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EasyScript Plugin

This plugin allows inserting material into the head section of your Joomla web site.

CSS links, Javascript URLs are properly placed.

JQuery/JQuery UI/JQuery Mobile may be accessed, as can the SWF-Object for Flash projects.

Over 1000 font/variations are available from Googles Webfont collection. Font Viewer in parameters.

Joomla Update supported

English, French and German language localisation.

No need to register.

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Reviews: 71
I think this extension has all kinds of uses, but I just needed to quickly link to a few external CSS files without mucking around with the template. This one fit the bill and only took seconds to set up. Looking forward to using it in future for more advanced purposes.
Reviews: 3
When ordering EasyScript I got the wrong product, I notified the support immediately - and in under three minutes I got the right product per mail. And I could keep the first one for free. Outstanding service.

Well installed the program was absolutely what I am in need for. Very easy to use - and I recommend it for everybody.
Reviews: 3
Very usefull extension, thank you very much. I solved my problem in 5 secconds! :D
Reviews: 17
I am not a Joomla novice but with version 3.2 I had no idea where to access codes anymore. EasyScript was a great answer and set up within seconds when I updates my site and template.
Reviews: 4
Best solution for beginners,very simple and easy to insert css java.
Thank you very much for your work,and keep up the good work.
Reviews: 2
I needed a quick plug-in for adding custom script to my tags. This is pain-less to use, easy to install, Many Thanks
Reviews: 6
I was looking for a way to add css and dtd links to the header, without having to edit the template. This is the only extension that I know of that can also add 'other' kinds and not just the .js and .css.
Reviews: 1
Easy to use and excellent and quick help from the developer, thank you so much!
Reviews: 5
very easy to use, does what it should. Thank you very much!
Reviews: 1
I have been using this outstanding plugin for 8 months and I can't say enough how it simplifies my Joomla website's HTTP header maintenance nightmare!

My only gripe is sometimes I want more room to insert CSS and JS scripts in the head section. Sometimes 5 fields each for CSS and JS is not nearly enough.

Other than that, this is a very nicely coded plugin.

One wish Blackdale might do in the next version is to handle different CSS/JS files for different pages, say, one set for the frontend and another for the other pages since most of the times, the frontend needs the most CSS/JS/jQuery/MooTools etc, etc...Here's waiting for the next update.

Keep up the great job!
Reviews: 1
You dont need to be an css,php or javascript expert. Just insert the js you need at plugin section and use the code you needon any article or css. I could use brower css selector hack for my web page without headache.
Reviews: 3
This module just made my pants tight. The simplest of ideas implemented in a simple way. A must have plugin for every site!
Reviews: 1
One must try it to understand its ease of use and its incredible results.
Reviews: 6
I am so glad you released his useful and helpful plugin for J1.7 too. In the moment it is the only one to include specific tags in the header without intstalling a large component.
Easy to use, just: PERFECT.
Thank you!
Reviews: 3
The plugin does not allow you to have tags on selected page and the code appears on all the pages, which is fine in many cases. The proble I faced is that I can not uninstall it (as it does not meet my needs) and gives a message "Please first make a selection from the list" even when I have selected the plugin.
Owner's reply

I am sorry to hear you have had trouble uninstalling this plugin. However it maybe that you have an issue elsewhere. From the error message you quote it doesn't look as though the problem is with plugin.

If you need help on uninstalling this extension manually please feel free to contact me.

On the issue of items having greater selectability I have considered this but it made the user interface more complicated than I felt a product with the name easy justified.

Reviews: 2
With a little editing of the standard format script and stylesheet entries, EasyHeader works like magic. EASY = simplicity + me, definitely for noobs like me.

It took less than one minute to include one stylesheet and three scripts into the header. I will use this extension for all of my non-profit sites.
Reviews: 3
This plugin works like a dream. I wanted to sort my tables. By simply pointing to the right script it did exactly what it should.
Reviews: 2
I use this to load stylesheets, (and have used it for scripts as well). Finding it indispensable. Plus, the developer has been VERY responsive to requests for support. Thanks!!
Reviews: 1
Loved it. Added an extra param and behavior for custom jquery but is perfect. Had scjquery but it kept putting my page in quirks mode. Now quirks no more! thanx
Reviews: 1
This was just what I was looking for because I wanted to control the thumbnail that showed up when someone posted my site to Facebook.

Thanks a bunch!