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TopDrawer Module

The easy way to create a versatile dropdown drawer.

Integral selection of backgrounds and borders.
Code may be either HTML/CSS/Javascript or PHP.
Article Content may also be used.
Click or mouseover action.
Button Left/Right and Top/Bottom
Mootools or JQuery Compatible
Uses Joomla Update

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Reviews: 1
Thank you for this beautiful module. It would be perfect if there was the possibility. Completely turn off JQuery. If you have already installed a module which uses JQuery,then you do not need another instance of JQuery.
Thank you!
Reviews: 9
This module works perfectly, even when multiple instances are used on the same page.

What's more, the developer of this free app was kind enough to help me track down and fix a problem caused by another developers extension.

Outstanding extension, outstanding service.
Reviews: 4
Thanks for this excellent peace of work!