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Content Templater ComponentPlugin

Content Templater - make predefined content.

With Content Templater you can create predefined reusable content templates.

Not only can you make complete standard page layouts, you can also use Content Templater for text snippets. So any piece of text you want to use more than once, just make a content template of it! You can also set just about all the content options there are.

Under the editor you will get a list of available templates. If you select a template, your predefined content will be pasted in your article or other content item. And all the options you have set in the template will automatically be set (like title, alias, publishing settings, show icons settings, etc.)

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Reviews: 10
This extension saves time and opens up your creativity in building layouts for your articles.

Like all NoNumber extensions, Content Templater is simple but does so much. It lets you craft your own article layouts, then call up those layouts any time you're creating content.

Using Content Templater you can add straight HTML, code, module references, and whatever else you need to be repeatable.

All you have to do is create a Joomla article, as you are used to doing in Joomla. Add your material, then save the article. Content Templater lets you choose that article as a template for other articles.

An administrative panel lets you view or edit all your available templates. In your WYSIWYG editor, a handy button calls up your list of templates so you can choose which one you want to use.

I've used Content Templater for many sites. Most recently, I used it for an e-commerce site to lay out product pages. I created standard product information, a product gallery, related items listing, and a shopping cart element.

This extension simply makes creating and managing content types natural and easy.

Finally, support is amazing. The developer is friendly, knowledgeable, and very available for help.
Reviews: 5
One more Peter's extension that is on my "must install" list!

I first used Content Templater some two or three years ago, when i needed to simplify the article entry process for our magazine's non tech savvy authors. I needed an easy way to explain to them how to format the intro text, where to place the image etc.

Content Templater did the job extremely well.

Later i realized that beside helping other authors, i can also use it myself when i have some repetitive tasks to do, so i'm now using it almost on a daily basis.

Today i needed to find a way to simplify the process of adding entries to a specific K2 category, without having to choose the category from the dropdown list, and on my surprise i've found out that the new version of CT now supports K2 too.

After trying it out, i had some issues (nothing was wrong with Content Templater, Joomla template i was using was creating problems with JS compression) so i posted a question on NoNumber's forum, and i got a response in a matter of MINUTES!

Not only this extension is great, but the support is better than what you get from commercial extensions, well, at least from ones i've used until now!

Thank you Peter! :)
Reviews: 15
It's saves me a lot of time. It's very easy to use and working. I am using a lot of extension from the same developer Peter van
Reviews: 2
I recently found myself needing to set up content templates when making an intranet site.

I turned to Content Templater. I found that this suited my needs perfectly, forcing content into categories without needing to explain to users how Joomla works. Perfect.

I came across an issue whereby an override I set, wasn't actually overriding the field as expected. Peter actually logged into my live site and investigated and fixed the bug. Then released a new version 5 minutes later for everyone to make use of the fix.

Here is a guy who provides this plugin for FREE. and then goes out of his way to maintain it. I didn't hear any of the usual "it's your template, go speak to your template provider".

Thank you Peter, you can provided an excellent plugin with even better support. Thank you.
Reviews: 4
I use this extension for a real estate website. I could not find an extension I like to manage the properties. With this one, I can setup the template I want all I have to do is changing the data.
Works 100%
Reviews: 4
an easy to use an intuitive component, much easier to use than the most CCKs, thanks the author
Reviews: 4
While I wouldn't call Content Templater a must have, it is a great extension that can make repetitive entry much easier. With it's ability to pre-set every option for a content item, including text, Content Templater can enforce data entry for users who may not be totally comfortable with editing content. Think of it as a baby CCK without all the overhead.
So Content Templater gets four stars for being very, very good at what it does with one star held back just because it's not must-have.
Reviews: 4
Wow! another good one. Great extensions, great support, free... NoNumber! Rulz 2010!

Thanks, Peter.
Reviews: 1
Great extension just what I was looking for.
Lets all of the content look the same, I just wish I had it earlier.
Data submission is now much faster and neater.
Reviews: 10
This component is AWESOME. I have long had the issue with clients of trying to teach them how to format certain things nicely. We usually design the site with the content in the site and even when trying to keep it simple, clients can get confused when trying to duplicate what we've done. Enter this component and it resolves the issue 100%.

This component easily saves me several hours in support time monthly. THANK YOU!
Reviews: 1
A very good extension eti-etu (easy to install- easy to use)
Reviews: 1
I use this to create templates for each approved authors so now when an article is published it has very specific information related to the authors category. Great work on this, it's a huge time saver!
Reviews: 3
Excelent support, good extension
Reviews: 6
Have been using this to aid content authoring on a new hotel website we're working on.

It's worth spending 10 minutes rooting around in the config for a template (for instance - limit it to just a single category, default new documents in that category to pick up the template, etc).

It's very simple to use, does just what it says on the tin.
Reviews: 1
The best extension I have ever downloaded :)
Works perfectly with the integrated load template as default.

You don`t need to put in where your article will be. The category and sections are loaded automatically within the text editor. So if you are doing blogging, this extension is a must have.
Reviews: 1
Ecellent! module.
Reviews: 9
This has saved me so much time in website development. It is easy to use and does a powerful job. In fact all of Nonumber's work is excellent. I use most of the products offered and they all work well. I highly recommend anything made by this developer. Support is extra good as well. Try and you will be pleasantly surprised.
Reviews: 6
Perfect for what I needed! We have city pages and we use the same content, with the exception of the city name, in the pages. This made it very easy!
Reviews: 21
If you like it to work 24 hours per day with your computer, then stay away from Content Templater! Do not use it, hands off! Okay, it is just a small joke, but if you need often the same style in your page, this extension will safe a lot of your time.
Reviews: 3
this component will save you times for repeating the work again, and again.
Actually I will use this com to insert my widget code to html fields of Resource content page. I have made the template contains my wdget code, but in Resource html fields, when I choose the template from dropdown button, it did'nt load to my html fields, I don't know why, may be it's my browser or my Resources com to blame. this com worked well in another CCK.
Owner's reply

I think your issue comes down to the editor (not Content Templater). If you contact me via the forum or mail we can sort this out.

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