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JS By Itemid Plugin

JsByItemid is a plugin for Joomla 1.6, 1.7, 2.5 and 3.0 that adds a JavaScript file you specify to the document <head> of pages selected by menu Itemid or a star (*) for all pages.


• Plug and play installation.
• Super easy configuration.
• Language files for en-GB included.
• Released under GPL license.
• Completely free!

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Reviews: 18
I had a need to call a particular function on my website and JS by ITEMID did the trick, what a great little product. I had a couple of problems getting it to work, NOTHING to do with the product but my website set-up. Once I had resolved these then, it did what it said it would do, no fuss and no proble.

Along the way I had excellent support and service from the developer, he could not have been more helpful.
Reviews: 2
Thank you. This extension has been very helpful in adding DFP codes within the head tags of individual pages of the site... unlike most other extensions which allow addition to the head tags of the template.
I pasted the code in a notepad file using .js extension and then upload the file through filezilla in the mentioned folder and then call the file from the plugin for a particular MenuID. Thank you once again..I an=m glad to have found this extension after having hunted for days for one!
Reviews: 2
Great help - thank you. I needed to add several JS files while developing a Jumi project. Installed, setup and working in 2 minutes.

I know it goes against the title - but would be nice to be able to add CSS at the same time ;-)

For a version 1.0 plugin - this is excellent.
Reviews: 8
thank you very much for your works perfect and helps me with a big js toolbar issue. thanks again
Reviews: 10
Installed it in J2.5 and it worked right out of the box. No problems what so ever, and I am running lots of other scripts. Thank you so much for this extension. It saved be so much time! :-) Great work!