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Mod HTML Module

Editor's Note
  • This extension requires registration to download.
Mod HTML allows you to add any HTML snippet or JavaScript code to your Joomla Website via a module. There are unlimited uses of Mod HTML. Amongst other things you can use the module to achieve the following results:
- mod HTML allows you to add any html or javascript to your modules withought having to change any settings in Joomla. Therefore you don't have to disable your editor to insert an HTML snippet. Just create a mod html module, and insert your HTML or Javascript into this module.
- You can copy the module in the Module Manager, for quick clones of an advertisement or banner ad. Also since a large number of advertisments, affiliates, or third party modules come as small HTML snippets, mod html allows you to insert this HTML into your Joomla website without having to mess around with your template.
- Another great usage of mod html is to insert Google AdSense into your website. Just copy and paste from your google adsense account page.

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Reviews: 1
All I wanted to do was post a live tracker for my gameserver. This is what accomplished that for me. Nice Job.
Reviews: 8
Simple and efficient module that solved my problem immediately, without further complications. Congratulations!
Reviews: 1
Very simpel to download and solved my problem immediately, which i was working on a while now. Great module!!
Reviews: 2
Took all of 5 minutes to get it working. Simple, straight forward! Nice!
Reviews: 6
This is a very simple, very sweet module.

It is easy to use: simply create a new module from the Module Manager and be sure to choose "Joomla 1.5 HTML Module" as the module type. Now insert your custom HTML, enable and publish it, and you are good to go.
Reviews: 6
Perfect work, thank you!

Hope it will be updated for Joomla 1.6 too :)
Reviews: 1
Brand new to Joola and web creation period, this mod couldn't be easier for a beginner. I'm so happy with it, I created an account and left my first review of any addon!
Reviews: 5
Works much better than the "custom html" module that comes with Joomla. There's no wysiwyg code cleanup mess and you don't have to turn the editor off and on again... Just write/paste html and that's it. Very useful.
Reviews: 7
A lot has been said already about this extension. So, I can't said much about it. I am not a geek regarding Joomla and Web technologies, but I didn't have any problem using and deploying this extension. It works exactly the way the author says it will work! I have a personal blog that I pretend will become helpful to some people. Well, this extension will help me to do that because it enriches my blog content. I haven't needed support yet, so I cannot talk about it. Keep the excellent job, please!
Reviews: 1
This is exactly what i was looking for. I love that i can create my own custom modules without having to you certain parameters based on joomla settings. Highly Recommend this!!!!
Reviews: 3
This extension proved to be the answer to my sidebar menu problem. I am *extremely* grateful to Dart Creations for not only developing it but offering it to the Joomla development community for free (you can make a donation if you are so moved, as I was).

Thanks to MOD HTML, I am now running PVII's PopMenu Magic widget inside a sidebar. Fantastic. Who would have thought?? I wish I could attach a snapshot of what I was able to achieve with this module.

Thank you so much Dart Creations!
Reviews: 1
What can I say, pure genius! Well done! This is a first class module! Thanks for releasing this to the Joomla Community
Reviews: 7
I needed a simple mod to display some HTML. It worked right out of the box with ZERO problems!! Nice work :)
Reviews: 3
I've installed several extensions. There were a couple however that just would not appear on my site. They were invisible ghosts I guess. I used ModHTML to install them and it worked perfectly, on to different extensions that previously didn't work. It's the best!
Reviews: 7
Oh yes, that worked sweet as a nut! I also liked the registration procedure, very quick. Nice work, many thanks.
Reviews: 5
Hi, this module is simple but works very well.
In the backend of Joomla! the main box of "module parameters" exits from the main "parameters" box. It could be a little CSS error, but it doesn't affect the module functionality, so I decided to give five stars anyway.
Reviews: 1
Para que precisa colocar html dentro de um módulo é perfeito.

Just perfect

Thank you
Reviews: 1
A module that just what it says. I needed to add some javascript code to my site as a module which the default custom html module wouldn't allow.
I was able to do that with this module. This should be part of the standard core modules!
Reviews: 1
Needed to add JavaScript to implement a widget but after reading about modifying editor configurations I thought "There must be a better way". There is and this is it.

Extremely easy to install and use.

Reviews: 6
This should be a core module of Joomla as someone else mentioned, it has made my job extremely easy, thank you for sharing.
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