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Content Templater ComponentPlugin

Content Templater - make predefined content.

With Content Templater you can create predefined reusable content templates.

Not only can you make complete standard page layouts, you can also use Content Templater for text snippets. So any piece of text you want to use more than once, just make a content template of it! You can also set just about all the content options there are.

Under the editor you will get a list of available templates. If you select a template, your predefined content will be pasted in your article or other content item. And all the options you have set in the template will automatically be set (like title, alias, publishing settings, show icons settings, etc.)

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Reviews: 1
easy to install, works outta the box
in the olden days (b4 content templater) i used to copy articles & then edit them with the new content. but, of course the new article would inherit all of the old info like author, date created etc. now i can create a new article without the hassles of the old way of doing things.
fantastic *****
Reviews: 2
Very Impressive add-on to my joomla site. A breeze to install and setup - working perfectly and man .. the amount of time this just saved me is immense!!

i love it... only bad thing is i know i'm not going to be able to live without it from this point on.

Thank You For This!!!
Owner's reply

I hear you on the 'bad thing'. That is why I am planning classes to deal with the emotional wounds that are created when you do have to live without it for some reason or other.

Reviews: 1
Im really helped by this extension..
its rocks!!
make my work go easier, hours shrunk to seconds..
love it so much man..

but suddenly, i dont know why,
my newly created template is broken.
about 30% of the template content is gone.
and when i create new template with same content,
it also broken.
ive tried re-installing with newest update.
but the problem is still there...
i didnt find any problem before
can anyone help me??
Owner's reply

You have already contacted me via email. So we will figure this out together. But I think this is your editor messing up the content (stripping stuff).

Reviews: 7
Came across this when looking around and now I cant live without it. Well written, works great and has a great utility.
Reviews: 1
I discover this component some months ago and now I dont know how I manage my articles without it.
I've made a lot of templates that really ease my job.
Reviews: 5
I love this component!! It's just what I needed. I create tutorials and they all have the same format. This component saves me a lot of time. Thank you for developing this!!
Reviews: 1
This extension is brilliant.

I use it to predetermine how articles for different sections/categories should look like, witch makes it really easy to keep a consistent design/layout even though there are many contributors. Something that can otherwise be a pain.

I also use this template for putting ind predetermined html snippets for special text formatting. :)
Reviews: 6
I needed a lot of time to copy past a template each time I wanted to publish an article in my Site.

All my articles have exactly the same shape or template.
And now from the back end... in 2 sec, I have the form of my articles ready to be used.
It is for me really important...
(I use it only from the back end)

Thanks for your time and job
You are the man of the month for me...

Reviews: 19
This is a great component and can be used for many things. Catalogues etc. Once the template/s are done all you have to do is choose it for your article and fill in the rest and it's done. Great time saver, thank you.
Reviews: 15
Where have you been all these years? Why this extension is not on the front page as a highlighted fav I will never know.

If you have clients that have to create new pages with the same layout on every page this is the component for you!

Great deal of thanks to Peter van Westen, programmer of this component.
Reviews: 3
One of the really small list of extensions that you really can't live without in any Joomla website.
Reviews: 1
This is truly an answer to our prayers.

Before this beauty came along I used to store content in external .odt files and copy/paste them. Not anymore:)

Many thanks to the developer for this absolute 'must' core feature!
Reviews: 4
I have downloaded quite a few (500+) excellent extensions for Joomla on my PC in a designated Joomla folder. Every extension has it own sub folder with the same name. I have to say that I had to rename Your component starting with !!!! so the folder is now on the top of all folders. I think that no further comment is necessary.

Reviews: 8
This is great, it's simple to use, saves time and a it's a big help for non-tech users - you can set up several examples of different pages and they just edit it for what they need. Cool. Thank you so much!
Reviews: 3
WOW! This is a real time saver. Is there any way you can add variables? I'm using it to paste in code for a button that needs to be modified for each article and it would be great if a bunch of variables showed up that I just fill in.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review. Please use my forum for support issues.

Reviews: 1
Thank you so much for developing this. I often spend a lot of time with non web-savvy clients teaching them how to add their type of content to their Joomla! site. Now I can set up a template for them and they can easily slot in their content. What a time saver!
Reviews: 1
I have joomla 1.5.10 there was a problem with the template button. After I have sent a mail to the developer I have got a fix the same day. Content Templater is easy to install and easy to use really great component.
Reviews: 6
Absolutely useful component, easy to manage and it really saves your time if you have standard content to add or you want to achieve particular article structure or look.
0.42 version works fine with italian special characters too.
Thanks to Peter and Nonumber! for support and his great extensions.
Reviews: 3
For me 0.4.1 is STABLE! Very good support by Peter in the Forum and also on my special encoding-problem. Now even with import/export-function ... just incredible!
Owner's reply

Thanks for helping me tackle the special character problem. However, some people are still reporting the same kind of problems with the new version. So I have to fix that before going stable...

Reviews: 1
thank you.
for finally giving me the option to let my clients control their content, even if they dont have any internet skils at all! this is a great extention, from a talented creator.
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