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Jumi is the set of custom code extensions for Joomla! 1.0.x, 1.5.x and 1.6.x in their native modes. Since 2006 more then 200.000 downloads.

With Jumi
* you can include php, html, javascript scripts into the modules position, articles, category or section descriptions, or into your own custom made component pages,
* you can even include static html or txt pages into your pages without using wrapper component,
* you have full access to Joomla! variables, functions, constants, etc. in your php scripts.

Jumi is ideal solution for
* including banners or text ads into your Joomla! site: no matter if your own or affiliates ones,
* easy and fast inclusion of smart javascript, php, html and dhtml scripts into your Joomla! content,
* fast development of not only small and simple customized modules and plugin solutions based on php, javascript and html or dhtml scripts like flash shows, ads and picture presentations, forms inclusion, etc. But for the development of more sophisticated solutions including database data processing.

For Jumi tips and tricks visit dedicated Tips & Tricks Jumi pages at

Fix in 2.0.5: security vulnerability of the component.
Fix in 2.0.6: link changes

New in 2.0 (for J1.0 and J1.5): +component, + router (J1.5 only), +languages, +storage of custom code into a database table too, integration of all Jumi extensions.

Fix in 2.1.0 beta3: security vulnerability of the component.

New in 2.1 (still beta): direct code including into Joomla! content, pdf rendering, clearing the code from RSS feeds, security filtering option, debug mode in a plugin and a module, etc., etc.

New version for J!1.6 is ready. There is a problem with the module, so Jumi plugin is converted from Content to System, so you can place jumi syntax wherever you want in the site. There are also problems with the i18n, probably it is an issue in the core.

Jan 18, 2013: New version for J!3.0 is ready!

If you find issues, please report them:

NOTE: You can install 2.0.6 version on top of the previous version, without uninstalling it.

Keywords: custom code, custom php, custom script, include php, php code

Please do not use the reviews to post support requests or bug reports. Use the support forum instead.

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Reviews: 5
I have to say that, after trying a lot of others extensions, this is the best extension for placing custom code in your joomla 1.0 or 1.5 site.

Congrats for your work, and keep going like this.
Reviews: 3
Love the fact that I don't *have* to upload custom scripts! I can use the built-in system to store my code in the database! Great!
Reviews: 1
Great work, very well done!
Reviews: 1
This is a superb extension. Anything you wondered how can I do this in Joomla, you can do with Jumi. I put Flash in it, php scripts. Basically create a standard html page and put it in the jumi module box, save it, and then you can use mod mgr to postion it, say what pages to put it on etc.

Reviews: 1
very good component, very useful, congratulations to the creators, I could put code in a fast and secure

I lack the words to express how good it is, helped me enormously in my work.
Reviews: 2
Really useful since we can use it to embed html, javascript and php source code out-of-box. thanks to the developer.
Reviews: 1
I have been using Jumi for some time now and keep find new ways to use it all the time.
A very useful extension that can handle simple tasks to very complicated for included your customized php-code.
I just did beta-test version 2.1 and found a difference in the guide on the developers website where there is a new way to call the plugin (only for version 2.1 and above) where it says {jumi *1} {/jumi} in the guide, but what actually works is {jumi[*1]}. The correct description is found under Extensions - Plugin Manager in Joomla.
Reviews: 1
This is an excellent extension that really opens up Joomla for customization.

I use it for the games shop on my website. It allows me to create a design for the product page and then use Jumi in a seperate article for each game and I just "fill in the blanks". This way if I want to change the way the product page looks, or its layout, I simple edit one block of html/code and every single product will be updated without the need to edit the product pages individually.

I don't see how I could ever live without this extension, now that I am aware of it.

The developer also has a dedicated thread on the Joomla forums and is superbly active, offering triple-A support that many companies could only dream of.

If you use this extension, I urge you to make a donation.
Reviews: 2
Been using Jumi a while for embedding videos. I only have to write the embedding script once and store it as a Jumi-script. Then I'm able to invoke the same script for all videos by only writing;
{jumi [*5] [name_of_video_file]}
right where I want it.
Reviews: 1
This is the single most useful tool for Joomla...period. It's free, lightweight and it works. It makes Joomla custom development quick and easy.
Reviews: 1
All I can really say is THANKS!

Thanks for giving us the power! Jumi has really given back the flexability to the user.
Reviews: 3
This extension installed without any problems and is very simple to use. Jumi enabled me to implement some improvements to my website much quicker and easier than I thought possible.

I did have a problem with how my Jumi module was displaying. I posted a question and got a very quick and helpful response from the developer MarHaj. It turned out that my problem had nothing to do with Jumi, instead it was an html table alignment issue.

I am looking forward to doing lots more with Jumi on my website!

Reviews: 5
This is one of my favorite extensions. I use it a lot, and think it's the best way to put Adsense in my sites. Well done!
Reviews: 2
just want to say excellent component i used it for static html files, staticxt is not compatible with sh4094sef but this component solved the problem i used it to show my html files with {jumi [pathname_of_test1.html]} in article.
Reviews: 1
I am designing a website for a friend who wants to update it himself, but is not very computer literate. Joomla!'s structure seemed too rigid to me at first, until I found this extension. I can write code, but not create modules when needed. This was a perfect extension that really opened up a world of possibilities within Joomla! for me.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
Reviews: 1
I have used Jumi for half a year as a direct contact between the content and PHP or HTML files on the server. Again and again have the best experience with it.
Reviews: 3
I've used this extension on one of my sites, and I still feel like there is more I can do with it. I got my first Jumi script in less than 10 minutes using the excellent documentation on the stie. A real pleasure!
Reviews: 4
I didn't think I'd use this much of anything, till I started. Has been a lifesaver. Fabulous. I've been dropping in php script, javascript etc. into content items that otherwise would have been painful and they all just magically work.

God I wish I could write code like this...
Reviews: 24
This has saved my life!! I have users who create their own 'shows' that wanted me to post them on the site. I struggled trying to get some of these 'video streaming' programs here to work .. unless you feel like sitting for hours compiling programs to work forget it!

Jumi... With Jumi I was able to take flowplayer and create a menu system and made it all work within 30 minutes from start to finish!!

Thanks GUYS!! AWESOME!!!
Reviews: 1
This is by far the best Joomla component!
Sometimes none of other plugins do what we really want, they have too much things or too less things or the end result is ugly...

At this point we have two options, or develop our own Joomla plugin which requires knowledge of the Joomla basics, or we just code something as we usually do and simple use Jumi to publish it!

That's it! Jumi saved my life and allowed me to get my site up and functional with no hassle and most of all saved me lots of time!

Thank you Jumi!
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