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Art Table Module

Art Table extension is a tool that shows sortable, filterable, customizable tables from SQL query, CSV file, HTML table. Charts can be shown as well.

- Supports 4 table types, each with its own functions and styles
- Tables are sortable, resizable, filterable. Pagination support
- Can show sortable grid from HTML table, CSV file, SQL query
- Multiple databases are supported: you can easy get any data from various database types and show it in a nice grid: MySQL, MS SQL, Sqlite, Postgres and may others
- Can display line, area, bar, column, pie charts from HTML table, CSV file or database. Charts are cross-browse and can be display in IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, etc.
- Can generate Excel/XLS files from SQL query, working as SQL 2 Excel
- Module comes with dozens of themes for Data Table
- Can recognize links and images and show them in a table
- No need in plugin codes or heavy configurations - user-friendly module will help you to set up the table you need
- Easy to apply external and internal styles
- Supports predefined parameters to passed to SQL query: USER_ID - currently user ID; ARTICLE_ID - current article ID

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Reviews: 1
I found Art table very easy to install and use. I managed to do it in few minutes. The search feature is really great. This table was something I was trying to find for long for my portal. Support was excellent and I am getting response the same day. They were willing provide me with the required changes (even the minor one) quickly.
Reviews: 5
As someone who is new to Joomla and has no coding experience, I found Art Table very easy to use. In my book, the functionality of a module is only half the story; some modules work great but the developer has limited support and no forums from which to pose questions and see responses from questions of other users. These guys not only have a very thorough forum system but reply promptly to questions and even helped out with some minor custom code changes at no cost. Pleasure using this product.
Reviews: 4
The modul ist easy to handle, even without a documentation. The things, I wasn´t able to manage did the support... in shortest time !! I Haven´t seen such a good support before.
Reviews: 1
Every company should take a look at how the Artetics Support Group works, and replicate it! These guys were excellent in helping me with my problem. Just a quick post on their forums about the issue I was having with my table and they were able to fix it up. I highly recommend this company and their many different joomla extensions. I will definitely be returning to them for more extensions!
Reviews: 5
I bought this module so that I can create tables without using the editors in Joomla. Just as I was thinking I made a mistake I contacted to support team and the module was modified within hours to serve my purposes. It lacks documentation which is a big handicap for people like me; a graphic designer rather than html, css or Joomla expert but support team was very gracious to give the right pointers to get my head around to what I wanted to do. Still think they can save themselves a lot of time if they were to publish a manual.
Reviews: 1
First of all - i've been searching module like this very long time... Then i found Art Table! It's very easy to use and has a user-friendly interface! But... Some feauters that i need - it doesn't have.. I decided to contact support team for help and been very impressed!! They answered very fast and make some improvements and upgrades, that i need! No matter what i ask - they do for me all job. I have 5 or 6 upgrades, before this module was ready to use how i see it. Artletics Team is very powerfull and friendly! Thank's them all! Always will choose their products, when i need really powerfull and customisebly addons for my Joomla-site!
Reviews: 1
I'd read about the slightly lacking documentation here, but that the support was excellent so I decided to give this a punt despite only working with Joomla, html, php, MySQL etc. since the turn of this year.
As expected I struggled to get it working (due to my lack of understanding of Joomla!) and sent off a support email. Within no time at all I had assistance back on what I was doing wrong (trying to use it as an plugin rather than a module) and had it working as expected.
4 hours later I had swapped about emails with support, had my sortable SQL table results displaying fine and had some product suggestions that would help me with my application. That was on Monday afternoon. Its now Tuesday night and the product changes have been delivered and are working.
Not sure what else you could ask for? It does exactly what I want and they talk to you incredibly quickly to help out. Easily, easily worth the money.
Reviews: 1
I´m using this plugin to display a list of >2300 ship names and specifications. Setup was very easy and the data is being fetched out of a CSV file within a second. Works perfect for me, support is very fast and professional.
Reviews: 4
I am happy to pay for great extensions and this is certainly worth the money. There is a nice variety of table types and the graphs, a wonderful bonus. Staff is excellent and answered even my annoying little questions quickly.

I am happy that you don't need to be a programmer to use this, but a few more coding examples, or module screenshots on your site would help somebody like me use this to it's full capabilities.
Reviews: 1
Art Table and Art Data are 2 products certainly worth an excellent rating.
They are simple and yet very powerful. Support from the development crew goes beyond the call of duty. Questions are answered almost immediately and any problems/queries I had were solved in record time.
Any developer wishing to produce very functional and speedy tables from their sql databases - don't look further - this is the bees knees!!
This team is a perfect example of how things can and should be done.
Reviews: 1
I spent a long time searching for a module that would make it easy to display a table with 5 columns and about 400 rows in it and which the user could easily manipulate to find the row/rows they were looking for and click on a link in one or two of the columns. I didn't feel competent to create a new mysql table so was attracted to the prospect of using a csv file. Initially I was disappointed to find limited documentation with the module but my request for support received immediate replies which solved my problems and I had a nicely formatted table with a very useful search box working with very little effort. The performance of the module for my site was far better than I had expected. The lack of documentation was more than compensated for by excellent support.
Reviews: 3
The fine module, especially for sites of scientific subjects and an education sphere! The module is interesting by a combination of three types of sources of the data: CSV - files, HTML - tables, databases Joomla (through SQL-query) and external databases.

The module supports display of the data of the table in a charts (Line, Area, Bar, Column, Pie). Forms of representation of tables completely satisfy any requirements.
Thus this module concerns a "all-in-one" category.

The support service deserves special attention. For example, the specific question on display of Cyrillic symbols in the table has been solved within only several hours!

The remarkable tool for fast and easy display tables!
Reviews: 1
This module was help me to display graphs from csv files. I hope later versions give the ability to change graph colors but everything was great.
Bill B
Reviews: 1
I was looking for an extension that could read a .csv file with special characters (åäö) and that had sortable tables. To my surprise I couldn't find any good free ones and at first I was reluctant to pay $20 for this one.

But I decided to give it a try and I haven't regretted it one bit! I needed some help with the installation but the support I got was outstanding. They answered very fast and was more than willing to help me out and even implement some new features for me!
Now when the module is configured all I have to do is upload my new .csv file via FTP and the tables get updated instantly.

The only downside I can think of is that there is no documentation on how to install the module. But like I said, if you need any help just contact them by e-mail or post on their forums and you will get a reply almost instantly.

Bottom line, well worth the $20!
Reviews: 1
Normally I am not eager to buy Joomla extensions because you find very good extensions that are for free. But since I could not find any free table extensions that I was satisfied with, I decided to buy Art table for $ 20.

In the beginning several adjustments had to be made to the module. But I was surprised how their support solved my problem and fixed the adjustments.

They have excellent customer service and respond very quickly by e-mail.
Reviews: 1
I was amazed with this team. Artetics are really professional. I post on the forum some questions in order to customize my table and they responded whitin 30 minutes, all the times. They provided me the module zip file with my table fully customized, fullfilling all my requests...and believe me...they're plenty!!!
I'm looking forward to work again with them Many thanks to them.
Reviews: 3
I've been looking for something as good as Art Table for ages! This module is MAGIC... A breeze to install and configure - Now my site authors who struggled building and editing tables with a standard editor can simply upload a CSV file saved from Excel - and the table is done for them in their Joomla articles... When they need to update it, they simple re-upload the same Excel / CSV file and that's it - The module will take the new data without any further changes needed! WOW! Congrats to the developers - A piece of Joomla magic!
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