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Components Anywhere Plugin

Components Anywhere - place components anywhere you can enter text.

With Components Anywhere you place components anywhere in your site. So you can now place a component inside an article or even within modules.

The syntax is super simple. Just place {component url/of/the/component} where you want that component to show.

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NoNumber extensions require php 5.3+
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Reviews: 5
These components just work, and work great. I've used others before. This time, I had an issue with using the free version of components anywhere. The support from Peter was a matter of minutes. He corrected my error. Thanks Peter!
Reviews: 1
As several other extensions from the same author, I installed Components Anywhere without a doubt that it would work perfectly out of the box.

It did... almost, but a few hours and a support question later we found the problem: a compatibility issue between a 3rd party component and this plugin. After some searching a patched development version solved the issue.

Thanks for the great support Peter, keep up the good work !
Reviews: 3
This plugin is perfect for showing the output of a component in a module position.

We had some trouble getting it to work on our server. But support is excellent (even when he is on vacation).

We highly reccomend Nonumber. anyone
Reviews: 2
Very good extension, very good support.
Thanks to Peter
Reviews: 12
As with all NoNumber components & plugins, this is easy to use, simple, does exactly as you would expect it to & support is brill too!
I use the Pro version, but this review is also relevant for the free version.
Great work Peter & NoNumber!
Reviews: 7
Joomla already provides quite flexible content placing options. Where the default options fail, NoNumber comes in, with Components Anywhere (or Modules Anywhere). And when one of his extensions fail, Peter will take care of it quickly.
Components Anywhere doesn't do much, really. Just easily let's me place components anywhere, just as it says in the title. That's one thing I like about NoNumbers' extensions: no frills, easy to use, reliable. Plus great service.
Reviews: 3
Brilliant extension. It helps me placing components in any position even when the component doesn't have a function for displaying in module positions or in articles.

10 of 10.
Reviews: 12
As all Nonumber extensions, This plugin is a great one.

I was desappointed, as using Flexicontent to replace core Joomla article, I could'nt use 'article anywhere'.

Now it's finished. It's so easy to embed an article inside another one with component anywhere.

Peter you are the best.