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Flexi Custom Code Module

This module allows us to insert any code like php, javascript PHP, CSS and html at site modules positions. For example, It's can be used for simple code, simple function, embed code, adsense code, affiliation code and others copy and paste codes for Joomla site.

Main Features:
1. Available for PHP, HTML, JAVASCRIPT and CSS codes
2. Available to set the target of this module
3. Available to load The Plugin from Content System
4. Flexible & Responsive
5. Easy to use

ChangeLog version 2.1 (Oct 21st, 2014):
-. Has been Fixed the error of -Strict Standards: Only variables should be assigned by reference-
-. Has been Fixed the error of -Strict Standards: Non-static method modFlexiCustomCode::parsePHPviaFile() should not be called statically-

ChangeLog version 2.0 (Sept 07, 2014):
-. Add System to Load The Plugin from Content System

ChangeLog version 1.4 (August 2nd, 2014):
-. Fixed and Tested for Joomla 3.x Native
-. Fixed and Tested for PHP 5.5.x

ChangeLog version 1.3 (July 12, 2012):
Repaired the method returns at helper.php (Joomla 2.5 Native)

ChangeLog version 1.2.1 (December 24, 2011):
Repaired the definition in language and xml file at Joomla 1.7 installer

ChangeLog version 1.2 (August 26, 2011):
Available for Joomla 1.7 Native

ChangeLog Version 1.1:
Available for Joomla 1.6

Other Demo for Joomla 3.x Native:

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Reviews: 1
As part of our upgrading to Joomla 2.5, we just downloaded this module to use for AccuWeather.
Works perfectly.
Reviews: 5
Simply the best and easy way to add custom HTML or PHP code to your Website. Probably useful for more types of code, but HTML and PHP is all I need it for now.

Install and start making modules with new code as simple!
Reviews: 2
PHP code in a module position... now I seen everything.

Also cool that this module has viewing access for GUESTS only (registered people need not see!)

I was once a Jumi fan... Now I'm a Flexi Fan!
Reviews: 1
This module is very easy to use, and resolve a lot of problems for custom code on sites. Thank you guys!
Reviews: 14
I simply love extensions that take 10 sec to download, less than 5 sec to install and 10 set to get them used!!!

Awesome piece of work...
Reviews: 1
i've been looking for an extension that would help me place a php code to module positions.

great thanks to the author.
Reviews: 4
I use this extension to put a request for quote panel in a side bar, very well done!

Reviews: 1
Very useful extension
Reviews: 4
I've used this extention in a couple of sites and it works Just perfectly! Just install-copy your code-paste it in module and DONE!!
Reviews: 1
Once I figured out how it works, it's really awesome! some basic documentation wouldn't be bad tho! It took me a bit until I figured out stuff... And the sign up page for the forum on the website didn't work...
Owner's reply

I think that you don't see the announcement at the beginning of the forum.

"You may have to register before you can post: so please send a request to!/gtechpedia with genuine email and twitter. Sorry, we do this system to eliminate the spammer."

for the time being, we closed registration system (it was not error).

We do this because so many spammers and we do not have much time and energy to handle it. So we try to eliminate them with manual register from my hand. So please send the correct data such as your email, real name.

Moreover, all our addons are free. I really hope for your understanding and your patience. We always try to help you as long as we are still capable.

Reviews: 2
Works fine. Upgrade would be to upgrade the editor (coloring of different tags etc) so that coding would get more efficient. But hey it works so I'm not complaining.
Reviews: 10
Work out of the box,
simply perfect and usefull!
Reviews: 2
Needed some code operating beside a component.

Installed the module, inserted my code, published it, and everything was working instantly.

Easy to operate. Just what I needed.
Reviews: 3
I've tried a couple of components and plugins to get PHP code to work (when pasting it in the backend), and this is the only one that worked easily first time.
Reviews: 14
Installed, pasted the code, saved and published. And it works. Just perfect. :)
Reviews: 1
This module was what I just needed to implement an horizontal menu (, written in Javascript. It worked perfectly.
Reviews: 8
Worked like a charm, very simple and easy to use. recommended
Reviews: 2
Since a few weeks we use this module. With the standard custom html module that comes with J it is not possible to add some php code. With this module all problems are solved. Thank you for this great module.
Reviews: 12
Thank you very much.
It is very simple and without any content but if you spend some time in studying Joomla API you can apply afterwards this knowledge with this module and save a lot of money...

My honest congratulations....
Reviews: 8
I had this extension installed on one of my sites, hadn't worked on the site for months, and needed to use some Javascript to execute and image popup on mouseover. After many failures with other extensions, I tried this module and it worked 100%. It works in many different situations and I have to say it is the simplest implementation of something brilliant.
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