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Ninja RSS Syndicator ComponentModule

The ultimate Jooma RSS Feed Creator! Have complete control over your website's RSS feeds.

Create any number of RSS feeds, select which sections and categories to include or exclude. Choose whether to render images or HTML in the feed. Output the whole the article in the feed, just the introduction or a certain number of words. The Ninja RSS Syndicator puts you in control of your feeds.

Also check out our new Enclosures Plugin and also our Content Plugin Tags remover plugin. With more plugins coming soon!

Component Features:
* Choice of output types: RSS 2.0, ATOM
* Write the feed name and description
* Choose the number of articles to show in feed
* Choose how to order the feed (by date descending, date ascending, section, category, article)
* Choose whether to show full text, a number of words in feed or just the intro text
* Choose the format for rendering author name
* Choose whether to render HTML
* Choose whether to render Images
* Choose whether to show frontpage items
* Choose which section to include
* Choose which categories to exclude
* Choose which individual articles to exclude
* Select the feed button
* Create your own personalized RSS buttons

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Reviews: 6
I had an RSS feed up and running in just a couple of minutes. Also had no problem submitting the feed to FeedBurner. Everything worked great and there are more options than most people would even need. I like this better than commercial solutions that I've messed with. Thanks guys!
Reviews: 3
Love it! I installed and was up and using it in minutes. Works great as I needed something more robust than what was native in Joomla 1.5. I wanted to have one singl RSS feed for several sections for a recipe site I have and this did the trick. Then I could setup feedburner and have it point to just one Feed url that this created. Only problem I noticed was after setting up my feed, it didn't seem to save any changes when you go in and make changes. Will submit to their support forum as maybe I missed something.
Owner's reply

Hi David,

Th reason you aren't seeing any changes is because of the cache. Set your cache to 0 and refresh the feed and it should change.

We will putting some code to refresh the cache whenever the feed information is changed in a future version.

Reviews: 7
The author of this Comp and mod has worked such a way that even a 3 year old will understand how to use it.

Very user friendly and the job it does is perfection to core.

This is certainly one of the best component for Joomla, cant beleive I didnt notice for such a long time.

Its time this component be added in popular list so that many will be aware of it, to all the newbies who havent tried this mark my words "you have missed a golden component".

Well done Creator, hope we see many such kinda module in other aspect of Joomla.
Owner's reply

Thanks Mrboo,

We appreciate the kind words. There is a shiny new version with lots of new features including a plugin system for adding extra fields to your RSS feeds.

Make sure you check it out!

Reviews: 1
Very easy to install and get up and running. However, adding articles to exclude and include was not that intuiitive. It would have been much more easier had it replicated way RSS Syndicate works that come with Joomla.

A really nice feature I would like to see would be the ability to use the Joomla RSS feed icon as opposed to the default one or any icon you choose instead. That would be the icing on the cake.
Owner's reply

Hi Laytonadmin,

You can upload an icon image file manually into the icons directory on your server and it will show up in the select list for the module display.

We will be adding a file uploader & manager to the next version to make this easier to do.

Or you can just use any icon you like, anywhere you like and just copy the url into a link around it.

Reviews: 4
Great extension. Worked like a charm and in less than 3 minutes. I gave you guys a 5 star, but one thing i am not sure if it is your feeder or just something to do with RSS itself.

i set up the feed, then after synidcating it to another one of my sites i notice a few spelling errors in my article, so I updated it thinking well it should show cross board on the feed.

well it did not. However, i don't think it is related to your component. So thanks a ton for a great and easy to use rss syndicator.
Owner's reply

Hi Rolly,

The problem you encountered was probably because of the Feed being cached.

It is cached according to the settings you define in the feed parameters to reduce the processing done by your site.

Serving a cached file is much quicker than generating it every time.

The downside is like you pointed out, the RSS content doesn't change until the cached version expires and the file regenerated.

To regenerate it yourself, just set the cache to 0, load the feed once, then reset it to the old amount.

I might add a regenerate button in a future version to simplify this.

Reviews: 2
This thing works like a charm, easy to install and use. I don't know much about rss's but I don't need to with this.

I did set my Cache time to 0 and my site is setup for sef url, and this thing works without a hitch.

Thank you guys a bunch for your awesome work, as this will help to optimize my site even further.
Owner's reply

Great to hear that you like it!

Reviews: 6
This extensions works GREAT.
Set up in less than 5 minutes.
costumizable to the bones, set it online, configured and published in minutes. Published to aggregators and feed taggers in less than a coffee time!
Reviews: 1
Works great.

One thing though:
Seems to add non published items as well.
Already addressed the makers so hope they will come with a small update.

Keep it up ;-)
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review Gert.

This has now been fixed :)

Reviews: 1
Thanks for great component.

But i have some problem.
It doesn`t work with joomfish.

On "native" language everything is fine, but on translation i have only translated header and not translated article.
Owner's reply

Thanks Alphaed, we will look into it.

Reviews: 3
The component is easy to configure and use. It is definitely more configurable and generally friendly than the built-in syndicator. While pretty much every Joomla component has an admin screen that similar to the View Articles screen built-in to Joomla, in this plugin it is particularly useful. While the feeds allow customization, all that is needed is a name and a section. The main admin screen contains the name as well as the URL for the feed. So, once you've created an URL, the admin screen is a reference every time you need to go back and copy a feed's URL. IMO, big win.

Would have gone for 5 stars if it had regexp or even keyword filtering on the articles.
Owner's reply

Hi emandab,

Thanks for the filtering suggestion, you know you can exclude particular articles if you like don't you?

We would love to know what you meant by "regexp or even keyword filtering"

e.g. leave out all articles with those keywords in the title? or in the metadata keywords? or the content itself?

If you would like this feature in feel free to suggest it via our forum or the feedback tab to the left hand side on our site at

Reviews: 2
Does what it says. Suggestion for future versions:

It'd be great if it started supporting more popular extensions like Event List, etc. to have feeds for other content-generating extensions.
Reviews: 2
Installs easily and setup is very nice. However I have noticed that if I remove/add articles the resulting feed does not display or remove them. This is quite annoying as now if anyone has the feed they will get 404s on some of the feed links. I tried setting the cache to 0 but didn't help. Seems the only way for it to work is to create a brand new feed and then it will show the articles correctly.
Reviews: 3
I had the same issue as the previous posters with only dev articles showing with joomla 1.5.10.

I gave it a break last night and when I got back to this today, the RSS feed is correct.

Maybe this was an issue with the cache time of 3600? Whatever, It works now!

Thanks for the great add-on.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the feedback, we've sorted this issue with the latest bug squat release :-)

Reviews: 2
Great extension, but version does not work with j1.5.10 - Feed shows dev test articles, none of my articles

Downloaded older version of extension (v1.5.19d) and it works!! Currently the best free rss syndicate extension available for Joomla 1.5!
Owner's reply

Sorry about this, we've sorted this issue with the latest release. You can download the latest release from JoomlaCode.

Reviews: 1
1st of all, it's really easy to use however there we have create video instructions. That's great!..

One thing that I wanna know, why in the title links I have "&" instead of "&"? Because of this my pages don't have right content because I need "Itemid"'s... But "Read more" links have normal "&". Why? Thanks.
Owner's reply

Hi Yuri,

This has now been fixed. It was because of incorrect encoding of HTML characters.

Reviews: 6
Thank you for the great extention! I’ve tested it the com and mod on xamp/localhost and they’re working as a charm (you’ve done really great work!). When I’ve installed them on site (one on server) there’re no problems with instalation and formating, again BUT when I try to see the feed I’m getting the msg:"Error creating feed file, please check write permissions." I think for newcommers to Joomla! (like me)it would be very useful some additional information about the permissions to be included in installation info package.
Reviews: 1
Whilst this is very good at generating the RSS feeds, I can't import them into my IPB forum.

I have tested importing RSS feeds from and that works fine, did the exact same for the RSS feeds created by this component but it wouldnt' import, despite me doing the exact same thing.

Tried to import the demo data from the demo site, this also didn't work.

Perhaps its a configuration issues, would like to hear a solution
Owner's reply

Hi KPDub,

Can you please check the latest version. Up until recently there were some problems in the component generating invalid feeds, which might have caused your problems.

We have fixed this up now.

Reviews: 9
Good work, thank you.

Maybe is good idea to add column for (re)order of the feeds and not order them only by name
Owner's reply

Better late than never...

You can now sort by:

- Created Date
- Created Date reverse
- Modified Date
- Modified Date Reverse
- Front Page ordering
- Article Ordering

Reviews: 4
Easy to install and easy to implement. Benefits Breast Cancer in addition to that. Name another extension that does that!
Owner's reply

Glad to hear that your experience with the extension has been good! :-)

Reviews: 3
Easy to install, easy to add a feed. After setting up a simple news feed, I subscribed to the feed (using the URL generated by the component) with Thunderbird and that was fine. I then added an article to the category I chose for this feed, and expected the article to come up in Thunderbird, but it didn't =( I then clicked on the URL for the feed and sure enough, it's empty. What could I have done wrong? I made sure that the category is correct and not excluded..
Owner's reply

I'm not exactly sure why this issue arose, but I'd suggest you try out the new version of the component and module to see if it fixes the issue. Thanks for your feedback Dax.

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