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Modules Anywhere - place modules anywhere you can enter text.

With Modules Anywhere you can include a single module or complete module positions anywhere in your site, including within 3rd party components and even within other modules.

Why use Modules Anywhere, and not the {loadposition} plugin?
    ★ It works anywhere, not only in articles. It even works in modules!
    ★ You can load a single module, not only complete module positions.
    ★ You can control the html display style from within the tag, not only one global setting.
    ★ It comes with a very easy to use editor button.

You can set Modules Anywhere to also handle the {loadposition} tags. In that case, you can safely disable the {loadposition} plugin all together.

Modules Anywhere does not show unpublished Modules by default. If you do want it to, you can change that behavior through the plugin parameters.

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Reviews: 4
I found this module really useful and have already used it several times in my sites.
I have downloaded several extensions and am not often compelled to write a review - but this time is different!
The support offered when I was having alignment issues with one of the modules I was trying to place was second to none. Peter had such patience and was quick with his responses and offered great suggestions.
I thoroughly recommend this module and will be looking out for other extensions from No Number.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your review! Have you tried out my newest 3 extensions yet? (see my website).

Reviews: 3
This guy makes solid stuff... click his name, then check what he makes and download it all.. because it will work!
Reviews: 9
So easy to use, all you do is click a button in the editor. This is what I call "perfectly integrated".

Favorited the extension

Thank you
Reviews: 22
I was a bit of a noob to begin with and put the wrong module tag name in the article. After a few quick head scratches, I have a simple image rotator in my article. thanks
Reviews: 5
I used this to show Virtuemart featured products in a page. Works perfectly!!
Reviews: 8
If you aren't using this extension you probably should be. It works exactly as advertised and I wouldn't set up a Joomla site without it.

I use several of this developer's extensions, and have no problem recommending any of them.
Reviews: 11
I've used this on many sites with all the leading template developers and I highly recommend it.

Reviews: 2
It does what it should do AND makes it so simple for the user to use that this plugin sets the standard.

Edit article, select position in article, click on the "Module" button at the bottom of the article content edit pane, select the module you want to insert from the pop-up window and you're done.
Reviews: 1
Absolutely perfect, this is exactly what I was looking for. Just installed and it was working, took me less than 1 minute! Congrats for a great plugin.
Reviews: 6
One of the easiest modules I've ever installed and used. Worked like an absolute charm. Documentation right on the page, had it working in 10 minutes. Love it!
Reviews: 7
Just forget about the modules position, be active or inactive...

just use this great plugin to load any module knowing just it's name and works great ANYWHERE!
Reviews: 3
Absolutely perfect. I like things that work. Took longer to download and install than it did to use it
Reviews: 9
I've been following the Google Groups discussion on making this part of the core for 1.6, so hopefully that will all be worked out.

I can't say enough about how much easier this has made managing all of my sites. Peter's extensions are awesome!
Reviews: 2
I can only say: I bow before you :)
Reviews: 2
Modules Anywhere worked perfectly on the first try, just as advertised... then their support team responded within a few minutes when I had questions about my application & really unrelated to the module... very few times does the product and support exceed expectations, but this time it did! Thanks Peter!
Owner's reply

Support team? How can 1 person be a team :D
I hope I can keep my support level high enough to exceed your expectations. But having said that, you will probably expect that. So expectations are even higher... oh boy... how can I deal with that ;)

Reviews: 7
This plugin is so obvious and easy to use, it should be part of the Joomla core code. Peter van Westen has done a great service to any Joomala web designer who wants to easily control the position of modules within their sites. Great job Peter!
Reviews: 5
One Of The BEST Plugins I'v Ever Seen

Good Work >>>
Reviews: 1
Hi Peter, first of all THANK YOU for publishing this excelent extension. I had problems using the loadposition original module, and your work bring me a fast and very simple solution.
Reviews: 1
After cussing, spitting and pulling my hair out battling Joomla's "Content - Load Module" plugin, trying to get it to work AT ALL, with no success, I stumbled across this gem which does EXACTLY what the "official" plugin is supposed to do, and more!.

"Modules Anywhere" has earned a permanent spot in my "must have" collection of Joomla site building extensions.
Reviews: 3
I've used this plugin to put an image slideshow in a table cell. Had a slight conflict with the JCE 154 editor but soon sorted with Peter's help. Thank you!
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