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Ninja RSS Syndicator Popular ComponentModule

The ultimate Jooma RSS Feed Creator! Have complete control over your website's RSS feeds.

Create any number of RSS feeds, select which sections and categories to include or exclude. Choose whether to render images or HTML in the feed. Output the whole the article in the feed, just the introduction or a certain number of words. The Ninja RSS Syndicator puts you in control of your feeds.

Also check out our new Enclosures Plugin and also our Content Plugin Tags remover plugin. With more plugins coming soon!

Component Features:
* Choice of output types: RSS 2.0, ATOM
* Write the feed name and description
* Choose the number of articles to show in feed
* Choose how to order the feed (by date descending, date ascending, section, category, article)
* Choose whether to show full text, a number of words in feed or just the intro text
* Choose the format for rendering author name
* Choose whether to render HTML
* Choose whether to render Images
* Choose whether to show frontpage items
* Choose which section to include
* Choose which categories to exclude
* Choose which individual articles to exclude
* Select the feed button
* Create your own personalized RSS buttons

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Reviews: 2
You will not be disappointed. It works great! The forums supply info for customization and the support (when needed) is top notch ... and this was free?
Reviews: 2
Excellent RSS component. The developers also keep a very good eye on any potential vulnerabilities.
Reviews: 4
Easy installation, easy setup another great component. Thank you very much for making it available.
Reviews: 1
Did everything I expected and is super easy for my non-webby end users to populate the feeds.

Their forum was a good resource in customizing the rss button.

Thanks for a great joomla extension!
Reviews: 20
This is the most awesome RSS Syndication tool available. Some others sound fancy, but when you get them installed, they turn out to be less bang.
Ninja RSS Syndicator does the job... and then some! Creating the feeds are SUPER EASY. ANd yes, the specific cat/sec works fine for me. I love that it offers great flexibility, so I can create super custom feeds for each page. And to top it all off, you can customize the RSS button, which is awesome!

Overall, there's not one single fault with this component. It installs easily and quickly, works without fail, does exactly what it says... and offers a world of options and customizations. You simply can't go wrong with this jewel!

Kudos to Ninja Forge!
Reviews: 1
I downloaded about 5 RSS syndicators, tryed to use the built in one, and had no luck.
This syndicator was a sweet relief and had the features to rename the feed title and it just worked!
Reviews: 2
I cant register on their forums, for some reason I cant create a free profile....

The links for the RSS cant use Joomlas internal SEO optimication.

Cant get a second RSS feed to work, would like one with images and one without for facebook and one without for twitter.

Nice tool, does what it has to, options are very good. But SEO of a RSS feed so it does not include the component name is PRETTY important in regards to security...
Owner's reply

Thanks for your review, The next version of Ninja RSS is going to work with both default Joomla SEF and a few thirdparty SEF components.

If you are having trouble creating an account then please feel free to email us - support(at) and we can sort you out.

The forum really is the best place to get your other issues sorted out (can't create second feed)

Reviews: 17
Works awesomely! And it's free! I subscribed nonetheless because there's so many other wicked ninja extensions. I had a problem after install, after posting on the forum, I received a response from Mark within 5 minutes! Problem solved right away. Works great! Thanks ninjas!
Reviews: 1
A really good extension. Nice in usage and in available options.

But please insert a new value for the option "Include Author's email and name?" : "only author's name"!

Owner's reply

We could introduce this option, but the RSS specifications require an email address as a minimum. The "name" is the optional bit.

If we allow name only, then you will get invalid feeds. We would rather not be deliberately producing invalid RSS feeds.

Reviews: 1
while this component is very easy to use, the feed doesn't work right. even though i selected to create feed only from a specific section and category, it still includes everything. i tried both exclude and include categories/category but it doesn't really work.
Owner's reply

Thanks for taking the time to try out Ninja RSS angelph.

We are sorry to hear you are having trouble, but asking for support on the forum is much more effective than just posting a bad review if you want to get this working.

We have literally tens of thousands of sites where cat/section selection is working, so this is very likely to be something related to your parameters or site setup.

Reviews: 11
Great extension. Thanks.
Reviews: 2
This is very good extencion.
It makes propper feeds.
I'd licke to add SEF support into it to get such url's "" for my feeds. (witjout instaling acesef)
And you should add more buttons, pictures of rounded rss logo.
Reviews: 6
it's the only component, which is free and provides a smooth, nicely formated Feed.
When installing it i got a feed without the articles, but a 30 second visit in the forum solved the Problem immediately.
(just hat the clean the feedcache).
thank you very much
Reviews: 3
I'm using version 1.0.7 in Joomla 1.5.15. The component installed quickly and without errors. It's easy to configure and intuitive to use if you have ever used an RSS syndicator before. It has all the options I needed except for one. It leaves plugin syntax in the feeds, which are therefore worthless.

You can pay $10 for a Silver subscription on the Ninja web site and then are allowed to download their Ninja RSS Strip Plugin Tags Plugin, which also installs easily without errors and does just what it says; however, I think this functionality should be included in the component itself. It seems like a Micro$oft-like gotcha that I don't appreciate.

Other than that, I'm very happy with the component, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone whose content items are simple and without any plugin tags. If you're like most users, and your content has at least a couple different types of plugin tags, count on spending that $10 or taking the time to build the tag-stripping plugin yourself.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the kind words.

We originally had the functionality built into the component, but we had a mix of people who wanted:

- no plugins run (strip all out)
- all plugins run (strip none out)
- some plug ins run (strip some out)

So I had to split it out into a plugin. At which point we made it a paid extra.

It may seem like a Micro$oft gotcha, but it is just us wanting to feed our families. That $10 gets you access to all of the extended functionality plugins and all of our silver level extensions (40+).

There is several thousands of hours of work in those extensions combined, so we feel it is more than a fair deal for just $10.

Besides which, the vast bulk of the functionality of Ninja RSS is still 100% free of charge. It is just the optional extras that we ask for some money for.

Reviews: 3
First review (didn't know had to sign up to do that).
Ninja RSS is really gooooddd :) If the product is good, the support is better. Seriously. I was facing this issue with multiple feeds on my website, despite disabling the default rss component. What Joomla forums couldn't do, Ninja forums did it for me.

Moreover they offered me a paid plugin free for testing purpose because it was related to the issue I brought out. Couldn't have asked for more.

They are really sincere and dedicated. While choosing products, you know you could go for one that has such good support for free!
Reviews: 1
Running latest update. Had Breast cancer version before. This did work well.
However Ninja is NOT providing a proper feed. Even when opening feed from the module, it needs to be opened 2!! times to show the content.
I have 2 second site pulling content from these feed and they are dead now since I did change from Breast cancer.(Yes I did use the new feed url)

XML Parsing Error: junk after document element
Line Number 12, Column 9:
and this is OK when clicked again... strange behavior.
I am disappointed
Owner's reply

Hi eckhard,

I am sorry to hear you are having issues. You should be clearer though:

Ninja is NOT providing a proper feed "for me".

This is the very first time we have heard of an issue like yours and if you would please post a link to your site on our forums we can look at fixing it for you.

Reviews: 2
Very disappointed because I really wanted something like this. I am very sad mostly cause I see everyone here giving 5stars. This means it works.

My site works perfect and every component I install works fine. I tested the component and module on 2 different Joomla 1.5.15 installations on my host (including my site in production) and nothing works. I mean I see the rss image and links etc, but entering the feeds are random order, and changing settings from the component has 0% effect. Adding an article it to exclude doesn't hide the article etc. I am on it for more than 5 hours even changed php.ini

Just waiting for a new version to make it work. Dunno what goes wrong. :(

Owner's reply

Hi eorisis,

The component is working fine on thousands of sites, so there is obviously something going on with your site that is throwing it off.

If you had posted this on our support forum instead we might have been able to help you get it working and saved you the 5 hours.

tip: Changing settings won't change things if you haven't removed the cache file because it is cached. We will be adding an option to clean the cache in the next version.

Reviews: 2
I'm completely new to RSS feeds but i managed to have this up and running in no time. Simple to install and use. Thanks
Reviews: 7
Very good rss management but i had ti use original bca rss because this did not work.
Reviews: 1
Tryed to use this and this shown that is a good system for RSS.

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