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Load module into article Plugin

This plugin loads any module into an article.
Syntax in editor:

where 27 is the modules id.

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Reviews: 9
It's a great plugin, really works perfect, thanks a lot!
Reviews: 2
While it is true that you can use loadposition and loadmodule to load a single module into an article both of these options get quite ugly when you have many modules of a particular type to load into different articles (for example, Vimeo videos). This plugin references the unique module id, making it quick and easy to load the right module(s) into the right article. Saved us a lot of time and effort in building our website.
Reviews: 7
Previous author is correct that the core can load a type OR a position, but as we have multiple authors, we promote each in an individual module. We use this plugin to pull different authors information in, in different articles - different function entirely than the core.
Reviews: 1
Module is not required.

Adding modules to articles is already supported by Joomla core.

You can load modules by position using the loadposition command.

You can load modules by name using the loadmodule command.

Save you wasting your time, its in the Joomla doco.

Reviews: 13
Why did I not see this before. This has solved very tricky issues I had and now all works like a dream.

Thanks for this plugin
Reviews: 4
What this extension does is like magic! Solved a big issue in the website I'm working on, with an unbelievably easy way to install and configure. It's definitely among my favourites!
Reviews: 7
I use this extension on almost every Joomla site I create.

It simply does what it should and it's very easy to use.

Thank you!
Reviews: 3
It's so nice when stuff just works and is easy to figure out especially on your first try.

Thank you! Thank you!
Reviews: 4
excellent extension! very usefull if you want to build more complex websites.
Reviews: 2
Like other reviewers of this plugin, I have found that this is a must-have in my Joomla toolbox. I am quickly finding that I cannot build sites without it.
Reviews: 16
Now discovered I cannot build a website without it - Simplicity itself: A "must have" module - TY
Reviews: 4
Like many others I have been using the established modules anywhere but it has got so bloated and fussy, it's become useless. This extension is straightforward,simple and small, and works perfectly. Well done guys for saving the day!
Reviews: 3
Suddenly the loadposition module in Joomla stopped working. Used this one which as far I can see does the same thing and voila...all is well again.

Thanks a lot for this plugin
Reviews: 7

The installation went well tried it but if you have the module else where on the page and you want it in the article also the module disappears from the normal position it is in and is only getting shown in the article.

Would be great if you could display the module two places at ones without having to make a copy of the module so that you have two identical modules.
Owner's reply

Some modules are badly programmed so they can not be used on the same page twice (like the smartsearch module in the Joomla core). That has nothing to do with the workings of this plugin.

Reviews: 6
just downloaded, installed, entered the code, and its there.. :) thank you for this extension..
Reviews: 8
Does what it says without fuss or muss. Carsten makes good extensions and I have this one operating on one site, and will use for more. You can't beat the combo of free AND quality. Thanks! (I previously used his ACL for Joomla 1.5)
Reviews: 6
simple and great. all plgin should be as this one. do the job !!!
Reviews: 2
Before I used nativ joomla module. But this plugin is more convenient. Just write {module [id]} and everything will work great!

Best wishes for the developers!
Reviews: 7
It works great! And you know that, it is free!
Thanks for your time to contribute to the Joomla community :)
Reviews: 19
Very quickand simple to add a module in an article by ID of module.
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