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HS Highlighter Plugin

Editor's Note
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Make your code display beautiful! Hs Highlighter is a code syntax highlighter with a button to insert your code into content easier.

Available languages
- Javascript
- Plain Text
- ActionScript
- Bash, Shell
- Coldfusion
- C#
- Delphi
- Diff
- Erlang
- Groovy
- Java
- Javafx
- Perl
- Python
- Ruby
- Sass
- Scala
- Sql
- VBNet

- plg_content_hs_highlighter : Syntaxhighlighter itself.
- plg_editor-xtd_hs_highlighter : A button plugin to insert codes.
*These files are packed to one package file.

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Reviews: 11
Very easy to install plugin. Easy to setup and start using. I definitely like the editor button and the options in the pop-up once you press it.

The only thing this is missing is the "copy code" or "select all" option.

Awesome plugin!
Reviews: 47
Great plugin, so many languages covered and very well designed.

Works just the way it was promised.
Reviews: 1
This is a very good code syntax highlighting extension but has one drawback - if the lines wrap then the line numbers are no longer correct, and the line number and code highlighting do not align
Reviews: 5
I was only looking for a plugin that would allow me to insert example code in Joomla! articles. I found this and I like it.
The plugin is easy to install and use. The 'Highlight Code' button in the editor is a great idea. Also great is the possibility of different pre-defined styles.
The plugin creates though a lot of HTML code for each line of code inserted in the Joomla! article - not sure, if by javascript or not. Anyhow, that is a small price to pay for a feature that should have been implemented in Joomla! core.
Reviews: 1
This plugin is exactly I was looking for:
* It looks great.
* You can define the line number to start with.
* You can highlight lines if you want.
* Plugin is easy to handle.
* The plugin makes it is easy to copy the code from your website (without copying the line numbers as well).
Reviews: 7
very useful plugin it exactly what i want thanks very much .. and it also compatible with j 3.x thanks very much
Reviews: 2
Good plugins. Plugins are easy to install and configure. In the future, I would like to disable line numbering and language support
Reviews: 2
Plug-In functions really well, doing exactly as expected.
Only complaint is the abysmal site I had to download from, took me nearly 20 minutes to navigate/plough my way through the awful layouts.
Reviews: 97
The best part of this plugin is that it has an editor-xtd button which will make it very easy to insert source code without switch off the WYSIWYG mode of your editor.
Reviews: 1
Thx! After that I've been looking.
Unfortunately it's not possible to set line number for the first start line.
Owner's reply

Thanks, jooomlaaa!

> Unfortunately it's not possible to set line number for the first start line.
I guess you are saying about the function of highlighting some lines. You can highlight first line by entering 1. The count of line starts from 1, not 0 like programming code.

Reviews: 8
Very nice plugin!

I like the feature that loading the appropriate brush automatically — no extra JS when you don't need it.

The only problem I have discovered — the same brush can be loaded few times on the same page (if you use the same type of PRE code few times on the same page). Reported to the Author.

Thank you!