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Modules Anywhere - place modules anywhere you can enter text.

With Modules Anywhere you can include a single module or complete module positions anywhere in your site, including within 3rd party components and even within other modules.

Why use Modules Anywhere, and not the {loadposition} plugin?
    ★ It works anywhere, not only in articles. It even works in modules!
    ★ You can load a single module, not only complete module positions.
    ★ You can control the html display style from within the tag, not only one global setting.
    ★ It comes with a very easy to use editor button.

You can set Modules Anywhere to also handle the {loadposition} tags. In that case, you can safely disable the {loadposition} plugin all together.

Modules Anywhere does not show unpublished Modules by default. If you do want it to, you can change that behavior through the plugin parameters.

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NoNumber extensions require php 5.3+
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Reviews: 4
This plug in is absolutely essential for any Joomla developer - it should be adopted as part of the base code.

Ive used it on almost all my projects. It's particularly useful to use on virtuemart sites - add it to browse_notables wrapped in if category php clauses for flawless module control (as aposed to the mess that is trying to rely on asigning modules to menus with vm).

kudos to the dev of this brilliant addon.
Reviews: 10
This extensions changed completely the way I manage my joomla modules: now it's so easy to show what I want exactly when, where and to whom I want... this takes my joomla site to a very higher level. Absolutely recommended!
Reviews: 6
Fabulous. The button to use in an article is so handy. Thanks
Reviews: 15
This is a real must have product and one that integrates perfectly! Really cant fault this product and it really does make life just that little bit more simple for you! I use it on over 100 sites now as matter of cause! Thanks!
Reviews: 2
this is my second extension which am using from you.
i already a fan of artile anywhere extension
this too works very fine.
Reviews: 2
Finally! Joomla can work like a REAL website with PAGES. Thank you for making this. This will save me tons of time and make my sites more sleek.
Reviews: 114
After looking at all the other testimonials from various different people you can see why they are five star.


This now saves a huge amount of time trying to place a module into a position where you do and don't want it.

Thank you.
Reviews: 2
Hi - thanks for a great extension...

had this problem...

I wanted to use a module with Accordion effect to make a bunch of categories...and then link to an articles who had another extension (3-d slideshow) to show the actual slideshow.

it didn't work, because the articles was "hidden", could get it to work with menu-linked items (visible) - but couldnt find any nice HTML module...

This did the job !!!

easy to use, and my module popped up exactly where I wanted it, gratz to the developers - I am going to contribute !
Reviews: 5
Yes, I like to see this extension integrated in core of Joomla. It's free, it's nice, it's work, it's remove my headache, what more need to proof? :)
Reviews: 7
This developer has an uncanny knack of producing clever addons that reflect what is needed within our beloved Joomla community. I have used many of their products.

Well produced and very professional.
Reviews: 1
I needed to place a menu module inside another module using a plugin but the outer module would not enable plugins to run inside it. Eventually I found a solution, and Modules Anywhere was a necessary part of that solution. Thanks to this and some other ingenious extensions I found, any type of module where you can enter text but isn't designed to run plugins can now be made to do so flawlessly, empowering designers like me who know nothing about PHP or Javascript. I'm always happy to incorporate an extension from No Number as they're so dependable.
Reviews: 1
This is an amazing module. Having the ability to add modules anywhere within your site provides so much flexibility. This module is super easy to install and use. It's a must have for any site using Joomla.
Reviews: 8
Replaces all previous modules that try to do what this great plugin does.

On one site, I've use modules anywhere to place over 50 modules in unorthodox locations.
Reviews: 37
Very easy to use and nice that you can embed other modules. Thank you developer!
Reviews: 2
great contribution! took me 1 minute to download and set up.
Reviews: 1
Bravo! It does exactly what it says. Clear and simple instructions. It it time and nerves saving extension. Priceless for a newborn like me.
Reviews: 2
Great work.
Never caused any problem what so ever.
Reviews: 4
I have to say that this is a brilliant plugin. It is so simple, so easy to use and so powerful. This plugin allows you to place a module literally anywhere on the site where you can enter text. You can style it and set access levels... it goes on..

I can't think of a single negative thing to say about any of NoNumber's (Peter van Westen) extensions. I swear he doesn't sleep, he must sit there coding and answering cries for help 24/7. Cant wait for ReReplacer to be updated for 1.7 too ;O)
Reviews: 2
Rare I rate an extension, but this one does really deserve the full 5 starts.

Simple Installation
No jquery conflicts
Easily Configurable
Flexible Content

NoNumber! deserves excellent review.
Keep it up.
Reviews: 1
This is a super simple yet awesome extension. The code is fairly well documented, except when it comes to the relationship between this and the NoNumber! plugin.

I used this for inserting modules into menu items. This is useful for when you would like to have a dropdown from the menu display your login form or display a video within a dropdown and many other useful things.

The one thing I was unsure of was why when I disabled the plugin for content it would not recognize the modulepos in the menuitem title. In any case I disabled the load module plugin and use the MA extension for both content and menuitems.
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