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Ninja RSS Syndicator ComponentModule

The ultimate Jooma RSS Feed Creator! Have complete control over your website's RSS feeds.

Create any number of RSS feeds, select which sections and categories to include or exclude. Choose whether to render images or HTML in the feed. Output the whole the article in the feed, just the introduction or a certain number of words. The Ninja RSS Syndicator puts you in control of your feeds.

Also check out our new Enclosures Plugin and also our Content Plugin Tags remover plugin. With more plugins coming soon!

Component Features:
* Choice of output types: RSS 2.0, ATOM
* Write the feed name and description
* Choose the number of articles to show in feed
* Choose how to order the feed (by date descending, date ascending, section, category, article)
* Choose whether to show full text, a number of words in feed or just the intro text
* Choose the format for rendering author name
* Choose whether to render HTML
* Choose whether to render Images
* Choose whether to show frontpage items
* Choose which section to include
* Choose which categories to exclude
* Choose which individual articles to exclude
* Select the feed button
* Create your own personalized RSS buttons

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Reviews: 3
By far the best RSS syndicator! Would be great if this simple functionality had been built into Joomla 2.5 by default, but this is much easier to use than the default functionality. And this ext does work for 2.5 now.
Reviews: 24
I really enjoyed this extension for a long time. Easy to set up, works like a charm and gives so many new possibilities.

But now, migrating all the sites to Joomla 2.5 I really wonder, if there will be an updated version or not. Some info from the devleloper would be highly appreciated!
Reviews: 1
I reported an "error", what is not really a bug, cause a non supported Joomla version.
Now I just wanna say a big thank you for the quick and polite answer. And obviously waiting for the support for Joomla 1.7.
Reviews: 2
This extensione is very excellent; simple and fast to configure.

I hope will be soon available for 2.5 and managed items will be over 999.

Reviews: 1
I used this extension a few months ago on a commercial site and it is brilliant for taking your articles creating an rss feed that I then would send to the companies Facebook account and then a built in Facebook app would send the news updates to their twitter account! PERFECT!

The client only had to then add a news article to their site and it would update their site, rss, Facebook and twitter accounts in one hit!

That site was on Joomla 1.5............ unfortunately the new site I a, building for our company is in Joomla 1.6 and was soooooooo disappointed to find out this isn't compatible.

The sooner you make a 1.6 version the better as I cannot emphasize enough how good and how useful this extension is.

Unfortunately there don't appear to be any other free 1.6 compatible extensions available that do this job. I'm stuck really... there's certainly a niche in the directory here!
Reviews: 3
The component and its addons work very fine. The support is very good.

In resume, Ninja Rss Syndicator make me the happpiest on the world.

A very good job.
Reviews: 6
This was the first non-commercial RSS syndicator I tried but it did the job perfectly.
I wanted an RSS feed for just my site's news articles (which aren't shown on the frontpage) and this was exactly what I needed.

Although I couldn't easily locate any install/setup instructions, I found that I didn't need them.
unzip the install file, upload the com_ and mod_ zip files using Joomla and then go to Components in Joomla to configure the feed.
I then used the module to publish a RSS feed icon so my users could find the feed.
Reviews: 1
This extension is easily configurable and works exactly as purported. At first, I couldn't get the feed to render properly but a quick look in the ninjaforge forums clued me in to the need to disable sh404SEF for this extension.
Reviews: 3
well I have installed the extension on my both testing and running website. Both module and component got installed with out giving any problem and very less configurations to set. Very user friendly and does the job as it say. I must say good job.
Reviews: 6
I tried out several RSS syndication modules. Ninja RSS Syndicator powers my site now. It is the best one I have tried.
Reviews: 4
a must have. easy to set up and use. but I haven't got it to work with joomfish yet
Reviews: 6
I was looking for an extension that would help me provide to my site visitors a flexible RSS subscription tool. Ninja RSS does exactly what I expected, and it comes with a huge number of parameters to set.
I like especially the build-in "button maker" where you can create your own RSS button (changing text and colours) without even leaving your back-end.

Initially I had a problem with defining what contents would appear in the feed. Some closer look at the settings, and two minutes of searching in the Ninja RSS help forum solved my problems.

Attention: If you are fiddling with your settings and you do not see a change in your browser window, set the "cache time" from 3600 seconds (default) to 0 or 1 second, this will help. At least in my case it solved the issue.

I give it four stars here (not five) because with some help-section the component and module would be even better.
Reviews: 1
When i decided to add rss syndication to my website i spent several hours checking out all the different options in the JED. This is extension stood out from the rest. I use it with feedmyinbox to keep my mailing list up to date everytime new content is posted. It would be awesome to see more integration with other modules such as phoca download, but other than that i haven't had any problems with this extension, nor could i find anything negative to say about it.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the kind words.

The next major version of Ninja RSS (2.0) will have support for various plugins, including different data sources, so we will start adding different extensions depending on demand.

Reviews: 1

Excellent for managing and customizing RSS feeds. Easy to set up and use, even for me!

Thank you Ninjaforge
Reviews: 11
Was nice and easy to setup. Has lots of options to choose exactly which sections/cat to use for feeds.
Reviews: 2
I've installed this extension two days ago... Have not much time so I incorrectly set one setting... I asked in developer's forum and got almost an instant answer.

Ninja RSS Syndicator is a superb extension that works like a charm, and support is excellent.

Great job NinjaForge! Thank you for share it with the community.
Reviews: 3
At first i have a couple of problems with the catch en general settings. i put my question on their forum and i really got superb support!!! (much forum can learn something from their help and speed with helping!)

keep up the good work ;)
Reviews: 2
Good extension, does exactly what it supposed to do.
Also great and fast support from developers, thanks for that.
Reviews: 1
These people are outstanding!
After crying on their forum about an issue few had witnessed I immediately got two mates responding with me. Of course issue was settled in about 48h.

Again, what can I say? Better than great, perhaps?
Reviews: 1
I used the this component as well as the additional sef404 plugin and it worked perfectly. There was an issue at the start but the Ninja support team quickly helped me locate the problem, which happened to be caused by another third-party component. Easy to install and configure for RSS feed for any part of your site.
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