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Load module into article Plugin

This plugin loads any module into an article.
Syntax in editor:

where 27 is the modules id.

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Reviews: 1
thanks for the plugin. this just saved my butt.
Reviews: 4
I had tried to use the version that comes with joomla but it did NOT do what I wanted. I have no ideal why.

But I did a search and found this and it worked first run!!! Made my day!!!
Reviews: 1
Very easy to install and use. Made it possible to use jbookmarks module in an article. Great plugin.
Reviews: 2
I have been struggling to insert onemodule inside my artile. Then I tried with this plugin i.e 'System - Modules in Content' . I added horizontal slideshow in an frontpage's article and it is working fine. The horizontal slide show is coming in the article . Thanks again
Reviews: 1
This is by far the best/easy to use plug in brought to Joomla....THANK YOU!!!!
Reviews: 5
Thank you for this great module
So easy to use,
First i diddent download i due to joomlafoo´s
review its so complicated, so i gave up
and downloaded the module, this is mutch easier and dosent get a lot of fake module positions.

Tip! remember for the parmweter in the article to work {module something}
the editor has to be set to html mode. first :)
Reviews: 1
Very simple and very useful! Thanks!

To joomlafoo: You are wrong. Standard Joomla plugin allow to load ALL modules in the module position. That one allow load exactly what you want.
Reviews: 3
Good effort but this stuff is not really needed
You can do it by default
{loadposition moduleposition}
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