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xForms Display Records ComponentExtension Specific Addon

xForms Display Records is an easy to use Joomla!® component that is able to display customized lists & records from your forms in front and backend.

You may also use xForms together with your favourite form builder as simple and easy to use content construction kit (CCK). See the demo on our site to get an idea what is possible!

Additionally, it provides a very simple php framework to pass data from sources like database tables to sortable and searchable lists. It ships with lots of useful features and is frequently updated.

Core features:

* Collect data using a supported form builder and display using xForms. Currently supported form builders:

- BreezingForms
** included with subscription, please see **

- JForms
- RSForm (free version)

* View Management: Define list views and select what fields to show up

* Permission Management: Define what group is allowed to view, publish, delete and changing the state of each record

* Personal Record Lists: Allow users to see only their submitted records

* States: Define up to 10 colors for each record and filter by them

* Details Management: 100% Freedom to layout the details page

* Data transformation support: Modify the data on-the-fly, before displaying

* Search Management: Define what fields should be searchable

* Menu Items: Add list views or single records to menu items

* MS-Excel® export

* Simple PHP framework: Add custom form types and data sources. Helps reducing your development workload.

* Latest BreezingForms is included!

* Professional support

* More form integration is in the works. If you have suggestions what else to integrate, please contact our support. Anything is possible!

*** This is a reporting tool, if you need to edit content, please use our extension ContentBuilder: ***

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Reviews: 1
This is an awesome little add on for my use with breezing forms! Very powerful component.

Just a heads up: if you dont have tinyMCE enabled the component will not work ... took me a while to figure that one out lol. Also ... the captcha on your site isnt working so I had to register here to tell you about the tinMCE problem.

Couple of little fixes and this will be even better!
Reviews: 1
They offer very poor support. They seem to have problems understanding user needs. Not a single resolution was achieved even though I paid for extension and support.

This extension is great just to display records, but don't ask for any enhancements or any good ideas that can be great for the extension because you will get a NO.
Owner's reply


to make your review complete I would like to add this:

1. You demanded free coding hours that were out of support scope. Sorry but you cannot blame us for that. If you need custom coding, please visit freelance websites or check out the JRD.

2. The name "Display Records" stands for ... displaying records. After this review, we are still asking ourselves how to make it even more clear than having this in the extension's name?


Reviews: 3
Crosstec continues to improve what was already a good product. I use both Breezing forms and another form builder and with the paid support I found fast and very helpful response and the tool itself to be intuitive.

I have my wish list for features but at the rate that new things have been added I believe I will see everything I want soon!

Nice job Crosstec team!
Reviews: 39
After try free version, I both Commercial and again can again just confirm that all component from is perfect. Support help me with extra things for me, really quick respond. I can just fully recommend this component.
Reviews: 3
I am using this for a 4th year software engineering project, do i need say more? Well the support was custom made at no extra cost, greatest support team ever, they know their stuff and teach you. I personally would recommend this to US DOD if they use a form system for joomla. Bravo c'est Excellent.
Reviews: 5
What can I say words don't even begin to express the products of crosstec. xForm is definitely a new jewel in the crown. I think people should buy their subscription even if you don’t need it because they are so good that someday you will find a purpose for their product and you be more than delighted to have “Crosstec” on your side.
Reviews: 5
Very useful, used toghether breezing forms, because let us made a report from breezing form database forms and incluide it in the site, for example, in my case, for displaying a list of people who have filled the form.

My surprise was the wonderful support received. I asked for the possibility of incluiding the result of the view into the items, and, Markus, the developper, answered this question creating a plugin to do it and more, thats will be available in 2 days. More than I asked in my question. Highly impressed with the possiilities breezing form+xform records.
Reviews: 3
In combination with Breezing Forms (also from xForms is the perfect component to display customized lists & records from forms in front and backend.

It is what it tells.

It´s very easy to handle and it is just was I was looking for.

The team was very helpful and when there was a little problem they didn´t stop helping until the problem was solved.

Thumbs up! Excellent component - perfect support!