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Custom Javascript Module

mod_custom_js is a module for Joomla CMS. With it you can include your own content javascript on your pages. Simply create a module "Custom Javascript", defining the position of staff and provide the javascript code you want to run.

Now compatible with Joomla 1.7 and Joomla 2.5

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Reviews: 1
Saw the reviews as was sceptical that it was as easy as everyone said it was. But I was wrong it really is.

Install module, insert new module, copy html/css or whatever into the box, select position and pages etc.. and its done and works perfectly.

Amazing :)
Reviews: 11
I had been struggling to locate Google Ads in places beyond the modules offered. You know top, bottom and middle of article. This one let me ad to custom places that made it soooo easy.
Reviews: 1
Worked perfect on a Joomla 3.1

Very good module. They deserve the donation.
Reviews: 6
it`s work fine and easy to add [past] code
Reviews: 1
Easier than this is not possible. Installed, placed the script and voilla, it worked! Great module!!
Reviews: 2
I did use this extension to plugin openx adserver invocation code. Work's excellent.
Reviews: 2
I highly recommend this extension when testing or adding short and simple javascript into a template. It makes it easy to test jQuery functionality for instance. I often point it out to jQuery Easy users.
Reviews: 6
Great extension folks.

This module installed on J1.7.2 with no problems and does exactly what was advertised.

I use(d) it to insert twitter javascript feeds onto my business website. Saved me all the work.

Much appreciated. Fantastic. Thank you.
Reviews: 1
... and just working perfectly well right away on Joomla 1.7

Thanks for your good job ;-)
Reviews: 1
This module enabled me to place google adsense code at the end of every article in my site. Just make the module & place the module position at the end of every article you create. It's harder to place JS code in joomla 1.6 articles but this ext. made it much easier. Special thanks to the coders of this script.
Reviews: 1
Does the job, simply go to the module, enter your javascript code and woooola!