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JoomDalf ComponentPlugin

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JoomDalf is the Magic tool to enhance your WYSIWYG Editor with many tasks you would want in your site. Now regardless which template you use you can have a nice layout with the enhancements JoomDalf offering to you. It is so easy that you just click fill in forms and click insert rest is done magically.

YES! JoomDalf works with all WYSIWYG Editors in Joomla!

With JoomDalf you can Insert:
★ Column Layouts
★ Tabs
★ Accordions
★ Togglers
★ Google Maps (API v3)
★ Google Charts
★ Videos (more than 75 sources to embed)
★ Buttons (with icons or not and 3 sizes)
★ Info Boxes (with all coloring in your command)
★ Dropcaps (square and Round again coloring is all yours)
★ Iconized Lists
★ Block Quotes
★ Iconized Text
and many many more

All done with magical one button and simple forms to fill in. No coding required. Save styles for later use and use them again and again.

JoomDalf brings the Shortcode generators you were jealous of WordPress to Joomla with Magic.

We have included around 800 handpicked icons in JoomDalf so you can have your content your way with just clicks.

Please watch our video on to have a better understanding of JoomDalf's abilities.

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Reviews: 2
Thank you so much for your great extension. I was searching for sommething like Joomdalf for months and I am so happy that I found it. And even more: Your extension works wonderful, with so many opportunities.
Great job!
Reviews: 3
This was simplicity itself to install. I appreciate that you are offering the choice to have the icon pack uploaded separately by FTP. That also affords an easy workflow to review and substitute a custom icon set if that's needed.

The controls in the modal window are easy and intuitive and it took no time to train my client on how to use them (except for Google Charts, which is because Google Charts are inherently more complicated and not JoomDalf's fault). I think my client will find this really empowering and add more interactive, engaging content as a result.

A feature I hope you'll be able to add to the Google Map option is the ability to use Get Directions.

Great work! Thanks for making us look good!
Owner's reply

Thank you for the nice words and praises.

We are working on a new version in which we will give more of Google Maps as well as two new features which are icons library to add remove icons and se them on page to have idea about what you have and other feature is CSS editor to make all elements like tabs and accordions etc match the template you use.

Reviews: 11
very impressive to have nice content features in every essential place i know.

Thank you Onur
Owner's reply

Thank you for your comment it is thanks to you our valuable members we are getting the products better.

Reviews: 4
Very easy to install, was using the extension 1 min after I installed it.
I had a JQuery conflict issue which meant it showed up on my page but nothing worked, the guys from Joomdalf not only identified the issue they logged into my site and fixed it for me.
I was very impressed with their willingness to help.
I was able to edit the css to math my overall template so I was very happy.
Well done guys...
Owner's reply

Thanks for your comment. Please let us know what to do so that we can reach 5 start rating and improve our extension.

Reviews: 1
smooth install and easy to use a++
Owner's reply

Thank you for your comment :)

Reviews: 1
I am surprised to see this little fellow's abilities, nice and flawless usage with many options. I congratulate you guys to create such a good extension.
Owner's reply

Thank you for the comment. You will be even more surprised soon :)

Reviews: 13
I guess I'm one of the first to use this and I'm very impressed. Great extension for a really reasonable price, absolutely worth it. Saved me a lot of time looking for different add ons to do all that this one does.
Only reason not to give it 5 stars is I'm finding that the joomdalf button on the WYSIWYG editors plays up sometimes and doesn't input the code, though it's easily worked around and I haven't gone back to the developer with it.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your comment.
I wish you have contacted us for this issue so we would fix it. May you shoot us an email describing the issue so we can fix it?

Reviews: 3
I have found this on the developer's site before it was approved here and been using since it was released. They are very responsive and helpful and also this extension does not need any explanation it is easy to use and amazing in results. Strongly recommended to anyone who likes Joomla!

Also the money spent worth every penny when compared to the abilities of extension and the strong support they offer.

Keep going JG Team your extensions rock!
Owner's reply

Thank you for the comment and encouragement :-)

Reviews: 1
Bought this and installed it. Worked directly in the JCE editor.
All options work excellent!
Great work of joomlaguru. I can really recommend this.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review.
We are glad to see smiling faces with us :)