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OpenPotion Head and Body Plugin

This plugin pretty simple...

Add any code you like directly to your site. Has 3 sections for code insertion...

Just before closing HEAD tag
Just after opening BODY tag
Just before closing BODY tag

Use this to add tags or code such as Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Adroll, chat tools like ZOPIM, screen tracking, mouse tracking snippets, etc.

Works on all versions of Joomla.

Just install, add in your code, and enable!

We use it on our own site...

ver: 1.2.2 - Fixed Javascript Bug

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Reviews: 1
With Google Analytics, or for other web services, i needed THIS plugin so many times...Now i found it !!
Thanks for giving it for free guys :)
Reviews: 1
Easy to install, easy to understand, plugin the code and 'alakazam' it works! What more can I say but thank you for a much needed plugin!
Reviews: 16
Very easy to install. It works and doesn't add in what isn't needed. Thanks!