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Easy Script Module

Easy Script is the most simplest module for Joomla!

Just copy and paste the code (text, html, javascript, php ....) in the field and away you go.

Without WYSIWYG editor.

Use mainly for Google javascripts: Adsense, Analitycs..., Google Videos, embed thml codes... what ever you want in 5 seconds.

Easy but necesary in each joomla instalation.

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Reviews: 5
I installed Easy Script on a 2.5 site running the Gantry Framework in a responsive theme from Rocket because I needed minor customizations (add and apply a Google font), and did not want to risk having my work wiped out by an update or over-ridden due to poor placement. Easy script saved me hours of analysis and put my three lines of code at the very bottom of the Head section. Congratulations and Thanks to Ciro - you're the first I've tried who actually hit that coveted last-line spot - perfect!
Reviews: 11
I can't give no other review then just excellent! This little module saved my day with some conflicting scripts on some pages on my websites while I only needed one of the scripts on one page and the other on another. Just put them in this module and assigned them to different menu-items and the problem was solved! Just great!!!
Reviews: 1
how i can make an echo to show something?
I try this for example:

but i cant get any output
Reviews: 12
I used this module for google adsense. It worked flawlessly on Joomla version 2.5.2. Thank you.
Reviews: 1
I have no idea how this works, it just does. And wonderfully. There is no documentation but I took the developer at his word and just copied and pasted. I was skeptical but it really was that easy. Thank you so much. I am going to send you money as you saved me a bunch.
Reviews: 1
I use Easy Script all the time! It's one of my favorite modules and I recommend it to everyone who uses Joomla. It's versatile and easy. I even added a link to it from an article on my Website.
Reviews: 16
I didn't even know this would fit the bill until my search came up with another review mentioning how this was perfect for integrating soundcloud players.

I installed, copied/pasted some code and was live with a soundcloud player in a position that I might not have been able to do in any other fashion.

I also found another use for Easy Script that's not as cool, but still important to me.

Thanks for a really cool module! Works like a charm.
Reviews: 2
There is neither a documentation nor it is possible to contact the developer. I have no idea how this extension works. Just copy the JavaScript code into the article does not work. Perhaps it is great extension if you know how to handle it.
Owner's reply

documentation?? for this module? ja ja

Reviews: 4
wow... this is very useful. if you want to avoid the frustrations of copying and pasting script into JCE editor, just download this, and boom.. you're done. thanks!
Reviews: 5
Very great
Reviews: 1
I tried simply adding a simple php echo script and it does not process the php. It literally writes into the html.
Owner's reply

You were ok.
I have added a new option to include php code. ;)

Reviews: 1
Thanks, Ciro, I dont know who you are but all I want to say for this helpful module is - you did good job, man!
Reviews: 1
This helped me put a simple t. Thanks!
Reviews: 16
I've used this twice now to add html/php code for newsletter signup. Great module. THANK YOU!
Reviews: 16
I like Easy Script because (1) it works, (2) it lets me plug-in code without the overhead of another plug-in, and (3) it just works. Great mod for a wonderful price! Keep it up guys, this was just the tool I needed.
Reviews: 1
Loved this!

Easy is just understating how simple this is. My Soundcloud player was on the site in 30 seconds including the downloading and installation of the module.
Reviews: 28
I had a problem pasting javascript into the usual custom html module. No matter what my Editor settings it messed up the code.

Installed this module, pasted in the javascript -- it didn't mess up the code -- worked perfectly.

You need this simple but perfect module in your Joomla bag of tricks.

Thanks, Developer!

Owner's reply

Jaja Rowby when you need it, you love it!

Reviews: 1
Just installed and using it. Works great but seem this before! Almost similar to mod_html
Owner's reply

Similar... but you don´t have any control to paste javascript, php...
Just what you paste is what you see