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Blank Module Module

This versatile module accepts HTML, CSS , Javascript, and PHP.

You can also access Joomla article content and insert it into module positions.

Also add scripts and css to the head section of the page.

Now available with an integral selection of patterned backgrounds and easy to set graphics.

Updates with Joomla Update.

In addition to the text areas in the backend there are also several options to position your module accurately.

Module suffix parameter enables CSS styling option.

Includes localization for French/German as well as English.

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Reviews: 2
I tested for google adsense and work great
Reviews: 1
After trying almost two days to rework an existing module just to display some html in an a module I searched for this blank module. This is EXACTLY what I need. Well done! It does exactly what it says it can and intergrates nicely with my web site.
Reviews: 5
Does exactly what it says. Installed the module, pasted the code for my LibraryThing widget into the box, reloaded the front end, and viola. Thank you for a simple way to plug in widgets.
Reviews: 1
This should get included in the core as a feature. Works without any issues. I use this for everything from Google Site Track code to embed anything anywhere.!
Reviews: 4
This is the module i was looking for. Working perfect without issues.
Great Job :)
Reviews: 2
This module is great... it helped me to maintain strait forward approach to integrate PHP and Javascript.

Thanks for this great module!
Reviews: 2
After spending hours with a lot of modules, this one fix my problems.I had to include a line of code like this .Attention when you include in this module a line of code like the on above you have to delete the opening and closing tags: , and everything will go wright.It's working great.Thanks for your great work!
Reviews: 5
This module works perfectly, and is simple to use.

I got my Google Voice icon on my web page post haste.

I'm new enough to Joomla to not completely understand why my icon is not appearing within the article I selected, rather than on the left side under the menu.

Is there a way to place your embedded script within an article?

If this is a novice question, then I've exposed my level of competence. :->
Owner's reply

Thanks for the kind words of support.

The article feature is to enable article content in module positions. This enables people who are unused to writing html to use the module to place content in the left and right columns etc. Most templates have positions with names such as user1 or user2 or advert1 or advert2, which may be more appropriate for you rather than the default left position which you seem to be using

If you need help putting scripts in the main part of page email me at

Reviews: 21
This is just what I've been looking for to put in those odd bits of text, photos with my text, html code, etc....
Try it you won't regret it!
Reviews: 1
It does what it says, with one little caveat. If the html you paste into the textarea itself contains a , the UI gets all messed up.

It saves your html fine, but you can't edit it anymore unless you paste the whole thing in each time.
Owner's reply

There is an error in your review. The word textarea in the first sentence after "contains a" is omitted.
The textarea in question is on the parameters of the module backend. The module editing page is just a web page like any other.
The issue at the heart of this is that in ordinary web pages form elements wouldn't contain other form elements.
The text box is defined by a textarea tag. So browsers being designed to be tolerant of faults treat the opening of inserted content tag as a closing one and the whole thing snarls up.
This isn't just a problem with my module or with Joomla but is of wider application.
There are workarounds for using textareas but of none them are very neat.
This module is intended as a flexible lightweight extension, and as such I believe it would be wrong to extend the code significantly inorder to overcome this issue.
There are better and more secure answers for putting forms on Joomla pages than using this module or others which are similiar.
I would direct users to the specific forms sections on the Joomla extension pages.
Specifically Core Enhancements->Data Reports and Contacts & Feedback->Forms.

Reviews: 1
Does exactly what I needed! Wuz trying to put an amazon widget into a module but couldn't get it to display properly. Had this one going in a minute flat from download, install, and activating the module!
Reviews: 1
Fantastic module! Does what it says. Had no problems, and I was able to use it to add Yahoo Pingbox to a module. Thanks.
Reviews: 1
But could use some documentation. Took me a while to figure out that in PHP mode I just needed to type the raw PHP code without the PHP start and end tags.
Owner's reply

I added small note about the start/end tags for PHP in the module parameters beside where the code is entered

Reviews: 1
This module lets you do exactly as it says, and well. I used to it to insert code for google ads into my site and achieved the result I desired.
Reviews: 1
Great little module. Killed off the inline CSS, styled through my own stylesheet and it kept all the peeps happy.
Reviews: 1
I needed a module to integrate a wufoo form into joomla. Found this and works perfect. Very easy to use, clean and stable. I recommend this to anybody. Thanks! Great job!
Reviews: 6
THis is so easy to use, and is perfect for any webmaster wanting to display custom content vis Javascript etc.

I have used it extensively in the last site I combined with a "modules content plugin" in developed to integrate js calculators into the content (up to 8 js snippets per page). It does this seamlessly and diplays the output in the css style of the template.

Perfect, and much simpler than other options.
Reviews: 2
Thanks for such a fine module. It does what it says it does...exactly.
Sometimes I want to stick some code or info on the site without a lot of fuss. This does it!
Blank Module will get some play.
Reviews: 2
My first review and I will say this is too good to be free.
A fantastic module that does exactly what you want it to do for you.

Joomla is great and you guys are fantastic.
I was able to put all my cpanel login forms online thanks to this module
Reviews: 2
I'm using this two months already and forgot to tell everyone how much I liked it !
For now, I'm only using it in myblog. To insert the Technoratti cod that is displayed at left side in my blog.
Soon, I'll do some copies of this mod to insert others codes too.
It's light and fast loading, no bugs at all !
Really nice work, Congratulations !
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