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Sourcerer - place any code anywhere.

Sourcerer enables you to place PHP and any kind of HTML style code (including CSS and JavaScript) right in to your content! Not only in your articles, but also in sections, categories, modules, components, META tags, etc.

You can now just place your original codes right into your WYSIWYG editor. The only thing you have to do is surround the code with the Sourcerer tags. Easy peasy!

So now you can also use PHP scripts in your content. That opens up a great deal of possibilities.

Most Joomla! Text Editors will strip parts of your HTML code, like JavaScripts (think of statistics scripts) and movie embed tags. With Sourcerer you won't have these limitations.

Easy to use editor button
Sourcerer comes with a very easy to use editor button. This will help you paste your code in a clean format that will not cause any problems. Also it comes with syntax coloring (php, js, css, html).

More information:

NoNumber extensions require php 5.3+
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Reviews: 5
I have such high regard for modules and plugins like this!!!
Meets the need PERFECTLY!
Thank You Muchly!
Reviews: 2
I was having so much trouble with WYSIWYG editors stripping out custom html code from the content I was editing. I installed this plugin and it works like a charm. Any code between the source tags renders perfectly. I tried it with CKEditor and the JCKEditor, and they both work with this plugin. AWESOME job!
Reviews: 2
Never wrote a review before, but after 3 days of pulling my hair out to get javascript in an article with joomla 1.7.3.

I downloadd this, installed it and hey presto it did exactly as it said within the {source} code, brilliant many thanks for this great, no excellent application
Reviews: 1
There should be a rating higher than EXCELLENT for this extention! I have tried for the past month to find help so that my html code was not stripped out of my image mapping. No one seemed to have the answer and then I stumbled across Sourcerer!

My image mapping now works! FANTASTIC! I will recommend this extention to everyone and will be looking for more extentions for my future projects!
Reviews: 12
I was looking for a plugin that would allow me to simply paste my adsense code into the editor without the editor deleting the javascript when i save an article.

This Sourcerer plugin worked great! I just copy-and-paste my Adsense code inside the tags, and i can see the adsense codes' location within the structure of my webpage while editing an article.

When i switch to Source Code, i saw that the plugin mutilated my Adsense code with lots of SPAN and BR tags inserted here and there. That scared me, since Adsense doesn't want you to alter the codes in any manner. However, when i view the source code of the page of the actual frontend website, the Adsense code remained intact as it is. So i guess, i should be fine.
Owner's reply

Yep, the added html is just for display purposes in the wysiwyg editor and to prevent the editor from messing with the code.
Sourcerer removes all these hidden html tags when converting it to frontend code.

Reviews: 1
Everybody should have this plugin, it makes so many little fixes possible. I use it to place the embed code from my hwdvideoshare vids in other articles, as the official hwd plugin is too expensive for my small usage.
Reviews: 17
I love when something does as it is supposed to do!
Reviews: 2
Works fine. Simple plugin to add code. Very easy to use.
Reviews: 8
I needed to put a simple Javascript inside my articles, and Sourcerer solved my problem in minutes. Very sophisticated tool, with detailed security configuration and its own code editor.
I recommend this extension to anyone who needs to go a bit beyond standard Joomla capabilities.
Reviews: 43
This plugin does what it says with no fuss! I have used it to incorporate content into articles and custom HTML modules and would not have been able to do this without Sourcerer.

Reviews: 3
I've used several solutions to add code into articles, and I have to say, this was the most pleasant and elegant solution out there. I'm a huge fan of NoNumber extensions, and urge people to try them out.
Reviews: 2
Excellent job man. I like the whole attitude of the No Number group. Not dragging all the users for money. Keep up the good work.

Reviews: 1
Sourcerer works flawless, I'm an IT professional and extensively tested it on different sites. The code quality of the NoNumber products is an example for all programmers.

Today I just sent an enquiry to NoNumber, after less than 10 minutes I got an answer!

Thanks a lot for this great extension
Reviews: 16
This extension is truely amazing, makes me look like a coding genius. Thanks for all the work you put into this Peter, this has saved me hours of time.

Little side note, works like a charm to launch external java pop up player, for's video's.
(WOOO HOO, no more opening a new tab upon clicking video thumbnail from the widget)
Reviews: 8
This extension has a allowed me to insert my virtual tours and panoramas directly into my articles and module positions. It works like a charm. I'm not a coder so inserting the code in correctly was a bit of an issue but not insurmountable. The support was above and beyond as well. EXCELLENT extension. THANKS!
Reviews: 2
Works as expected, many options (maybe too many), great support... what else can you ask for?

Thanks a lot for a great extension.
Reviews: 1
Sourcerer works well for me. I started using it when PHP failed after a Joomla update.
Reviews: 8
NoNumber's developers keep impressing me with their outstanding creative extensions, and Sourcerer is not an exception by all means.

It took me 15 minutes to install, enable, setup and run a facebook sign in script on a page, which I simply copied from another page source file using my browser and inserting it into a custom module! Worked like magic, and the sky is the limit with this extension.

Thanks a lot.
Reviews: 1
I had been struggling for months, trying to get a pre-existing form (legacy application from a different CMS) to work within my Joomla! site. Then, lo and behold, I stumble across Sourcerer. Your extension was a life saver. Now, not only do I have the form (form to email app) working, it works as expected. I've also used it to help with creating a custom database search within the site.

I had a little bit of confusion the first time I tried to use it, but realized the problem was of my own making. Once I cleared that up, I had absolutely no trouble with it. It does help to actually read (not skim!) the instructions and actually follow them. Works like a charm with TinyMCE - button and all.

Thank you for creating this gem and sharing it.
Reviews: 4
Really nice! Jumi is good, but I wish it allowed you to enter the code into your article as well, instead of calling a separate file for every small thing. This allows you to do just that! Just one thing. Do you have to use the [[ and ]] tags? If so, can you please code in the functionality (to the best of your ability) a way to be able to use full regular tags (e.g. not [[b]])
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