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Modules Anywhere - place modules anywhere you can enter text.

With Modules Anywhere you can include a single module or complete module positions anywhere in your site, including within 3rd party components and even within other modules.

Why use Modules Anywhere, and not the {loadposition} plugin?
    ★ It works anywhere, not only in articles. It even works in modules!
    ★ You can load a single module, not only complete module positions.
    ★ You can control the html display style from within the tag, not only one global setting.
    ★ It comes with a very easy to use editor button.

You can set Modules Anywhere to also handle the {loadposition} tags. In that case, you can safely disable the {loadposition} plugin all together.

Modules Anywhere does not show unpublished Modules by default. If you do want it to, you can change that behavior through the plugin parameters.

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NoNumber extensions require php 5.3+
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Reviews: 2
my webss loook beautiful with this module...
double thumbup!!!
Reviews: 2
great plugin. does exactly what they say it will do. thanks.
Reviews: 2
Wonderful module, thank you!
Reviews: 5
Best Extension wonderful person (Peter)... thanks to your hard work.
Reviews: 19
Wow, is this a useful extension or what? Nicely done guys. It is nice to have the ability to position modules in places where you could not before.
Reviews: 1
Beautiful work, compliments to the developers. The plugin opens a whole new world of content layouts, yet it does it in a simple and efficient manner.
Reviews: 4
Try it you'll love it.

Great pluggin and what's more it comes with prompt support! Stoked, had an issue (just a simple permissions problem), logged a fault and fixed the same day.

Thank you very much!
Reviews: 6
This module is very useful for those who, for instance, wishes to display a specific module in their articles with some very poor knowledge of php.
you can imagine millions of way to rearrange your site and make it different from other joomla sites.
It's definitely a must have.

But what makes the difference with other extensions, is Peter.
I had the chance to find him available when I encountered a problem with the new release and he fixed it very quickly.

Something that would be nice (for a next release maybe ?), would be to be able to automatically insert a specific module on a specific place.

Nevertheless, it's still a must have to me.
Reviews: 2
Very much needed and works perfectly, thanks!!!!
Reviews: 1
This is the kind of plugin that just makes Joomla my fav CMS out there.
Such a powerful and easy-to-use plugin.
This solved a big problem.
Thank you so much for this!
Love it!10 Stars!
Reviews: 1
This is an excellent extensions. Thank you.
I think it should be added as one of the core extensions.
Reviews: 4
This extensions works excellently! Thanks to the developer! I have used it in several sites, and it has always worked greatly!
Reviews: 20
Works great... just as intended. Is a lifesaver. Really should be added to core since this is a must-have for any serious developer. Wouldn't change anything about it... it works beautifully!!

Thanks for submitting such an awesome mod!
Reviews: 1
I can only say this Plugin is excellent and works great! Very easy to configure, Thanks!
Reviews: 2
I'm not sure how I overlooked this extension, but I've looking for a AJAX-enabled forms builder for Joomla! for two years. Building forms have always been painful, but those days are over. I've only been using it for a few hours and I'm convinced this extension will allow me to do anything I want. It's so intuitive and easy to use. A must for any Joomla! developer. Support these folks by purchasing one of their subscription plans.
Reviews: 2
Worked perfect!! Took me 10 minutes to set it up and customize it to fit my site. Thanks for the great work!
Reviews: 2
Worked beautifully right "out of the box." No tricks, straight forward documentation. Performs as developer states. Thank you!
Reviews: 1
Works like a charm. Lots of options. Great!
Reviews: 4
I am a little web designer as well. NOT a creator, but soon i hope i will be. I am learning. Joomla is my dream now, and what extensions i find, oh god, they suite my needs. About yours, all i can say is great job, fine work, great idea and so on. Keep up the good work ! Thank you for this great extension !
Best regards, yours Lawrence
Reviews: 5
I find this definitely a must have module in Joomla.
Owner's reply

Thanks. But don't get your review/rating?

Title: "good but..."
But what?

Why 4-star if it is must have? :S

Please contact me to tell me what is wrong with it according to you...

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