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Load module into article Plugin

This plugin loads any module into an article.
Syntax in editor:

where 27 is the modules id.

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Reviews: 14
An excellent plugin that does exactly what it says. This really should be core in Joomla because it is one of those plugins that you really can't do without.

Big kudos to the developers.... Great job!
Reviews: 4
It is all as described, I give 5 stars because cant imagine a better way to do this function.
The module charges as fast as other modules, articles and other content.
Reviews: 1
It's better than core content load module of Joomla!. After I feel headache with core Joomla plugin, now I'm very happy with your smart plugin. Thanks.
Reviews: 4
Quickest and easiest to follow plugin ever!
Well done! I wish I knew about this years ago!
Reviews: 9
Developer is clear you can't use it twice on the same page without problems. I did that accidentally by calling the same article twice and tore my hair out for an hour finding my problem.

Very simple: install, enable plugin, and insert single line of code.
Reviews: 33
Easy to install and works exactly as intented. Thank you!
Reviews: 1
Worked exactly as said. Thank you.
Reviews: 1
very good plugin.

Best regards,
Reviews: 31
I love an extension that works without fuss - and this is definitely one of them. A much-needed tool! It is so effective, flawless and works so easily. Thank you so much to the developers for this wonderful (life-saving) plugin!
Reviews: 4
Joomla comes with a default plugin: "Content - Load Modules" But I couldn't get it to work in Joomla 1.7.3.

But this works great!

Reviews: 1
Works well. Unfortunate that it cannot be used more than once in an article.
Reviews: 5
Works Like a Charm!
Thank You Muchly!
Reviews: 10
The extension itself is immensely useful. Thank you very much!!! I use it to include my menus in my articles. However, I ran into some issues in Joomla itself (i.e. nothing to do with this extension). If the menu is not fully expanded, its cache must be turned off and some versions of Joomla have a bug where the caching of a menu cannot be individually turned off. Long story short, this extension is great but if you run into rendering issues when incorporating your menu into your article try turning off global caching and see if that narrows down your problem to a caching issue.
Reviews: 9
Yepp, this is about as perfect as this sort of plug should be!
No time wasting with all the twiddels and weird nonsense some others have.
This one installed and worked. No fuss.
Reviews: 4
Can't get much better than this. I was just about to search out a different image gallery to I would have one in module position and another in articles. This solved this issue better than I had hoped. Great work!
Reviews: 16
Easily installed, syntax is very straight-forward, easy to use. No problem with YOO theme.

Thanks for a super addition to the JED!
Reviews: 7
I couldn't solve my problem with native "Content - Load module plugin" so i found this plugin and problem solved.
Reviews: 1
nice idea!
Reviews: 12
After searching for a few days, finally got what i need it.
Thanks, Plugin its simple as well as practical.
Reviews: 3
I had been struggling with getting an Amazon affiliate module into an article and I'd tried several other options. Combining this plugin with a custom HTML module worked perfectly! Thank you!
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