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Add Custom HTML button Plugin

Very usefull if you need to repeat specific HTML code in many articles. Just install, paste your HTML code in the plugin parameters window and you'll have a button on your editor which will put this code directly in your article.

The content in the parameters may be plain text or any HTML.

Never forget to enable the plugin, water the flowers and feed the dog.

6/10/2011 - multiple[5] buttons version

11/9/2011 - Verena Enzmann was kink enough to help with upgrading to 1.6 / 1.7 / 2.5 versions, thanks Verena :)

26/1/2011 - added an extra version of the plugin for those who would like more than one buttons . In this case, you actually install 3 plugins and have the ability to name each button as you wish, through the parameters.

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Reviews: 19
only load one set of code , a plugin for that , sorry i rather bypass using it to save site load from extra plugins. No number templater does the improved job.keep up the good work, its the beginning,cheers
Reviews: 15
Really useful for quick content insertion. A button appears when creating a new article and that's it. Great.
Reviews: 13
This button is perfect, very usefull. Thanks a lot for this !

I just hope a version for J!1.7 that handle multiple buttons, I badly need it :)
Owner's reply

Just released ;)

Reviews: 3
It's really useful and simple, to use but also to install.

Reviews: 2
Your pluginis woderful, but i have question. I'm using JCE and when i adding ne html with yout plugin button code adding with ... tag what to do? I dont need p tag?
Owner's reply

Hi Warnenas, sorry but I can't understand exactly your issue, please post an example of what you need in the plugin comments @

Reviews: 1
It helped me a lot, to solve tons of problems with the management of my sites
The developer was very helpful and it was easy to contact him
Thank you for this wonderful plugin
Reviews: 1
Hi,i have been waiting for such a plugin more than 2 years !!!
It is very useful and easy to use.
It would be great to increase the number of buttons to add different codes...
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review miladk, not a bad idea for having an option for additional buttons, I'll be expploring this possibility after vacations :)

Reviews: 106
I made this extention myself, but could not figure out how to submit extentions to joomla (due to liscense). Well done, and thanks for publishing this.
Owner's reply

Some time ago I was looking for a similar plugin and was surprised not to find anything close to that, since it's relatively easy to make and can be quiet handy at times.. I'm sure many people must have made a button with similar functionality on their own, just didn't bother to make it easy to insert the html through the parameters.
Thanks for the review :)

Reviews: 5
This plugin is about the most handy thing I have added to my Joomla installs in a while. It is very useful to place some code I add to every article, now with the press of a button. Many thanks for this great plugin.
Reviews: 4
I insert "More Info" tables a lot when I do our content uploads, and this little plugin saves me the hassle of having to go in and manually insert the coding. It's real simple, and that's what makes it so great.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review guys, good to know it's useful!