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SQL Reports ComponentModule

Do you want to execute/create SQL queries and make the results visible in your Joomla? hehe... So easy that you don't believe it.

Write the query and the extension does the rest! You'll get a nice report with an Excel export button too.

Why this extension and no other?
- Responsive design that works in all screens (see live demos).
- Manage your own SQL queries and make the results visible in seconds.
- No hard configuration that makes you crazy, just create queries and view a very nice and useful reports.
- You can hide/show title, excel export button, pagination, sort, etc.
- Multiple reports in the same page with no conflict at all (others do!)
- It works on any version
- Special tags available to use inside queries to allow queries like ...
SELECT * FROM #__users WHERE id={logged_user_id}
- Component and module

There are some suggestions about possible use:
- List of users
- Last users comments in your web
- Make visible information about your own tables
- Get administrative reports to your clients in a menu
- ... anything you want!

Our philosophy is clear... Responsive, simple, useful and good looking in all our extensions.

Visit us on to see live demos!

NEW in v1.2
Added tags {logged_user_id},{logged_user_name} and {logged_user_email} to use inside queries

Report Extension




Reviews: 1
Was looking for an extension to simply write complex queries and have the results returned in a nice stylistic fashion without any cck intervention or hooking modules up to different tables, just plain simple sql statements and this does it perfectly.
Reviews: 4
Yes!!.. Finally i found the extension i need. With this extension i can show my database report everywhere module position. Simple and easy to use.