)
* New Version Check
* Custom HTML above Subscribe/Unsubscribe Forms
* Unique Emails (does not allow duplicates)
* Bounced Email Check (with automatic scheduling option)
* HTML Templates
* Horizontal Layout & Flexible Label Position in Subscribe Form
* Extra Fields !
* Scheduling Newsletters !
* Include Modules in Newsletters !
* Randomly Display Newsletter Content (eg: 10% chance to show a coupon image or any content part!)
* Improved Statistics
* Front-End Subscriber List
* Front-End Full Newsletter Manager

New as of version 1.8
* Newsletters as Auto-Responders
* Newsletter Campaigns
* Sending Filters (based on Extra Fields)
* New module! Latest NS Pro Newsletters

Super Fast Sending!
While sending an average newsletter using a local mail server, NS Pro has an average rate of 100 emails per minute!

English, Spanish (Español), French (Français),
German (Deutsch), Greek (Ελληνικά), Hungarian (Magyar),
Russian (Русский), Dutch (Dutch), Thai (ภาษาไทย),
Swedish (Svenska), Polish (Polski), Brazilian Portuguese and more...

Pay only ONCE, and you get:
* Unlimited Domains / Sites / Usage
* Unlimited Support
* Unlimited Updates
* Unlimited DB Records
* Unlimited Emails
We don't make limits, just to charge for raising them.

Thanks for visiting.

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Reviews: 1
I'm using this extension to send news the members of a club since around 3 years.
All issues i had were solved by the great support from Christopher. Thank you!
Now i'm waiting for a version for Joomla 3.
Reviews: 1
Had a slight issue with product delivery. Christopher rectified it promptly by email. Also struggled a bit on configuration, but with that behind me, I absolutely love the product! Does everything I ask of it and more...
Reviews: 2
This is a an excellent extension. I can't find any better. I just hope you will make another version for Joomla 3.x..

Thank you very much
Reviews: 5
This is a professional tool that has worked well for myself and my clients. Very pleased with the product and the support.
Reviews: 1
I have been using NS Pro for a few years now to send 100's of newsletters. It is simply excellent for its purpose, easy to use, configure and manage. I also cannot speak highly enough of the support received by the developer. His dedication to is products and his customers is the best I have ever seen or received and I wish him all the best for future developments. He is a great addition to the Joomla community and encapulates what we all need in a developer. I have contacted him a number of times and the replies and help have been brilliant! Thanks so much for what you do.
Reviews: 7
When you want to spread word of your existence, you need to take up the challenge with a newsletter. Although creating a newsletter can be quite a daunting task, NS Pro made it really easy for me as it has helped me to start from scratch and knock out a series of newsletters on a routine basis. NS Pro has always worked for me which is no doubt due to the thoughtful design, clear instructions and exemplary support.
Reviews: 5
Some minor frontend problems have been fixed by the most recent release so I can now highly recommend this extension for Newsletter management
Reviews: 5
I have been using this component/module/plugin for about a year and have nothing but praise for Christopher Mavros. The support has been very quick and one simply can't beat the price. Thanks for your contribtuion Chris.

Reviews: 2
After 2 years of using NSPro I can say, that this extension only did one job: it worked!
The personal support was always excellent. The usage is simple to understand and the investment has paid for oneself. Good job!
Reviews: 1
We use NS Pro to coordinate mailings for our HS marching band. Having multiple newsletters, being able to apply templates, and being able to refer replies to the appropriate party have been a Godsend. Easy to set up and use, with a reasonable learning curve. I was even able to train the Band Directors to use it.
Reviews: 2
I love Mavros' extensions! They are always so easy to setup and they work exactly as he says they will. If there are any questions about an extension, an email will yield a prompt and effective personal reply in no time. Thanks again for this great extension and your perfect support Mavros. I loved it so much, I bought all of your extensions now because I know they will work!
Thanks for your great work.
Reviews: 2
I've used NS Pro extensively and can safely say that it's one of the best newsletter components I've used. It's easy to set up and use. Also, support from the developer is great. I totally recommend it.
Reviews: 1
NSPro 1.8 installed without any problems on my Joomla 2.5 website. The management interface is professional, well documented, and very easy to follow. I was able to create my email group, then my newsletter, and sent it to the group on schedule. I needed some customizations and Christopher was answering my email in just minutes. Christopher was a pleasure to work with and spent extra time with me to work out the solution. I will award five stars for the NSPro extension, and an additional five stars, for Christopher's support that comes with NSPro.
Reviews: 3
In regards to all comments, it is possible, that the component works well ans easy.
But after the installation with Joomla 2.5 I had with the plugin some problems. After writing with the support, suddenly, I got no answer more. So I desintalled it and bought CCNewsletter. It works perfect.
Owner's reply

I'm really sorry. I have had a serious hard drive failure. I replaced it yesterday and I have too many emails to respond to.
I have sent you a response now, if you wish to continue this conversation.

Reviews: 3
This extension works fine. It is easy to implement and has enough features for a rather professional distribution of newsletters. Given the price: 5 stars.
Reviews: 1
Christopher is not only a good programmer but he is also a good person with great patience! he followd me in every step, each request i asked even if was stupid question, or strange or impossible request, he was always ready to help and to solve the problem! and 100% o the times he always solved it in very professional way!
great software and super assistance! with few money!
thank you!
Reviews: 1
A newsletter also manageable in front end! Very well done and complete! For an extremely reasonable price! Unfailing assistance! Very good job! THANKS!
Reviews: 5
Not only is is an easy to use and implement component that works as advertised, but whenever I had problems (download issues, never the software) Chris has immediately responded. Whenever I had questions about the component, his responses have been quick and very helpful.
Reviews: 4
The frontend newsletter management is a winner for me.
There was a compatibility issue with an editor component I was using. The developer dealt with it promptly.

My summary quite please with the result.
Reviews: 3
I have been using NSPro for three years now. It is my cornerstone application for newsletter management on the many sites that I build and manage. I recently experienced a problematic installation issue due to quirks in a particular server environment. Chris was immediately responsive and kept up with timely responses, informative suggestions and unbelievable patience and professionalism.

This product comes with mi HIGHEST recommendation!
Owner's reply

Thanks a lot for this review.
I appreciate your good words.
They help me a lot.

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