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Jumi is the set of custom code extensions for Joomla! 1.0.x, 1.5.x and 1.6.x in their native modes. Since 2006 more then 200.000 downloads.

With Jumi
* you can include php, html, javascript scripts into the modules position, articles, category or section descriptions, or into your own custom made component pages,
* you can even include static html or txt pages into your pages without using wrapper component,
* you have full access to Joomla! variables, functions, constants, etc. in your php scripts.

Jumi is ideal solution for
* including banners or text ads into your Joomla! site: no matter if your own or affiliates ones,
* easy and fast inclusion of smart javascript, php, html and dhtml scripts into your Joomla! content,
* fast development of not only small and simple customized modules and plugin solutions based on php, javascript and html or dhtml scripts like flash shows, ads and picture presentations, forms inclusion, etc. But for the development of more sophisticated solutions including database data processing.

For Jumi tips and tricks visit dedicated Tips & Tricks Jumi pages at

Fix in 2.0.5: security vulnerability of the component.
Fix in 2.0.6: link changes

New in 2.0 (for J1.0 and J1.5): +component, + router (J1.5 only), +languages, +storage of custom code into a database table too, integration of all Jumi extensions.

Fix in 2.1.0 beta3: security vulnerability of the component.

New in 2.1 (still beta): direct code including into Joomla! content, pdf rendering, clearing the code from RSS feeds, security filtering option, debug mode in a plugin and a module, etc., etc.

New version for J!1.6 is ready. There is a problem with the module, so Jumi plugin is converted from Content to System, so you can place jumi syntax wherever you want in the site. There are also problems with the i18n, probably it is an issue in the core.

Jan 18, 2013: New version for J!3.0 is ready!

If you find issues, please report them:

NOTE: You can install 2.0.6 version on top of the previous version, without uninstalling it.

Keywords: custom code, custom php, custom script, include php, php code

Please do not use the reviews to post support requests or bug reports. Use the support forum instead.

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Reviews: 2
I used this with the code below to add a Google Translation link on my page(s)... now I'm multilingual!!!

function googleTranslateElementInit() {
new google.translate.TranslateElement({
pageLanguage: 'en'
}, 'google_translate_element');
Reviews: 1
My goal was to use jumi to allow for javascript code in my articles, e.g. {jumi}javascript{/jumi}. It worked for one site, but not for three others that I tried it on. Finally I used Sourcerer and that worked. I appreciate Edvard's work on this, but I think it's still beta status.
Owner's reply

Beta is intended for beta testers and advanced users, I know that many things don't work there, that's why it is beta...

Reviews: 1
One word about this extension: EXCELLENT!!!!!!!
Reviews: 6
I installed it, and I had to wrestle with the position of the module, and had the surprise of a autopublished Menu item in the front page...

however after strugling a little bit (half an hour) I managed the sintax of the file and of the ID of the item.

the documentation is poor (indeed just some screenshots could make life a lot better) but the component is great.
I put a snow effect on the site in seconds.
Reviews: 3
After wrestling with Jumi for the good part of a day and maybe even up to a hundred tests, I was able to get it to deliver W3C valid HTML/CSS only with the component using the global configuration meta data. Since it did not work as I had expected with the plugin and the documentation was rather limited, I did not even want to attempt usage with SH404SEF to get custom meta data; shall I use more than 1 custom page on a site.

Although I did not have good luck, I hope others do.

After trying sourcerer, I was able to get the results I desired in 5 minutes.

Reviews: 3
Provides absolute freedom for a rigidly structured CMS. You get the best of both worlds with Joomla! and Jumi, structure and security with freedom.
Reviews: 1
I can't even count how many things I am using Jumi for! I administer about 20 Joomla sites right now and I can't think of one at the moment that doesn't use Jumi for something.

One great thing about Jumi is that for the most part, things that I once placed in a wrapper, I am simply inserting into content items as simple PHP inclusions and the included HTML output picks up all or most of the styling of the current template, unlike the wrapper iframe.

Very versatile, easy installation and implementation.
Reviews: 1
Hey Jumi Developer(s),

Your work is great, really.. I was looking for such an app since a long time and my search has finished up as i came across this excellent piece of code written by you guys..well, thanks a lott to help many of seems easy now..

Best of luck
Sham Sehgal
Reviews: 3
Great work, it's an excellent addon to Joomla! Using it now for my google ads. Thankyou very much, and your tutorials were also useful. :-)
Reviews: 1
We do a lot of custom development for joomla and this is the extension of choice for us!
NOTE: There is 1 issue related to SEO and module display within a jumi app but there is a work around until the fix it. most people may not even notice the issue.
Reviews: 2
This is my first review because I feel the need to reward the effort of you guys who made Jumi been looking for this type of comp and this one perfectly fits what I am looking for. Kudos!
Reviews: 3
This extension is just amazing! I am glad I found it. It will change the way I create websites from now on. It definitely makes things easier. Thank you!
Reviews: 1
I've been jumiing a lot since I discovered this extension. Just decided to improve its rating so more ppl can find out about it. Thank you for your work!
Reviews: 3
I use this extension all the time. I love it! It works great and does exactly what it says it will do.
Reviews: 1
Thank you for a great extension. It is hard to imagine what you can't do with this. Being able to drop in a little PHP or XHTML is a real godsend.
Reviews: 6
Plugins and components come and go when I try them. Commercial or not, if they don't do the job, they are gone. If I look at the code and it looks like a four year old coded it, it's gone.

Jumi is a great work and I see no reason to not continue to improve on it. It's a main stay in the list of first installations on a joomla site.

Keep up the good work. And thank you for your contribution to Joomla.
Reviews: 3
Ive found this the best plugin by far. There are a lot of clones out there that do the same thing that Jumi does. The only slight criticism i have is the havoc that gets created when I use the "textarea" tag in a custom made form. Although everything is written correctly to the database, you cant edit the text anymore later on and errors are thrown, because jumi doesnt know if the textarea tag is in your script or the script in the application PHP. The "competitors" do the same thing though. Just a minor niggle, otherwise everything brilliant.
Reviews: 4
I really love Jumi, there hasn't been a project where I didn't find it useful.

But I have 2 suggestions on how it may even be better.
First one:
Replace the basic textarea used for inserting code with a real code editor there are 2 really good Javascript code editors that would improve usability of Jumi a lot.\

Second one:
This may be a bit harder to accomplish, but how about adding parameters to Jumi plugin, in example we want text to use sIFR, or just that one image to have a fancy border. So that plugin would not just add some code to the page but to be really dynamical and add code according to parameters set.
Owner's reply

Thanks Alex for your interesting suggestions. I will think them over definitely.

Reviews: 1
Works exactly as advertised. Most useful extension I've found to date. This opens the door to add many more unique features to my website. Thanks guys.
Reviews: 2
and it keeps getting better!
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