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Art Data is a collection of user interface solutions.
It contains several plugins to work with tables, images and photo, data presentation, translation, charts and pies, menu and bookmarking. Each of effects is displayed on the page using simple plugin tag. Support several database types to get data from and display in appropriate format.

Simple how-to with demos:

* 34 plugins that come as a single package to work with and show:
- tables - sortable tables with paging, resizing and filtering support, ability to retrieve data from various databases and show in a configurable grids
- charts and graphs - several line, bar, pie, tristate, discrete, bullet, box charts, 3D graphs
- images - image slideshow, image lightbox and popup, image zoom, image reflection, Flickr support, etc.
- translation - tools to translate part of the page of full page
- data presentation - flip, notifications, items arrange
- many others - clock, iframe, bookmark, context menu, Google maps, query database, embed file, etc.

* More information and demo:

Included plugins:
Art Flexigrid - Feature rich data grid
Art SQL Table - Easy way to display database content in the table. Can connect to various types of databases
Art CSV 2 Table - Plugin to generate tables and charts from CSV file
Art Data Table - Easy accessible data in tabular view
Art Table Sorter - Sortable table
Art Table 2 Tree - Tree table
Art Moo Table - Sortable table

Charts and graphs:
Art Visualize - Easy way to visualize data
Art Sparkline - Small highly customizable inline charts
Art 3D Graph - 3D Graph
Art Table 2 Pie - Easy Pies
Art Bar - Nice bar

Images, galleries, popups:
Art Image Slider - Fancy image slider
Art Magnify - Easy image zoom
Art Reflection - Easy image reflection
Art Fullsize - Image popup
Art Colorbox - lightbox extension that can display photos, photo groups, slideshow, external pages, Flickr photos in highly customizable popup window
Art Draggable - large draggable images

Data presentation:
Art Quick Flip - Flipping content
Art Moo Data - Data presentation
Art Notification - Customizable notifications

Art Text Translate - Tool to translate any text on the page in popup
Art Translate - Translate any page content
Art Translate Page - Page translation

Art Clock - Customizable Clock
Art IFrame - embed external pages
Art Bookmark - Bookmarking functionality
Art Context menu - Customizable context menu

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Reviews: 9
This package should be part of the core - very excellent!
I had some questions about the tables - the response was almost immediately and brought the solution
Reviews: 1
I am new to PHP but with the support team help (their even helped me to amend and revert back the file to me within a minute)- NO WORRIES!!
Reviews: 2
There are lots of plugins in this package and all are quite easy to implement even for a Joomla! rookie.

I'm using the event calendar and table displays. The ArtSQLTable feature made it very easy for me to create a tablular display from my own database table to satisfy an off the wall customer request.

Excellent and very quick response to a couple of questions. Helpful forum.
Reviews: 1
I was looking for a tool to display charts and database content (tables, as well as single fields) in Joomla. Other solutions that I looked at required either extensive programming, or are full-blown code generators. ARTdata is nicely between.

Download and installation are easy, and once I got started, I was able to create an article containing half a dozen fields / tables in less than an hour.

One caveat: I don't agree with the statement on the Artetics website "You don't need programming knowledge to use this extension". This extension does not have a full graphical interface in which I can select parameters in a dropdown or have input forms, it is "just" a powerful collection of various commands that can be embedded into articles. If you want to use this to access data in a database, you need to be familiar with SQL and know how to create your queries. Otherwise, you need to be comfortable reading "code" and substituting variables to create the desired output.

- Easy to handle and to show "something" on your screen.
- Excellent forum support; I got answers within about 5 minutes of posting, and a solution to my problem within an hour.

CONs (which is why I only give 4 stars rather than 5)
- Installation didn't work out of the box. I only got code displayed on my screen, rather than the desired output. Artetics re-sent the installation file within an hour, problem fixed.
- Documentation is very rudimentary
- Need to copy / paste code into my article, even the ARTdata button plugin only shows the code, but doesn't insert it into the article
Reviews: 5
As a web designer, Art data has helped immensely. It works out of the box & on rare cases when I needed support the developers are more than eager to help,even logging into my Joomla back-end to investigate any issue!
Reviews: 1
If, like me, you are new to Joomla and somewhat daunted by the scope and complexity of the project then it is refreshing to find a package such as Art Data which provides value, simplicity and consistency.

I have purchased only a handful of software applications which pay for themselves in a very short period of time, this is definitely one of them.

Documentation is not too clear and not quite extensive enough but make no mistake about the level and quality of service from the vendor. Support is both RAPID and EXCELLENT.

All in all, I'm haapy with the package and would recommend it to anyone who needs a plugin 'toolbox' to help them develop their Joomla site. It was a LOT more difficult without it! ;)
Reviews: 8
not only is the concept awsome, it's been executed brilliantly.

and the support team is most helpfull.

awsome component
Reviews: 3
Besides the fact that ArtData is a very usefull extension for pulling/showing data from external databases, I must say that support is excellent!
Never got such prompt reactions on questions (today even literally within seconds).

This alone is worth every dollar spent on this product ;)
Reviews: 9
We all struggle with good looking tables. It is laborious to tweak tables in html and format data coming from Joomla/extension tables.

Art Data - seems to hold the key.

I purchased this component because of the demo / examples.

After installing it I was quickly stumped. Reluctantly I sent off an email support question and in under 5 minutes I had the answer.

Their support is superb. They are working on more extensive documentation. Based on their examples, I have found a new must-have-tool.

Thank you folks at artetics

Keep on!
Reviews: 25
After installing this I became aware it was something I needed help with. I contacted them via email and almost thought it was an automated message they responded so fast. Wow!

I really was having problems and must have sent 2 dozen emails, they kept at it with me until it was working just like I wanted.

Good value and great service. I haven't tried all the plugins yet, but the sortable table is very cool. With a little customization it was very much what I set out to find initially.
Reviews: 1
Its a really great component and much much more worthy than those 20 bucks!
You can get those 20 bucks within some hours with your work as a webdesigner back..

Its very very handy, as you can simply get your sql data.. it boosted my joomla pages to a brand new level!

i would buy again and support is just great!
i got a problem with installing, 5 mins i got answer and a perfect solution.
never want to miss artdata!
Im definatly returning customer!
Reviews: 8
Wow, a great toolset to display data in a vast number of views, easy to use and very flexible. Combining their plugins plus a direct code plugin for articles allows for retrieval and display of about anything you can imagine. I got support within 5min of sending my request several times - excellent!
Reviews: 1
I use artdata and enjoy it. Excellent support!!
Every time I discover a new feature.
I recommend this extension.
Reviews: 1
The product seems to great. I have only been using it for a week. Some of the documention is a little lacking. But with excelled e-mail support they are tops.. They even went into my site and sniffed out the problems..

I'm using this for 2 websites...
Reviews: 2
Thanks to the support team! I had a few problems with the extension, but the support team answered my questions very promptly and was able to fix the issue within a day. They were so supportive that I got help even during the weekends!

Keep up the great works!
Reviews: 1
This extension is full of useful widgets that we plan on implementing in our site to make it more engaging for visitors.

Each one we have worked with so far has been dead simple to install on the site.

When we did hit a snag, the support team immediately responded to our email and fix the issue within minutes. Yes, minutes!

Keep up the great work.
Reviews: 2
Very useful component. I had a problem, just a mail and a few minutes later the Team arrived with the solution to my problem. A very professionnal team, a must have component
Reviews: 2
I purchased this product and it did everything it said it would. I am very surprised and happy about the value of the product I received. It should have cost a lot more. If that was not enough the support on this product was off the charts. These guys care are fast and solved any problems I had.

This was the best purchase I made all year

Thank You,

Reviews: 14
Very useful extension, supperb support from ARTetics team.
Even with many doubts, they has been very helpful to reach the results I needed.
Cheers to all joomla! team.
Reviews: 3
Being unfamiliar with SQL, I was not able to get the result I wanted, but this support team has tirelessly worked with me for two days to get it done! I cannot say enough. What a useful addition to my site. Buy it now!
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