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Flexi Custom Code Module

This module allows us to insert any code like php, javascript PHP, CSS and html at site modules positions. For example, It's can be used for simple code, simple function, embed code, adsense code, affiliation code and others copy and paste codes for Joomla site.

Main Features:
1. Available for PHP, HTML, JAVASCRIPT and CSS codes
2. Available to set the target of this module
3. Available to load The Plugin from Content System
4. Flexible & Responsive
5. Easy to use

ChangeLog version 2.0 (Sept 07, 2014):
-. Add System to Load The Plugin from Content System

ChangeLog version 1.4 (August 2nd, 2014):
-. Fixed and Tested for Joomla 3.x Native
-. Fixed and Tested for PHP 5.5.x

ChangeLog version 1.3 (July 12, 2012):
Repaired the method returns at helper.php (Joomla 2.5 Native)

ChangeLog version 1.2.1 (December 24, 2011):
Repaired the definition in language and xml file at Joomla 1.7 installer

ChangeLog version 1.2 (August 26, 2011):
Available for Joomla 1.7 Native

ChangeLog Version 1.1:
Available for Joomla 1.6

Other Demo for Joomla 3.x Native:

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Reviews: 9
I used this module in many websites and in my opinion, Flexi Custom Code deserves 5STAR ratings.One of the essential extensions for Joomla CMS
Reviews: 6
It's my goto module for code insertion but, since I've moved on a new server with php 5.4, it outputs errors.
I've tried with php 5.5 and it breaks the site.
It doesn't seems to be supported anymore, so bad...
Owner's reply

Hello Marc,
Thanks for your confirmation. I have checked the addons with server that use php 5.5, php 5.3. Through either online server or my localhost (XAMPP), every thing goes well now. I also have checked with the new version of Joomla 3.x.x. Maybe you can try again by using 1.4 version.

Reviews: 4
Used this module for so many different things. Great for implementing script codes for 3rd party widgets that would otherwise be done in a way that felt a bit too dirty.
Reviews: 5
This is an incredibly useful module - use it regularly on my sites. Simple install and then easy cut/paste/edit HTML, Javascript and PHP in a module, no worries. This functionality should be built into Joomla, but isn't. Big thanks to the developers.
Reviews: 1
I used it for my 3 joomla websites and it never disappoints me. it has all i want. Hope that the update and development will continue. Many thanks to the developers
Reviews: 4
It does what it says it does, but in a smooth and professional way.

Thanks a lot and congratulations for this wonderful extension.

I used it to add some advertisements codes on my websites, and it was pretty easy.

Simply Perfect
Reviews: 3
Award to the Flexi-team for this great work. Easy integration and handling. What more could you want, keep it up. Thanks a lot and all the best
Reviews: 4
This Flexi Custom Code is the best module out there. It is a time saver in that it installs fast after a successful unzipping. It is simple with no complications. It is functional as it does exactly what it claims to do. Above all it is free.
I want to thank the developer and wish to know what other commercial products out there I can buy to support his/her wonderful efforts. If no other commercial products out there; is there a way to make a donation to support the developer(s).
This product is definitely more than five stars. Excellent and super.
Keep up the good work.

Thanks a million!!!!
Reviews: 2
I used this to expose php user session parameters - user's name, contact details, last visited, etc. Worked brilliantly.

This is the first port of call if you want to inject some extra code into the view.

Many thanks Flexi folk!
Reviews: 5
Begone individual hardcoded modules coded for only one project! For flexi code ruleth now!

Lil' flexi code is an awesome module that ever since I found it, I use constantly on every website. Mysql database queries and its html output, no problem with this extension. I love it; thank you so much!
Reviews: 32
This Module does what it says, easy,simple,clean,,simply perfect , thanks a lot for putting much efforts to create this amazing module and making it available for public for free :)
Reviews: 2
Also for facebook, twitter, G+. Easy to install and use.
Reviews: 2
Easy to install!
Easy to configure!
Solved my problem in a second!
Many thanks!!
Reviews: 7
Easy to install and use. This should be included as a standard module with all versions of Joomla.
Reviews: 9
Excellent module. If it supported multiple instances, it would be a sensation. But, I think it is not possible.
Reviews: 1
I needed this to display ecwid widgets and was tearing my hair out when the joomla editor was removing code. This amazing little device saved me. After downloading you need to unzip the file, then after uploading into joomla using the extensions manager the install is quick. To use it you just have to create a new module with it. And thats it really. Very impressed with this and would have happily paid for it. Well done guys.
Reviews: 6
Worked perfectly thanks for it and i highly recommended for everyone..
Reviews: 3
I use php to create a dynamic copyright line on my sites. I've tried DirectPHP which works perfectly within an Article, but didn't in a module.
This mod allows you to set up a module that includes php so I copied and pasted all my existing php year code as well as the text and formatting I wanted from the template and positioned the module exactly where I wanted it.
PHP Year code now displays perfectly within a Module, and it's free. Can't ask for more!
Reviews: 6
Worked perfectly out of the box...nothing else seemed to enable me to run JavaScript on my J 2.5.9 site but this was spot on!
Reviews: 2
I used it to insert the Marquee Code and it is working.
Many thanks for this wonderful module.
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