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JINC (Joomla! Integrated Newsletters Component) is a easy-to-use newsletter component for Joomla!.

JINC includes these newsletter functionalities

* Basic Management - Creation and editing of unlimited number of newsletters.
* Profiling - Access restriction to a newsletter to guests, users or groups of users.
* Auto-subscription - Automatic newsletter subscription after Joomla! user registration.
* Welcome Message and Disclaimer - Welcome message after newsletter subscription and disclaimer automatically added to every newsletter message.
* Themes management - Several frontend themes available to show a newsletter in Joomla! frontend

* Template management - Definition of message templates to avoid copy and paste at every message creation.
* Content type management - Possibility to choose between plain text and HTML messages.
* Massime or personalized mails - One mail per subscriber or mails with a lot subscribers in Blind Carbon Copy.
* Multi Attachment - One or more attachments for messages.
* TAG substitution - Subscribers and newsletters info TAGs substituted while sending process.
* Start/Stop functionalities - Possibility to start the message sending process, pause it and re-start later

* E-mail confirmation - Mail confirmation during subscription and unsubscription by opt-in messages.
* Massive import - Import subscriber lists from CSV files.
* Groups management - Creation of groups of potential subscribers for private newsletters.
* Joomla! Contact Integration - Possibility to retrieve subscribers information from Joomla! contacts
* Addictional attributes - Administrator definible mandatory or optional attributes to subscribe a newsletter
* Captcha confirmation - Activable captcha for newsletter subscription

* Event based statistics - Statistics registered based on events (subscription, unsubscription, message sent).
* Time based statitics - Statistics showed by time line.
* Statistics charts - Trend of events time based showed in a chart.

* Frontend translations - Frontend translated in english, italian, french, spanish, german and dutch
* Backend translations - Backend translated in english and italian

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Reviews: 2
After looking for a newsletter extension, and triying a few of them.
I can say that this is possibly the best made newsletter component you can have in Joomla. Light, simple, and easy.
Totally recomended.
Reviews: 2
I'm really impressed with the development and functionality of this component. For small business owners such as myself, I only really needed to send updates and offers to subscribed members and this did everything required. I went from installing to sending a mass newsletter in around 50 minutes.

Documentation is easy to follow and professional. 5 stars from me!
Reviews: 8
Easy to install and understand, many languages supported, and, there is also an excellent and accurate support by the programmer.Keep up your hard work!
Reviews: 3
i think it would take an experienced user to use this component. i didn't find it very clear on how to create my newsletter vs templates to begin with, i can see an option to add tags in the newsletter page but not in the template page where it seems you really design and add the content to your newsletter. the method of having to create your css manually in the file is fine for someone who knows css but not at all user friendly for the average "user". i installed this for evaluation but will have to choose another solution since at the end of the day, the newsletter will be designed by someone with little to no coding ability and it has to be very straight forward. Perhaps the interface and features could be re-evaluated for the future to make it more simple.
Reviews: 9
For a free extension this is remarkable. Not even any links back to the developer! Found this an ideal solution for a smallish site. At first glance it may not be obvious how things work but it is possible to install some demo data and easily workk things out from there. There is some useful online documentation available also. I liked the way subscriptions to newsletters can be for general public or registered users, with a useful groups system to refine things further. I had some problems sending newsletters out but the developer quickly found the root cause and solved the issue. I've not had better support with some paid extensions! Only downside is that it looks as though future development is focusing on versions of Joomla above 1.5.x (understandable and not really an issue given the very good level of support for the very useable 1.5.x version).
Reviews: 1
Nice but needs some features/corrections.

I like how you can add attributes easily, but the field labels are always uppercase. Plus the attribute information is not included in the email to the admin when a user confirms their subscription. Nor is it visible in the backend.

I would also like to have the option of choosing who receives the emails. Not just being restricted to the super user.
Reviews: 1
The extension is better, simpler and faster even compared to commercial ones.
Maybe not so many features and options, but I'm confident that the new releases will cover the space.
The level of support is excellent !!!!
It was really fast to download, installed without problems and easy to use.
In just a few words .... PIECE OF EXCELLENCE !!!
Reviews: 1
This is a verry good and easy extension. I use it for a newsletter on my website. I works realy realy good!
Reviews: 2
I'm no expert with Jooomla but this was easily installed and I was able to load and view the sample pages without any problem. Looking forward to it being an integral part of the site I help with :)
Reviews: 1
This component is easily to use in the backend and frontend. Lhacky's support is excellent and very fast.
Reviews: 1
Reviews: 1
Congratulation and thanks for this excellent extension for the author. Good featers and excellent backend functions. The installation is ease, the component cosutmizable for your needs. The support is quick and professional.
Reviews: 1
I had this up and running within an hour; easy install and setup. I ran into a small issue and after I contacted the developer I had an answer ánd a fix within 30 minutes! For free! So what can I say... thumbs up!
Reviews: 1
Jinc works perfect, and the support is excellent. LHacky is every professional. I need more starts for rating higher.
Thanks LHacky for your help!!
Reviews: 1
Jinc works great, is really smooth to go with and the support ist perfect. Had some suggestions about the German translation and Lhacky just helped me within shortest time.
Not easy to find a good Newsletter Component for 1.6 in this early state, but this one is it! Thanks!
Reviews: 11
But all diamonds are rough in the beginning. This is a great component. I was up and running in a few minutes. Kudos for the import feature, which allows you to import a list of user ids as subscribers to any newsletter - that was a real time-saver for me!

I only submit reviews for extensions that deserve it (good or bad) and you definitely deserve a good review!
Reviews: 3
This package SERIOUSLY need an installation manual. It is clearly not done through the normal install page, and I find no good explanation on their pages :/
Owner's reply

Hi Northowl,

JINC has no particular installation documentation because the installation can be done simply using Joomla! components installation tool that will install automatically the component and related modules and plugins.
By the way, if you had any problem in installation process you can write to me ( or to JINC forum and I'll be happy to try to solve any problem.

I hope to hear you by mail or by forum ...

Best regards, Lhacky.

Reviews: 26
This is a great newsletter component, I prefer it to the others out there for its ease-of-use and features. And it's FREE!
Reviews: 6
It's nice to see a non-commercial / non-hookware(just a hook to sell you a pro version) with so many features and promise that could rival the commercial big-boys.

Everything is so easy and self-explanatory. There are help captions over mostly all of the fields and menus to help even the most novice of users. This is definitely one project I will be donating to.
Reviews: 1
Very good job, easy for installing and for customize the template.
I vote 5 on 5
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