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Art Table Lite Edition Module

Art Table Lite Edition - Free Joomla! module for tables.

- Contains the basic functionality of Art Table extension:
- Free - this is free version
- Simply indicate SQL query - and you are all set!
- Table is sortable, filterable and has pagination
- Has functionality to detect current user ID and use it in SQL query

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Reviews: 2
I am using this extension to retrieve data from my db and works perfectly. Very easy to install, configure and you get a very good looking data table in the front end.
I contacted the support team through support forum with issues and I am amazed by their response.
Thanks so much!
Reviews: 6
I've tried a few modules and plugins to retrive data from tables using custom SQL queries and this was the only one which has actually work at all... And the result was really nice! Fancy result, very very easy to install, configure and use. 5 stars!
Reviews: 4
Very nice and useful module! Maybe it is acomplished in commercial version, i do not know, but it would be nice if default number of rows could be set in module settings and in lite version. Anyway, that is not big deal, because who knows how to write SQl query, probably knows how to change default number of rows in code :). Search option and pager are just perfect! Thank you!
Reviews: 1
This tool is exactly what I need. I just need to pass a SQL script and everything else is ready. It would be better if it was a component though with WYSIWIG editor... Just dreaming... Anyway this tool is amazing, thank you!
Reviews: 7
It's the extension I've been looking time ago. Great support team. I've asked if is possible to do something, and they have mail me a personalized version of extension with the change.
Reviews: 1
The module worked right away after installing it and creating a table is very simple: just write your SQL query and you're ready to go. I wanted to customize my output a bit more and was having trouble writing the SQL query and the staff was very quick to help me get things done.
Reviews: 1
already installed this extension on my local intranet, there are some incompatibility with specific templates (I'm using yootheme neo), such as error in the hyperlink for the first column , but with full and fast support and response from artetics team, all the problems is fixed, my art table lite works like a charm.
Reviews: 1
Installed without problem, writed sql syntax and the result table was what i want.
For a minor problem i used forum support and the solution was very fast there.
Very good job.
Reviews: 2
Working like I wanted and great forum support.
Reviews: 13
This extension looks quite handy. It promises to sort a standard HTML table, yet the module has no place to enter the data for an HTML table and, as a module with no plugin, there are no tags to insert in an article.

So, having waded through numerous forum posts for the last 40 mins it is a little frustrating to be confronted with - "contact us by email with access to the back end of your website" every time someone has a problem, the answer to which may be worth knowing.

How about helping people to help themselves. What is the point in providing a free extension then making it next to impossible to use ?

Owner's reply

Lite Edition allows to get data from database and show as sortable HTML table.

Full version can read database, CSV files, HTML tables and convert them to sortable tables.

Reviews: 1
Have been looking for an extension to display database query in a table format. This art table lite is exactly what I want. Experienced some difficulties after installation, send an email to the development team and got solution in half an hour. Amazing!

Highly recommend.
Reviews: 1
Had this extension working in a few minutes. Did exactly what I wanted.

I reported a problem that the search was not working when using two of the tables on a single page and got an answer in less than an hour to try the latest version! I tried the new version and it worked fine.

With this kind of support this developer needs my support so I will be buying the ArtData component