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remove whitespace Plugin

remove white space can delete white space from HTML code in web browser !
==>The best solution to save bandwidth
1.speed up load in web browser ! conflict in javascript and css (styles) !
3.minimize your html and css and javascript
4.Remove the extra whitespace in the HTML code
5.remove inline Javascript comment
I reduced web page from 840 lines to 2 lines. Removed all its white spaces and as a result the page went from 48kb to 21kb, SAVING 27KB of nothingness.
Lets think about why you would want to do this.

1 view = 27kb
10 views = 270kb
100 views = 2.7mb
1000 views = 27mb
10000 views = 270mb

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Reviews: 12
I like it simple efficient but other features could be nice such as excluding certain files or url's from this plugin.

Also in your download the xml file is broken you have given it a "