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JIncludes Plugin

JIncludes allows webmasters to easily:
• Create common HTML snippets to include in different articles (WYSIWYG editor friendly)
• Include PHP code and dynamically output contents in place
• Attach CSS files to single articles instead of putting the CSS code for all website's pages into only one stylesheet file (improving loading time and styling simplicity)
• Attach JavaScript files to single articles, with the same benefits.

Snippets are created on a sitewide basis and included with a {{keyName params}} syntax from inside articles' text. You can choose the keyName's for the snippets you create. The use of parameters and the "block matching" option allow very powerful content elaboration.

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Reviews: 1
I tried different custom html plugins and none of them worked. This was the only one that worked. I have 1.5.2. the instructions are a little confusing though. I am not a php coder so I had a hard time understand how to include a php file. Over all, this is a great plugin. It solved my problems.
Reviews: 1
I love the idea behind this but the plugin does not seem to work correctly. After installation the plugin was activated and test code put into the fields and saved. But it doesn't include the code, the output ends up being blank.
Owner's reply

Sorry, the problem with HTML snippets was fixed today with the release of version 0.6beta.

Please test again and report to the support forum whether the plugin now works correctly for you. Thank you!

Reviews: 2
i need to insert different snippets to each article. I swear that plugin save my hours if not days of work. Thank you so so much for that great plugin.
Owner's reply

Thank you very much - it's so simple indeed! I hope I can make it even more useful. My plans for developement are:
- getting it perfectly reliable and bug-free
- adding some kind of default snippets to include CSS, JS and maybe JDate() output straight from the article, something like {{:css /template/style.css}} so you don't need to make central snippets if you need to add a resource to one article only

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