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Easy Accordion Module

Uses either Mootools or JQuery for accordion effect.

Just pop your content in the textareas with Joomla 3.0 or 2.5 in the parameters and that's your accordion created.

Modules has areas for up to eight content (html, javascript, or css ) and title places. Scripts/css etc may also be placed in the head section of your page where necessary.

Accordions on a page can work as one,thus the accordion can be extended to any number of positions by copying the module. Alternatively accordions can be given separate IDs so that they function independently. Also it takes its styling cues for the title from your site so it should match your other items nicely. (Or use module suffix option to create an alternative)

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Reviews: 1
Very very nice module.. is there is any possible to add more then 8 headings.
Reviews: 7
This is a great product with one major drawback. I have been using it for several weeks now and I have developed a love hate relationship with it. You see, I find that occasionally, when I save the module, all of the data disappears! Then I have to re-do all of the work from scratch. This has cost me about 4 hours just this week. I have learned that I should copy the source code (HTML) to notepad before I save, just in case it looses everything when I save.

If you are dealing with lots of data or save frequently, you have been warned.
Owner's reply

You say that you are inputting HTML into the module. If you are using the default Joomla MCE editor are you using the HTML editing function. If you just paste HTML into the opening input it will save stuff such as blocks of Javascript but it doesn't display them. You need to click the little blue button labelled HTML. The editor is not part of the module but of Joomla.This is not a function of the module but of Joomla and also of this type of editor in general. When you save your code if the code was lost there would be no output on your web page.

If you click the little blue HTML button you will find your code. Some other editors have similar functions. Perhaps the button could be bigger but the editor is not part of the module but of Joomla.

If you don't like this kind of editor because you prefer to enter code rather use the the standard input go to the Global Configurations in Joomlas site menu and then select either no editor or codemirror.

Reviews: 1
Excellent extension.Thats what I was looking for.
Can you please give an example of how to edit CSS.

Help appreciated
Reviews: 1
Brilliant, easy to use module with EXCELLENT support. Would donate if there was an option!
Reviews: 1
Works perfectly, easy to install and configure, very customizable and works perfectly, and it is free! The best!
Reviews: 9
After tweaking a few others with pretty bad results, I came upon this module. Works great! Even better if you can wield a little CSS. Thank you soo much!
Reviews: 1
While searching an easy way to show my weblinks on my site I found this extention. Weblinks weren't possible but after contacting the develloper he added this functionallity very quicly to his extension. I contacted him a second time for a little change and a day after I received it already in my mailbox.
Thank you very much for your excellent support and easy to use extension.
Reviews: 1
Excellent module, but how can it display the title name in horizontal-order? Thanks.
Reviews: 1
Thank you for very good module! First I try to use jtabs, but it has a conflict with others ajax modules. But your module is work correctly
Reviews: 1
Thanks for this very nice module although I would much like to see the default cursor changed to a more user friendly pointer. Other than that it does what it says on the tin.
Owner's reply

The pointer/cursor is now modified to be more user friendly.