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Ninja RSS Syndicator Popular ComponentModule

The ultimate Jooma RSS Feed Creator! Have complete control over your website's RSS feeds.

Create any number of RSS feeds, select which sections and categories to include or exclude. Choose whether to render images or HTML in the feed. Output the whole the article in the feed, just the introduction or a certain number of words. The Ninja RSS Syndicator puts you in control of your feeds.

Also check out our new Enclosures Plugin and also our Content Plugin Tags remover plugin. With more plugins coming soon!

Component Features:
* Choice of output types: RSS 2.0, ATOM
* Write the feed name and description
* Choose the number of articles to show in feed
* Choose how to order the feed (by date descending, date ascending, section, category, article)
* Choose whether to show full text, a number of words in feed or just the intro text
* Choose the format for rendering author name
* Choose whether to render HTML
* Choose whether to render Images
* Choose whether to show frontpage items
* Choose which section to include
* Choose which categories to exclude
* Choose which individual articles to exclude
* Select the feed button
* Create your own personalized RSS buttons

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Reviews: 1
Ardilla, you have to delete and create again the feed in order to make the change about the numeber of words happens.

I found this plugin very user friendly, but I have a question for the developers: how can I add the [...] to the end of the articles when I chose not to show full text?

Also, it seems that the option 'read more link' and 'add text to intro' do nothing...

Thanx for your attention.
Reviews: 8
This extension is easy to install and easy to use. Documentation was good, but leaves out things like where to put a button if you generate one, could be a bit confusing if you are new to Joomla. Other than that, it is awesome.
Owner's reply

This is a great idea! Thanks for the suggestion, we have encorporated this into the latest version! :-)

Reviews: 1
Easy to install AND to use. Thanks so much for this!!
Reviews: 2
I use this component to make the RSS feed of my Joomla site valid. Since the original RSS feeds of Joomla don't provide permalink and guid support and therefore causes some errors on most RSS readers.

The component was easy to install and really self explaining.

Hope the next release of this component will also provide pubdate support.
Reviews: 1
Very easy to use, nice configuration details. I had some issues early on, but I think they were related to configuration problems on my end. I contacted them for support while I was working through what ended up being my own issues, but they were very responsive and willing to help me figure it out (keep in mind ... my issues had nothing to do with their product)!

Highly recommend it.
Reviews: 2
This extension is what i need. Very easy to use, a lot of options, and now is compatible with sh404SEF!!!

Here is the sh404SEF compatible version:

Good job man, many thanks!
Reviews: 3
The First Comprehensive Free RSS Syndicator for J1.5!
Very easy to use!
Button Maker is simple and very useful!

It should be better if there is one more image resizing option to limit the image width and height.
Reviews: 2
I like this extension and I'm definately going to use it but it misses a few features. First and very important it's not integrated with feedburner and second it's not compatible with sh404sef. If you add this features then I think this will be one of the best extensions.
Reviews: 3
What a godsend. There are no klunky interfaces ruining my mood or interrupting my thought process while trying to get my message out there.

The support and dedication of the people behind this extention is phenominal. I had the blank feed error and with a little work, it's working A1.

This is the best feed creator I've had since my journey into Joomla CMS.. and I've researched and tried all the mainstream ones.
Reviews: 4
This is a fantastic extension. It's the best RSS Syndicator I've seen.
Reviews: 1
If you liked the RD RSS component for Joomla 1.0, this is the component for you for Joomla 1.5. It installed without problems and seems to work very well, with some extras on the side.

It also doesn't have any extraneous advertising in case anyone's worried about that with "Breast Cancer" in the name!
Reviews: 1
We looked for a product like this for over a long period. Easy to install, Easy to setup.

Good online manuals! our compliments
Reviews: 21
I am all new to this RSS feed business but I came to understand that it is a good thing to offer.
Hmmh, having said that I had the idea that I now needed to read up on a lot of material to be able to implement and understand it.

Not so, the Component and Module installed without hitch. The documentation is brilliant and now I only need to figure out how to advertise it better.

Thanks, great job

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