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Sourcerer - place any code anywhere.

Sourcerer enables you to place PHP and any kind of HTML style code (including CSS and JavaScript) right in to your content! Not only in your articles, but also in sections, categories, modules, components, META tags, etc.

You can now just place your original codes right into your WYSIWYG editor. The only thing you have to do is surround the code with the Sourcerer tags. Easy peasy!

So now you can also use PHP scripts in your content. That opens up a great deal of possibilities.

Most Joomla! Text Editors will strip parts of your HTML code, like JavaScripts (think of statistics scripts) and movie embed tags. With Sourcerer you won't have these limitations.

Easy to use editor button
Sourcerer comes with a very easy to use editor button. This will help you paste your code in a clean format that will not cause any problems. Also it comes with syntax coloring (php, js, css, html).

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NoNumber extensions require php 5.3+
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Reviews: 1
I absolutely love this Plugin. It installed cleanly and works flawlessly except for one minor and eminently correctable (BY THE WEBMASTER) problem. In my case I use Sourcerer to present ready made forms (in HTML and PHP) tnen call the results to another sourcerer page. That works great.

The problem arises if I use the native Joomla print function. The variables do not pass to the results page so the print does not provide results. I have found a solution by storing a cookie on the users computer that stores the variables and will allow the print function to work. I hope this work around is helpful to some.
Reviews: 1
I've been developing with Joomla! for less than a year, so still learning the ins and outs. I needed to place a form with PHP and JavaScript into an article and it wasn't showing, so I attempted making a custom component - which became a huge project. Sourcerer (the free 4.0.2 version) enabled me to place the necessary code on the page (in minutes) and the form works great! Thank you Peter!
Reviews: 1
I am in LOVE with sourcerer. It has given me tremendous flexibility. You will love it.
Reviews: 1
I've just started using Joomla! 2.5 two weeks back. Tools like Sourcerer just increases my love towards Joomla! Support given by Sourcerer team is extra-ordianry and I recommend this tool highly.
Wish you all success Sourcerer...
Reviews: 17
Excellent plugin, works perfectly. Now I can put Google code in any page I want. Thank you
Reviews: 7
I like the idea of this extension. Working nicely on my test server. I'll start using this on production sites. Thanks for the contribution!
Reviews: 1
Every now and then you need to customise something specific on a particular page only. This is where this extension comes need to add extra files to the core - just run any code on any page you want.
Reviews: 9
This product has made me want to give a review. I understood the directions but the code looked strange and I thought I was doomed after transitioning all my domains to CMS. I am so pleased to know I don't need to know everything, like what the code looks like and panic, because the developer explained how it works. I had already made the leap to lifetime subscription a few weeks ago. Today a review seemed in order because my transition has been easier with the group of modules offered at the website. I don't know Joomla's core, PHP and it has been here only 6 months but I have 7 domains up and running smoothly. Thank you and much success to you too!
Reviews: 6
I looked for lihe this for ages. i wanted to insert inside my articles an widjet / an html javascript code.
It works perfectly , and it givse you a butten too , so you need to deals with it.
In the and i just used the {source} ...plgin - and iworks great.
just a small advise - copy first your code to notepad to clean it up brfore insert it to your article.
Reviews: 4
The easy of use of this extension belies it's power. This extension is a must for any Joomla site that wants to step up to the next level!

This extension just allowed me to add the coolest 3rd party charting components into one of my projects. I had owner driver troubles making this work, but the quick and rapid response from Peter the developer in the support forums is miles ahead of any paid component I've experienced to date.

Easy to install and use, with powerful debug options for trouble-shooting your 3rd party integrations and intuitive interface make this one to add as a standard on any Joomla powered site! Other developers could well learn a thing or three from Peter and his wonderful work.

I have been using Joomla since day one (actually back to the days of Mambo beta) and I have to say that this plugin saved me days of hacking code, as it did the heavy lifting in terms of integrating third party java framework into Joomla.

Although this component is free to use and FULLY functional "freeware", I'm personally going to purchase a license from Peter to support his ongoing efforts to provide outstanding support and extensions to our community! I suggest that if you see the same power that this component can add to your site or a client's, you should also support Peter by buying a support license.
Reviews: 12
Come over here for a BIG KISS!

Thank you,Thank you,Thank you,Thank you,Thank you,Thank you,Thank you,Thank you!

I just can't say it enough. After weeks of scouring the net, and trying to figure out why Joomla 1.7 wasn't honouring my settings in the Article Text Filters, I was ready to give up.

Then I found Sourcerer, and all of my headaches went away! Thank you so much :)

I will definitely be donating!
Reviews: 1
This plugin gave me the power I need, but until now did no posses. I am new to Joomla , and have wandered around a little. Now I can do everything I wanted. LOVE IT
Reviews: 15
Really makes adding scripts to your Joomla pages as simple as copy and paste! A real must have product that will install scripts any where you need them, saves many headaches and code hacks for sure!
Reviews: 1
Better than aspirin for curing my headache from turning editors on and off and getting nowhere trying to add code. Installed easily and did exactly what it said on the tin. Very happy. Thanks
Reviews: 2
after many hours of searching the web i finally found it! the simple ability to insert code like embedding flash to a category description. works great, easy to use.
thank you :)
Reviews: 1
This plugin works and is very easy to use, I traded other a long time ago then I give up. Now that I'm using joomla 1.7 I decided to try again and thanks to Sourcerer now I will use PHP and JavaScript with ease on my sites. Thank you!
Reviews: 1
Thank you for this helpful tool.
With all the other tools I did not get along.
Simple implementation, good documentation.
Thank you for this exellent tool
Reviews: 1
Millions of thumbs up! This is the best most practical extension out there!
Thank you so much!
Reviews: 1
I'm a web developer with a few years under my belt. I can do php scripts all day long. But when I started using joomla many of my scripts didn't really fit in anywhere. And I was dreading the idea of learning 'yet another PHP based API' just to add some of my ideas to the sites. Before diving in I looked into php code embedding extensions and found a few. Tried a few. Sourcerer saved me a huge headache. Now I'm doing some crazy things with my sites now and all without knowing even a lick about joomla extension development.

I'm using joomla 1.7.3+ All I have to do is copy my script to the clipboard, start a new element (article,etc), click 'insert code', paste my code between the {source} tags, click 'toggle tag style', then insert & save the element. Its, honest to god, that easy. I recommend all php coders to try this once before diving into extension development.
Reviews: 2
I have used Jumi for some time, but the documentation is just non-existent...still a great extension, but I couldn't get it working the way I wanted as was looking for something easier to use. This installed with no problems, inserted my code into a Custom HTML module and BAM! It just works, was super easy and it was FREE...just like free beer! Thanks for contributing to the community!
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