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Embed Any Script Plugin

Include JS, VB scripts to your site with ease!

With this plugin, you'll be able to embed a list of scripts to every page of the site. As well, the plugin supports in-article tags to embed scripts only to specific pages. Those tags can be not only in articles, but as well in modules etc - anywhere in html.

The plugin supports embedding both local and remote (CDN) scripts.

Besides frontpage you can embed another list of scripts to adminpanel (but be careful! do no embed anything to joomla administrator interface unless you are completely sure about what are you doing).

2011-01-20: Version for J!1.6 has arrived!

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Reviews: 1
The extension works with no problem. Easy to install and to use. Recommended for those who need to embed an external .js file.
Reviews: 1
Very simple to use. I embedded a JavaScript file that I needed on every page and added the file path to the plug-in and viola!!! Works like a charm!