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Modules Anywhere - place modules anywhere you can enter text.

With Modules Anywhere you can include a single module or complete module positions anywhere in your site, including within 3rd party components and even within other modules.

Why use Modules Anywhere, and not the {loadposition} plugin?
    ★ It works anywhere, not only in articles. It even works in modules!
    ★ You can load a single module, not only complete module positions.
    ★ You can control the html display style from within the tag, not only one global setting.
    ★ It comes with a very easy to use editor button.

You can set Modules Anywhere to also handle the {loadposition} tags. In that case, you can safely disable the {loadposition} plugin all together.

Modules Anywhere does not show unpublished Modules by default. If you do want it to, you can change that behavior through the plugin parameters.

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Reviews: 5
This little plugin is amazing. In every edit window for modules and articles there is the Modules Anywhere “add module” button – press the button, select the module, in it goes and off it goes – it works. This is so easy – the best thing I’ve found in ages for Joomla. I will install it in every Joomla website I make. It should be standard issue.
Reviews: 10
I've used this on a few sites, and it's so useful I donated a few euros to the author.

Pretty much an essential plug-in I reckon.
Reviews: 6
You can really add modules on any part of your article! This is cool!!! Thank you!
Reviews: 11
It's a very good, versitile module with good support. Recommended!
Reviews: 12
This saved my hind a few times now! Great program, very useful, very easy to use, very easy to configure.

THANK YOU for creating this!
Reviews: 24
Simply a great extension with lots of possibilities as in the ways you can you it and the many configurations ways it has!

I found some minor errors that I will submit to the forum as i do not know if it's due to the plugin or other conflicts but the the plugin works perfect to me!

Thanks guys!
Reviews: 3
Actually one of the best plugins ever. Especially when it comes to editor. Professional job.
Reviews: 1
I use all the plugins from NoNumber.
Modules Anywhere - just not replacement, but!
Unlike other plug-ins NoNumber, Modules Anywhere slightly increase page generation time.
Reviews: 1
Loaded without problems and let me include modules within my custom html modules. Great work thanks.
Reviews: 3
I had installed "DW Anything" to display database records, another great extension that unfortunately only created modules and not components, so I was not able to display them on the main part of my web page. However, "Modules Anywhere" allowed me to display my database records within an article, and so the problem was solved. "Modules Anywhere" was very easy to install and use, it took only a matter of minutes to get my webpage with its database table up and running. A first class job!
Reviews: 2
Thank you so much.

I have been working on Template issues for weeks now, trying to come up with some flexibility that just seemed beyond my skills and the templates I could find to work with.

Your work has just made my life very nice. I am now able to do everything I wanted with module placement manipulation in addition to giving me a new way to look at article creation.

The installation was flawless and implementation took about 2 minutes. Having the description for the tags in the plugin is very handy, I wish more people would do this.

Very Nice! Thank you - Robert
Reviews: 1
I was looking for a way to embed images into the K2 Extra Fields by calling a module in a plain text box. Tried a few other system plugins to allow this to no avail (not even loadposition worked). Then I tried Modules Anywhere. It worked flawlessly and allowed me to embed images into the field with no problem. Highly recommend this as a standard plugin to any installation. Cheers!
Reviews: 8
Not bad at all! When I first downloaded it, I thought I would have to remember the brackets and coding... Rubbish! I was most impressed by how you put a button at the bottom of the editor, unlike many plugins.
Reviews: 8
So powerful, so flexible. Has become a standard in all my sites.
No Number extensions are simply the best.
Reviews: 1
The must have module for joomla!
Thanks you for this great module, it's very useful for any joomla site.
Reviews: 6
what a powerful, perfect tool to make my site just that bit better!!

thnx alot!
Reviews: 2
A great little module. I couldn't believe that Joomla doesn't allow us to load a module within a module. This module really solved my problem and is super easy to use. Two thumbs up!
Reviews: 2
This extension is invaluable. Allows you to create the layout you want regardless of template limitations. It's very useful for embedding menus to provide a "bulleted hyperlinked list" inside articles... and much, much more - THANKS NoNumber!
Reviews: 2
I can not recommend NoNumber highly enough, this plugin is amazing for everything we need, and on top of that they have a HUGE amount of modules and plugins available on their website.

Some of the most useful tools on our site come from NoNumber, and I would hope people consider buying licenses to support their work.

Modules Anywhere lets us just include modules into articles, so we can easily modify the content of numerous articles all in one go, rather than having the repeated content in multiple articles.
The ease of use, install and upgrade couldnt be easier.

Great stuff guys, I hope you continue to grow and bring out more scripts.
Really well done.
Reviews: 8
Before I heard about modules anywhere I was having a hard time getting modules to appear in various places in Joomla even using loadposition. This is one module that I put on every single site I do and I would recommend it to everyone. It's very easy to use and configure and it provides a huge boost of productivity and enhancement to a site because it just makes it much easier to develop when you can place modules anywhere.
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