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OSE RSS Syndicator™ Component

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Version 1.0.0 - 2.0.0
* Enhancement - Improve backend user interface
* Enhancement - Upgradede the component to work with Joomla 3.0
* Bug fix - Fix the double slashes in the preview rss url
* New feature - Added the date format parameter in the menu parameter section so the date format can be customized
* New feature - Added the translation paramter in the menu parameter section so the date text can be translated

OSE RSS syndication provides a very easy way for you to create RSS feeds through your Joomla! system.

What does the component do

OSE RSS syndicator allows you to create RSS feeds of your Joomla categories articles in a very quick way. OSE develops this component to show the RSS feeds for our software updates, and we are very happy to contribute this nice and neat component to the Open Source community and Joomla! community.


Programming Language:



PHP 5+, MySQL5

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Reviews: 22
All in all this is a good extension in how it does what it does, but the way it does things is kind of odd where you have to have articles with feeds. It looks nice and flashy during install and the template for the back-end looks decent, but all in all it lacks features and may not be to everyone's taste. So, I rate this extension average.
Reviews: 23
I have been using Ninja RSS syndicator on my website built in J1.5, and it worked flawlessly. Unfortunately I couldn't get it to work on my J2.5 website. So, I tried several other free RSS syndicator extensions. And I ran into all kinds of trouble, or did not want to spend too much time in solving seemingly minor issues. For some reason I missed OSE's component until now. It was not rated or reviewed yet. They seem very reliable in what they do, so I thought let's give it a try. Well, SMOOTH!! Very good guys, straight out of the box, everything works great. A module that would give you the opportunity to present various feeds streams via only one button would be nice, but this will do nicely also. Thanks very much