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Jumi is the set of custom code extensions for Joomla! 1.0.x, 1.5.x and 1.6.x in their native modes. Since 2006 more then 200.000 downloads.

With Jumi
* you can include php, html, javascript scripts into the modules position, articles, category or section descriptions, or into your own custom made component pages,
* you can even include static html or txt pages into your pages without using wrapper component,
* you have full access to Joomla! variables, functions, constants, etc. in your php scripts.

Jumi is ideal solution for
* including banners or text ads into your Joomla! site: no matter if your own or affiliates ones,
* easy and fast inclusion of smart javascript, php, html and dhtml scripts into your Joomla! content,
* fast development of not only small and simple customized modules and plugin solutions based on php, javascript and html or dhtml scripts like flash shows, ads and picture presentations, forms inclusion, etc. But for the development of more sophisticated solutions including database data processing.

For Jumi tips and tricks visit dedicated Tips & Tricks Jumi pages at

Fix in 2.0.5: security vulnerability of the component.
Fix in 2.0.6: link changes

New in 2.0 (for J1.0 and J1.5): +component, + router (J1.5 only), +languages, +storage of custom code into a database table too, integration of all Jumi extensions.

Fix in 2.1.0 beta3: security vulnerability of the component.

New in 2.1 (still beta): direct code including into Joomla! content, pdf rendering, clearing the code from RSS feeds, security filtering option, debug mode in a plugin and a module, etc., etc.

New version for J!1.6 is ready. There is a problem with the module, so Jumi plugin is converted from Content to System, so you can place jumi syntax wherever you want in the site. There are also problems with the i18n, probably it is an issue in the core.

Jan 18, 2013: New version for J!3.0 is ready!

If you find issues, please report them:

NOTE: You can install 2.0.6 version on top of the previous version, without uninstalling it.

Keywords: custom code, custom php, custom script, include php, php code

Please do not use the reviews to post support requests or bug reports. Use the support forum instead.

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Reviews: 3
Very useful and working great once you get how it works.
Took me some time to get it to work since I'm a joomla nooby but after a quick look in the Jumi articles on the site(which are extremely well explained by the way) it fixed this.
Reviews: 4
Almost all my Joomla installs get this extension added because it makes custom php coding a breeze. You can add custom javascripts too (just tag your js file with a php ending like myjavascript.php) and the nicest thing of all is that Mr Jumi will go to any length to help you solve your problems. The forum is hosted here at the Joomla forum, btw.
Reviews: 1
Easy and straight forward. Work fine in content items.
However, It can't work at SOBI2.
Hope it can work for other component such as SOBI2 by next release.

Thank you!
Reviews: 1
I found a simple php script on the net to allow creation of email accounts via Cpanel for my clients domain from (

Using Jumi I was able to implement this script in a matter of minutes, then using Joomla's default publishing access systems was able to restrict access to the module to "Special" meaning normal registered users couldn't use it only Managers or better.

Thanks Guys - This is SIMPLY BRILLIANT and now opens endless possibilities for me and will make it even more powerful/secure when I add the JACL component to the site.....

I'm Excited!!!
Reviews: 1
Sometimes I just want a simple little piece of HTML code in a module. Jumi does what I want, and is capable of doing much more. I wanted to place an ad with an external link and I wanted it "just so". Jumi let me do it! This made my week, thanks!
Reviews: 1
Excellent module, I was looking for the module to show the weather conditions for so long. Have tried many weather components like zweather eweather - but they don't work for non_US locations but I wanted to show the weather conditons shown for 2 towns : my home town, Samarkand and town where I am now, London. The data where I get the weather conditions in form of an updated picture is from the russian site:[ (it will produce weather in russian and english though but for more than 4300 towns around the globe).
Here are the html codes from the russian website:

I used the JUMI module to output the html code for the weather conditions in the left position and directed it to open a small weather.php file in which I used tactic shown in some of posts here (multilangual modules,62236.msg329684.html#msg329684
AND it worked.

[editor: post snipped to allow the review to make sense as much was removed by JED before it was presented for review]
Reviews: 2
very good component!
easy to install and use.
it saves me in a lot of situations!
Reviews: 1
I've just to say that this extension is very interesting.
I' had a lot of trouble putting some flash code in my page and I'ld ever use the WYSYWYG editor than everyhting would be lost.
Thanks to jumi I can now put the behavior in php and then use this extension to call with parameters
Reviews: 1
I've been looking for something like this since I started using Joomla. I was a lil skeptical at first but then tried it out. I had some confusion setting it up due to my lack of knowledge and I got AMAZING help from other Jumi users and the developer of Jumi Himself!!!! I couldnt believe it and because of this, my site is what it is now. Thanks so much and keep up the FANTASTIC work!!!
Reviews: 6
I was working on an important project and tried several mambots but there were either bugs in the bots or problems in IE6. I needed to write my own code but of course the WYSIWYG editor was making a mess of it. I thought I was going to have to write 16 different php include files, but then I remembered Jumi.

Using parameters I was able to write one include file for all 16 calls to the code!
Reviews: 4
I am new to Joomla and had an idea for a form to send mobile links from my content. I used Jumi to create this with a few modifications to a script I have and it worked very well, very quickly. Now if my .css skills were only better-- Jumi is really great and I can see it for many other uses.
Reviews: 1
As a PHP coder that is just getting into Joomla I was frustrated that I couldn't just throw in PHP code anywhere. Although I understood why it still caused me to feel my hands were tied. After finding this extension I can!

I caught one bug and the author was prompt in fixing it up. I cannot say enough good about the plugin and the author! Keep up the great work!
Reviews: 1
I am a complete newbie and have been playing around with a few extensions. I must say this is by far the easiest. Just make sure to visit their site and read the installation instructions. If I can do it anybody can. Thanks for this excellent extension
Reviews: 1
I just downloaded and installed module and plugin. Within minutes I was able to use in Joomla! php scripts I used in an older version (the "Before-Joomla!-era-version") of my site. That's really the right tool I needed.

Like it was said, homepage of jumi creator isn't fully in English so it's sometimes not so "natural" to navigate but I found all information I needed without too much problem.

I haven't read a lot about it yet but my only concern would be the opportunity for article writer to include any script in their content. I think there must be some ways to avoid this but like I said, I haven't read about it yet.
Reviews: 1
I like it - like it a lot! Found it very easy to use and surprisingly powerful - particularly for those of us with no experience writing joomla modules
Reviews: 1
Almost on fly I was able to add number of javascript, html codes at desired module positions. Developers have prepared an excellent tutorial and I am really thankful to them for this really helpful extension. You can see this live on my academic site where latest medical news, pubmed search and medlexicon search are provided via this tool.
Reviews: 1
I was looking for a solution, and here it is!
I wanted my system admin to see the server stats, site states and page stats all in one place on the front side. With Jumi I can now do that!
Great module, will put most other modules to rest...
Reviews: 1
I had been looking for an easy way to allow me to add javascripts into my site content and I've found it in Jumi.

This extension is simple to install and just as simple to impliment into your content and/or modules.

As other reviewers have mentioned, the documentation for Jumi is a little dificult to follow due to the language barrier (for us English speakers anyway), but that shouldn't stop anyone from giving Jumi a try!

AWESOME job Jumi! Thanks a ton.
Reviews: 18
I have spent several days to find a solution where i can include my own php scripts into joomla. I tested this as a last try, and was very very pleased.

In my case i have included a form created in dreamweaver which has both javascript and php code in it. And it works!! You really made my day, - so thank you for this great extention.

Great work!
Reviews: 6
Jumi plugin has been added to the previously successful module. They are fully compatible in passing parametres now. That means your scripts can be use in a module position and/or in article contents.
Second, you can now include not only php scripts but static html pages without using wrapper, and much more.
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